Archie Smith, Boy Wonder

October 5, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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Archie Smith was a very special boy. He could not see and he could not hear. He also couldn’t taste, but he could smell. He could smell better than a bloodhound. His sense of smell was so great that he could smell trouble. Soon the police learned about his powers. So they kidnapped him and held him hostage. Unfortunately for Archie, they could only put him in a cell in jail. Whenever Archie smelled that something was wrong, he screamed. Not because of the crime, but because of the pain. The bigger the crime, the more pain that he had.

Soon his parents went to the government and got him out of jail. Later that evening he started to grow fur all over his body, and a tail was growing. Archie asked his parents what was wrong with him. They told him he was adopted and his mother was a dog. Archie was angry that they didn’t tell him, so he ran away. He wandered the streets digging for trash for food. Then the transformations began again. This time he turned full dog. Then he could see and hear and taste. He loved being a dog. Still he felt guilty because he could still smell trouble and he could’ve helped people.

So he morphed back into a human and lost most of his senses again. Archie went to the police and made a deal. If they helped him find his real parents then he would help them sniff out trouble. The police agreed. It turns out that Archie’s father was in that very jail and was to be hanged the next day. Archie could have saved him if he wanted to. Archie told them to let him hang. His father wasn’t there for him so Archie wouldn’t be there for his father. He felt no guilt. Then they learned that his mother was a dog working at the fire department. They found out that she died when a building collapsed on her. Archie felt sad. He wished he had met her.

So Archie kept his deal. He sniffed out trouble for the police. He stayed in dog form everywhere except for when he slept. One night while he was asleep he died of a heart attack. He felt no pain. It turns out that he had two souls, a dog soul and a human soul. Then glowing orbs came and took his dog soul to dog heaven. That same night a sailboat came and took his human soul to human h*ll. He was an evil human for not forgiving his father. The next day the police found him and buried him. His gravestone said this: Archie Smith, Boy Wonder. Once a year he gets to visit each and his two souls meet again and help sniff out trouble. He was never forgotten by his adoptive parents, the ones who never stopped loving him.

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