The Dream World and The Gate Keeper

October 3, 2011
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There was this world where everything was perfect. If you wanted it, it would happen. If you didn’t want it, it would disappear. Animals could talk, teapots could walk, anything was possible. It was a little kids dream world. You would enter the world thru your dreams. You would go back the same way. I know you say “ How can you leave a dream by a dream.” But if you recall anything is possible here.

I am the Gate Keeper. You may call me Anny. I keep anything bad out and everything good in. All the kids love me but eventually I have to send them on their way. There’s much to see and much to do here. It’s a dream all on its own really. I don’t like to repeat myself but for this case I will “ Anything is possible here.”

Once long ago, there was a young girl who came to the Dream World. I was very interested in her. She wasn’t like any other kid. She asked a lot of questions, all the other kids wanted to play. It was then I knew she was the next gate keeper. This little girl’s name Rachel, but of course she wouldn’t be called Rachel here. She would be call Anny just like all the other gate keepers.

At this point I closed the gate and showed Rachel around. I told her all about being a gate keeper, about all the things we do, and about the whole dream world. Rachel liked the idea very much and so did I. See, what the gate keeper does is very important. They not only keep the good in and the bad out but they keep things running all by themselves.

The do this until they stumble across the child they think is the next gate keeper. If they pass it over to the wrong child everything can and will go wrong, horribly wrong. The ate keeper always puts all their faith in that one child no matter how scary it can be. So until the time comes all will be well, all will be well.

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ZookTheGnome said...
Oct. 7, 2011 at 9:38 am

Very well written, but needs another cursory look for certain spelling issues.

Now, the concept itself is amazing! Almost feels like an allegory for the afterlife, in a way. I'm probably overthinking, but hey, to each his own?

Overall, very well written piece. Would like to see this expanded into a short story, perhaps.

Feel free to check out some of my stuff to, if you find time. Thanks!

MarbleMayhem replied...
Oct. 8, 2011 at 1:17 pm
Thanks im glad you liked it.
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