October 10, 2011
The trees blowing in wind. The rain, like little pieces of life, falling from the sky. “Splash, splash, splash” as it hits the outside of the window. I wish I could be out there right now. To feel the water drip down on my soft skin. To hear the wind “whoosh” around me, blowing my hair in and out of my face. To smell the air of a cool, spring day. My heart longs for these senses, but I’m trapped with no way out. There’s only a small window that torchers me with the view of a world I can’t escape to.

“Don’t frown my dear girl” says my capturer. He was sent to hide me away by an evil woman. He’s always wearing black, and his face is the only face I’ve seen since I was little. An evil grin spreads across his face. “You wouldn’t want that frown to get stuck on your face. I hear that can cause early wrinkles.” He laughs and leaves the small room, then I hear the bolt lock outside.

I ignore him and continue my look out the window. Oh, how I long to get free. The only thing I know about why I’m trapped here is because the evil woman hates my parents. See, many years ago, the evil woman was in love with my father, but he fell in love with my mom. About six years after I was born the evil woman had the dark man kidnapped me to get revenge on my parents. I’ve been trapped in this dirty, mucky, little box ever since. My parents will find a way to save me. I just know it.
Outside I see a black crow. Its feathers sparkling in the sun. I see him fly straight towards me and to the window. He perches himself on the window sill. I wish this window opened so I could stroke his soft, black feathers. I look closely and see a chain-like necklace around his neck. In the middle, there is a small, blue pendant. I know that pendant… My Father!!! He has that pendant on practically everything. I even have a bracelet with it. This valiant bird was sent by my parents to save me!
I could just feel the joy jump around in my heart. Electric currents through my veins all throughout my body. I’ve never been so happy in my life! I see the bird fly away, around the corner to the other side of the room, where the door was. I heard a loud snap and ran towards the door. I tried the door knob, like I’ve done a million times before, hoping one day the dark man would forget to lock it. This time though, it opens. The black crow had snapped off the lock. Funny, I didn’t think birds could be that strong.
All the senses I’d longed for all these years came at full force into me. I hear the crow overhead and look up at its beauty. It flies towards something in the distance and I go running to catch up to it. It leads me ways into the grassy field, and that’s when I see them. Standing in front of their car, which I remember so well. It’s them. It’s my parents. My heart fills with joy as I run up to them and practically jump into their arms. I can’t believe it, as I look into their smiling, tear-streaked faces. I’m free. I’m finally free!!!

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