The Story of the Angry Earth Man

October 3, 2011
By wwoodyard21 BRONZE, Germantown, Tennessee
wwoodyard21 BRONZE, Germantown, Tennessee
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Once upon a time, in a place far into our fantasies there was a town full of an exotic group of people called the MeeMoes. The MeeMoe’s where a clan of people who loved nature, living in a magical forest full of enchanted plants provided them much entertainment. The excitement of the forest created a special bond from it to the MeeMoe people. Their town, being created out of the plants and wildlife, giving each town house its own uniqueness about it. Each house was unique to its owner and had its own particular cheer about it, which made the MeeMoes the most exotic gnomes in the world of the enchanted forest.

The clan chief who kept the towns people in line and kept the town functioning properly was named Orf. Orf was a gelatinous gnome, and like the rest of the town he loved the nature setting his heart spend most of his time studying it. Although the town was not perfect each and every gnome were living life to the fullest and using all that they had been given to its fullest, taking little resources for granted. The village was very peaceful until one day there was a disturbance in the woods. The earth began to quake fiercely sending the village and all of its inhabitants in an uproar! The quake vanished within minutes causing very little damage in the city but Orf knew he had to take charge of his town and find out what caused this terrible quake. It was not like any thing they have ever felt before. That night when it came around dinnertime the Yokies did not show up. This means that no one in the town would be fed and the baby gnomes would go to bed starving. The Yokies are two legged birds that have lived in the forest ever since the forest existed. The Yokies, every night around midnight brought food to the village as an offering, because in the towns history the people resorted to hunting the Yokies in desperation for food. The Yokies are excellent at scavenging due to their agile nature and ability to reach the food at the top, making them excellent companions with the gnomes. Over the years the MeeMoes and the Yokies grow closer in bond to the point where the Yokies even place their young in the village for protection against the beasts of the forest.

Orf needs to find what is causing the earth to rumble, and fast before the city goes into panic and ruins the relationship that they have with the Yokies. At night while the whole village was asleep. Orf snuck into the forest alone, a stunt that is extremely dangerous. Orf knows of the risk that he is taking but he feels that he knows the forest well enough that if anything threatens him he can get away safely without being harmed. While he was studying the ground intensely in torchlight, he heard a deep voice wailing. All of the sudden the earth quaked violently knocking Orf off of his feet. Orf quickly regained his balance and dodged in between the trees to see what was going on. In a clearing in the forest he saw a huge figure jumping wildly in the moonlight. Despite fear of the unknown he ran towards the figure courageously without a bit of fear in his heart. Orf grabbed the rock gnome without warning and scared the large figure so badly that he ran quickly away as fast as he could move his huge, rocky, body. That’s it thought Orf! It was a rock gnome! Orf had very few encounters with their race but he did have a good friend that lived in a Rock gnome fortress when he was younger. This gave him an advantage so maybe if he ever encountered the rock gnome again he could calm it down with words of reassurance. Orf had enough for the night so he took shelter under a beautifully lit tree that was clear with light blue running through it like veins that left just the dimmest bit of light but the light was comforting to him so this is where he chose to stay. He woke early the next morning planning on tracking the footsteps of the giant. With a few hours of tracking in the morning dew he found his target lying by a tree. He approached the sleeping giant and gave him a little nudge. Orf noticed that he was sleep talking which made him much less intimidating that he previously thought. He nudged him again and the giant awoke. Orf greeted him by apologizing for scaring him so badly last night, and asked for the giant’s name. At first he was hesitant to respond but once he realized how unthreatening the creature was he responded. The giant introduced himself as Reegel. Orf tried to comfort him by offering him some fruit and water that he had gathered before he left the village. After enjoying his snack he apologized for freaking out and awakening the whole forest last night and began to explain himself. He was from Viron, a magnificent village deep underground. The village was gigantic consisting of huge buildings made out of rock which were carefully carved out of the ground in which they lived. There are motes of magma for protection against the Ogres that periodically try to steal their gems have been with the rock gnomes for generations boasting that their stash of gems is one of the largest in the world.

He began to cry. One day I was extremely bored, having nothing to do I decided to make the best out of what I had and began to wonder the fortress. After stumbling through the ballroom that the king and queen used to host huge parties and celebrations he stumbled into the grand pantry. The grand pantry was a place that no rock gnome was allowed to go because of the wonder that is inside. It is a known fact that rock gnomes have a thing for sweets, and I have a crazy love for sweets. He could not resist himself; he began to climb to the top shelf where the muffins were placed. Reegel loved the muffins and looked forward to them every holiday. While climbing up the shelves he knocked down just about everything that got in his way filling the fortress the noise of breaking plates and dishes. When I finally reached the top I got the muffin but unaware of all the damage I had caused, I saw my parents sitting at the bottom waiting on me. This had happen plenty of times before mind you, and my dad was sick of it, and the sad part is that I had been warned many times before that this would happen. My dad, also the king of the village explained to me that I was too old for this foolish behavior and said that although he did not want to do it, he had to vanish me to the surface. After hearing this story

Orf was distraught with feelings for the gnome that had been abandoned by his family. Orf offered to take him back to his village made him aware that he could spend as much time as he needed there. He wanted to do as much as he could to make the sad gnome happy. Orf knew this was the solution to his problem and introduced Reegel to the people of the village worried that his people would not except him as a member of the village. Fortunately everyone loved him despite there differences and found that there could be many ways Reegel could contribute to the village. Orf held a town council meeting discussing whether they should let Reegel into the village. He would provide great defense against the neighboring villages if any problems ever show up in the future and he has the ability to scare away any surface dweller! There is also plenty of good food to satisfy the giant although we do have to introduce him to the Yokies, which should not be a problem for them but it may take some time for them to adapt to this change. All the gnomes at the council meeting have decided that they would love to having him in the village. Orf presents this idea to Reegel and asks him if he would be interested in staying in their village for as long as his heart desires. Reegel gladly accepts. Now there is no longer an angry Earth Man, just a happy man. Everyone in the village loves him due to his friendliness and his willingness to always find a way to contribute. He is especially good with the kids, helping them explore and express their imaginations when they go out to play. Reegel is still a kid at heart and is has a special spot in the village. Reegel is forever known in the village as the Gentle Giant.

The author's comments:
I just hope that I will get a decent grade on my english project. Honestly this writing is just a fantasy story of my own and I hope yall will see the magic that I see in it.

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