The End and the New Beging

September 29, 2011
Two brothers stood glaring at one another,
Both the last of a race that was hated by those they had swore to protect,
The older of the two wished to destroy the world,
Along with its imperfections,
While the younger stood in his way.

“Why do you stand in my way brother when you know even better than I do how heartless and cruel the humans can be?” The older brother snarled.

“Because I also know that not all humans are like that,” the younger informed, “And if you continue this stupid ambition of yours I will have no choice but to stop you.”

“So you chose to side with the humans, do you? Fine by me I will kill you too!!” The older charged, his katana held high.

“Forgive me brother, for you brought this upon yourself,” Tears slid down the younger’s face for he knew he would have to kill the last of his brethren in order to protect the humans so he sadly drew his katana.

Sparks flew as their blades collided over and over again,
The battle wore on for hours,
Until finally the younger plunged his blade in to his brothers chest.

“Worry not brother for I will be there right after you,” And thus the victor also died from wounds he suffered before the battle.

The earth and all of its inhabitants began to weep uncontrollably,
For everyone regretted how horribly they had treated their savior,
They built a great grave for the victor only to have him walk out of it alive,
Along with the rest of his brethren,
For god had resurrected them as thanks for saving his people and his planet.

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sdssdsdsdiown said...
Oct. 6, 2011 at 10:44 am
this was a sorta weird story maid no sens and sucked so bad i can fly and shoot out lazers from my tale hahah
silvertongue replied...
Oct. 21, 2011 at 10:32 am
what you say is kinda true i was kinda out of it when i wrote it but the theme of the story is you choose what you become
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