Elves of the Wind

September 16, 2011
By ElvenSecrets17 BRONZE, Yorkville, Illinois
ElvenSecrets17 BRONZE, Yorkville, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
~J.R.R. Tolkien

Nigh a thousand years ago in the unbidden protection of a canopy of willow trees lived the Trillonow Elves. Each of these Elves had long flowing blond hair that trickled down to their waist in curls similar to those of their mermaid kindred. They were around 6 feet tall, fast, nimble, skilled, and great protectors of nature. Every home rested in the shade of its own willow tree.

Some believed that the trees were there greatest love, but only their descendants of the race know the truth. Humans always were clueless when it came to the ways and wisdom of the Elves. Many of them built settlements curling along the border of the forest, thinking the Elves weak and defenseless. However, they did acknowledge one fact about the Elves, they were cunning and powerful. Nonetheless, the humans pushed their luck, and began to creep into the forest.

At this time there was a she-Elf among the company of the Elves named Sowlay. She was by far the most beautiful of all creatures. Her hair was the richest of gold’s, and her eyes the bluest of blues. Everything good and fair clung to her, reluctant to part from such beauty. Many lovely things adored her, but none of them more than the wind. Some days the wind would visit in a manner aggressive enough to tear the willow trees from the ground. Other times it would arrive so softly that it did no more than tickle the Elves necks. With force it meant warning, and with gentleness it meant peace. The wind loved the Trillonow Elves, and they loved the wind. It was Sowlays’ constant companion, and rarely left her presence for long.

Meanwhile, the humans recklessly plunged farther into the forest, leaving fallen trees and animals behind. Eventually, the greedy souls came upon the glowing white gates to the Elven Kingdom. Thrilled and inspired by their luck, the humans began to attack the residents of the Palace with swords. The horror-struck Elves were at loss as to what they should do. They had never inherited the desire for war as humans do, and therefore had little practice in it. The only weapons they owned were a few long-bows for the rare chance that they sensed threat.

The Elves were strong in skill and excellent archers, but the weapons the enemy wielded were so evil looking that many feared they were cursed. The wisest Elves let loose their Elven powers, but could not withstand being around so many horrifyingly twisted souls and hid. Victory was at hand for the humans, when Sowlay came home from the surrounding forest. Being so bright and resplendent, it did not take long for the swordsmen to notice her. Bowing her head into her hands, she whispered a prayer to the wind. The air did not stir.

As they approached, Sowlay covered her face in defeat, but nature is a very loyal friend. At first, she felt the slight rush of wind caress her shoulders, something that most would not notice. Hope began to grow in her heart as the wind picked up speed. The invisible force broke into separate strands that pushed off every unwanted soul from the forest. Through the distraction and chaos, the Elves fled from their beloved homes never to be seen again. No one knows where exactly the Trillonow Elves went, but legend says that if you follow the wind you’ll find them protected by a slight breeze, and safe under the willow trees.

The author's comments:
Hello, my name is Jillian! I am in 8th grade and have been writing stories since I was about nine. I am a big fan of mythical creatures, legends, and fantasy. Any comments, critiques, or questions are more than welcome. Thanks for reading! :)

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