Stars Of Ar-Terra

September 27, 2011
By Shorticus SILVER, Orange County, California
Shorticus SILVER, Orange County, California
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“It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Avina?” Kawn nudges a lock of my platinum-blonde hair away from my ear, and whispers in my ear as I look down onto Earth, “But it will never be as beautiful as you.”

Just because Kawn and I are supposed to be bonded doesn’t mean I take pleasure in him being around me, touching me, holding me. Yeah, he’s hot, eligible, and has feelings for me but I don’t have those feelings for him. Yet.

We were bonded because we were each other’s perfect match. The one we would eventually fall in love with, no matter where we went or who we met.

I don’t doubt the Masters. They’re never wrong, or so everyone tells me.

So, since they’re always right, Kawn and I are meant for each other…right?

I look down at Earth and think of those brittle little humans wandering about that air-filled planet.

Their lives so fragile, such short lived, compared to us Stars.

Yes, I’m a Star, but not the kind you’re thinking of.

What you believe Stars to be is completely untrue. We’re not balls of gas or whatever you think we are. We’re actually a rare breed of Angels called Aztras. We aren’t used for saving souls or anything interesting like that. We’re here to brighten the sky at nighttime.

Oh, my name is Avina. Avina Carrielle, to be exact. To give you a description of myself, I have butt-length platinum-blonde hair, one dark blue eye and one dark green eye, which is rare among my kind. I have a small frame. I have very small curves, but they’re only slightly noticeable.

Normally, Aztras have dark blonde hair with either brown or hazel eyes. The fact that I got both a green eye AND a blue eye was unheard of. The Masters think I’m some sort of Star that could transform into the next Head of the Masters. I don’t want to believe them. I don’t find interest in heading the Aztra way of life.

Anyway, my older brother, Nick Carrielle, was an Aztra, but our father, pushed him out of Aztra territory and into Earth’s atmosphere, causing my brother to plummet to his so-called death. I refuse to believe that he’s dead though. Aztras cant die from simply falling onto dirt and rock or into water. It’s impossible.

Our mother, Plya Carrielle, was an amazing woman. But our father murdered her only hours after I was born.

Our father, Trivva Carrielle, was one of the most influential, yet twisted, Angel in our empire, Ar-Terra. But after the incident with my mother and brother, he was banished to the Black Hole of Sitvea, the worst of all places to be banished to. I hope he’s dead.

Either way, an Aztras wings are about 3 times bigger than that of a regular Angel. That’s why you humans are able to see the light of Stars from Earth. When we feel happiness, our bodies and wings shine a bright golden color.

I continued thinking about my past, my present, and my future for a few more minutes and also wondering how it would be if I were a human, how my life would differ if-

“Avina?” Kawn interrupts my thoughts. “Are you okay?”

“Huh? Oh yeah. I’m fine. Just thinking.” I reply.

“Such an introvert, aren’t you, darling?”


I don’t like how he calls me darling. I don’t resent it, but I would prefer if he just called me by my true name.

“Well…the sun is coming.” Kawn points out, “Time to fade.”

As the sunlight slowly makes its way across North America, Kawn and I sluggishly let our light fade.

“I’m tired.” I state, “I’m going to bed now, okay?”

“Alright. I’ll stay up and help the Masters with the decisions for the newest Aztras.” Kawn says, rising to his feet, and quickly pressing his lips to my cheek before he flaps his wings and flies North, to the Masters’ Castle.

I glide into our house, quietly shutting the door and fly into our room.

Focusing, I feel my wings grow smaller and smaller until they mold into my back, leaving me looking like nothing but a human in the middle of space. I climb into our bed and shut my eyes, sleep knocking me unconscious in a matter of minutes.

The author's comments:
I just got inspired by doing nothing...That's basically how I come up with everything...

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on Oct. 7 2011 at 9:34 pm
Shorticus SILVER, Orange County, California
5 articles 2 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Accidents don't just happen accidentally. " -Dean Winchester.

Thank you! 

Avina isn't really entirely sure why her father murdered her mother, but it definitely will be explained later on.

I'm currently working on the next part and hopefully will be able to post it soon.

Two-ply SILVER said...
on Oct. 6 2011 at 5:14 pm
Two-ply SILVER, Black Mountain, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Do one thing each day that scares you" -Eleanor Roosevelt

This was very cool! I was intrigued by how you said that her father murdered her mother. Why? 

Keep writing!

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