Election Day

October 3, 2011
By Bandy BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
Bandy BRONZE, San Pedro Sula, Other
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June 21, 2131
When I wake up, I see a helicopter flying so low, it could have crashed in my roof. I ran out to my kitchen, grabbed a rifle, and shoot the helicopter. Then I realized I was drunk. The helicopter was going higher in the sky, then lowered a tank like thing and let it drop. Once it touched the ground, I realized it was a nuclear bomb.
Day 1 of Quarantine
The military were surrounding the city and I was very close to escaping the quarantine when i see a guard pointing at my knee and then shot me. That’s all I remember.
Day 2 of Quarantine
I wake up in a room with a lot of lighting, I thought I was drunk, but then I see my knee covered in medical tape and blood. A tall person comes in, and asks me if I want a job. I say yes. He told me to steal from people and I would keep ten percent of what I steal. My house and everything I own is lost, so I have nothing to lose. Tomorrow I start my job.
Day 3 of Quarantine
I ran as my victim and police squads were chasing me. I only stole $5. I chose a wrong victim. I finally get to the mansion, and this person asks me to show him how much money I stole and when I show him, he ties me to the wall and drips boiling water in my head. My vision is blurry. I wake up, and I am on a mat on the floor. My hands, arms, and face are stinging. I drag myself to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and I am all burnt and I have no hair. I pass out.

Day 20 of Quarantine
I have been in a coma for 17 days. When I wake up, I am still on the floor and my skin is better. I walk up to the foyer, and I see the man who told me to steal sitting on a red silk chair. I sat down and he told me that he was running for president and that I had to vote for him. I didn't want him to be president even if there was no one else to be his competition, but I will not let him win.

Day 21 of Quarantine
Tomorrow are the elections, and I find out that this person is the one who sent the helicopter with the bomb while I was stealing a bank, from where he got the money to pay for the helicopter. I ran back to the mansion with my money and bank files in hand. I was lucky that this guy was not at the mansion. I went down to the basement and gathered my money, and left to show the police the evidence. It's going to be hard because everyone will vote for him tomorrow in the elections. I will show everyone that he is wrong and that they don't have to vote for him.

Election Day
Today I stop this rich guy from being the president of this quarantine. I go to the plaza where he is giving his speech. It was hard to get in, since I was late and there were a lot of guards securing the entrance, but I managed to get in with no one noticing. Now that I am backstage I notice that there is a computer with a PowerPoint presentation and a USB. When I saw the USB I started copying the files on the computer, I had little time to do this because the presentation started in minutes. When I finished, I put the info with the evidence on the screen so everyone could see. Suddenly I heard a loud crashing sound and screaming. I went outside and found that the helicopter that dropped the bomb crashed on top of the rich guy. The army went in the helicopter to see what was inside it, and came out with a folder withe the guy's name and the order to drop the bomb. After a couple of seconds, the army found out that I had found the person's bank information. They asked me to tell them everything I knew. After I finished, they made me president, and gave me all of his possessions. I now am the president of the quarantine.

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chelitabandy said...
on Oct. 7 2011 at 8:42 pm
You go Diego!!! Keep up the good work....so proud!!!

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