September 26, 2011
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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Walking alone that night made me decide for good. The final decision of where in life I would go and do. First I had to get out, but how? Looking around I noticed the guards positioned at every corner or gateway. I needed Michael to help. Sighing, I walked indoors and laid down before it got to late and the creatures of the night came and got me like they did Kay and Tay, the twins that had stole Michael and mines heart away.... But don't let me get ahead of myself, first I must tell you how I got to where I was at. My name is Bryan Tyree and this is my story.

chapter 1

"Bry, get up man, we gotta get moving!" Michael yelled frantically. My eyes jerked open at long last. Oh s***, we over slept. As the realization of this hit me, I almost fell out of the tree I was sleeping in. I had to get a move on if I wanted to keep away from them. As I climbed down, I noticed Michael moving around hurriedly, trying to pack as much as he could before it was to late, before they got closer. Sighing I rushed to help him, halting only to peek at my reflection in the stream. My blonde hair was sticking up in random places, my greyish-blue eyes stared despairingly at back at me, almost as if telling me to go back, but we couldn't we had to keep moving forward as fast as possible, and get out of Russia into the United States. I frowned at my five o’clock shadow that had come over night, it proved useful at times making me seem slightly older than my seventeen year old self. But it didn't stop them from coming.

You may wonder who theyare. I'll tell you but you might not want to know, they might come for you if they know I told you. Stop reading now before it's to late unless you don't care then keep reading. Michael and I were running from the people that killed our family and kidnapped our girlfriends. We weren't supposed to see it happen but we did. My fourteen year old brother was traumatized at what he had witnessed and started screaming. So we were found and we've been on the run from these people ever since. It's been two months, and we've traveled across much of Russia already but still had a while to go before we were safe.

Michael glanced up at me, his brown eyes filled with grief and pain. His brown hair singed from escaping our house barely in time. We should've got help, we were injured badly and I started worrying about my brothers asthma more and more everyday. He didn't, except for when he went into fits, but the only reason he worried was because he thought he'd end up getting us caught because of the noise and how we had to slow down. His courage lightened the darkness I felt. He didn't fully understand yet, I only learned of what was going on a few months ago. It explained the changes going on the past year and mood swings. I had not only to get out of there to escape danger of the people following us and trying to kill us every time we were in shooting distance, but also to save my brother from the changes that would destroy him if it happened, it was to late for me but not him.

I had it drilled into me since age seven to protect Michael. And so I did, but first I had took many fighting classes, tried to stay as disciplined as I possibly could so if in times of danger or anything, I could keep him safe. So far it had proved worthy when we were at school. But now I had to be able to prove it worthy in the real world. The question is, will I be able to? Little did we know, the worst was yet to come.

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