The Diary of Angelo

September 22, 2011
By AnimeGeek BRONZE, New York, New York
AnimeGeek BRONZE, New York, New York
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Flying takes a lot out me, so I ended up sleeping in until sometime after 2 p.m.
I had that same nightmare again; apparently one pill was not enough, so I took two. It was too much too handle this time and I burst into tears, I cried quietly and ended up staying silent the rest of the day.
Roz was still concerned no matter how much I assured him I was fine. Therapy was an odd experience for me after Diana died, the therapist was doing his job but it wasn't necessary to me, I ended up getting lost in my own thoughts and at some point got up and left.
Although everyone was concerned that I was not venting out my emotions and talking about it, I decided to suppress and go on meds. They helped a lot but it didn't do well with the with the hollow feeling I get every other day, the feeling of emptiness, how I lost my mother and my sister, how my only father is nowhere to be found and not even remotely concerned about the well-being of the family he abandoned, and how the only family I have is not even blood. Wait, that's not fair to Roz, he's the only reason I've been able to maintain my sanity.
The next day, I was awakened with a shove off my bed; it took me a while to gain focus and consciousness and when I looked, it was Roz.
"Wake up, kid, it's time I show you how to fight!" he grinned.
"But, I already know how to fight; did you wake me up without even thinking about what you were going to tell me?" I said groggily.
"I may have taught you to fight with your fists, but what about your feet?" Roz asked.
I looked down at my feet; "What about them?" I asked confused.
"Well, have you ever thought of using your powers?" he retorted.
Roz grabbed me by the arm and lead me to the training gym that was in the basement.
"Okay. So the basic thing you need to know is that since your spirit is the owl you need to learn how to kick. EXTREMELY well." Roz told me once we were ready, "Also, it's better to do this bare foot so take off your slippers." I did what Roz told me and took off my brown slippers, the mat I was standing on felt like it was the same as the ones you would see in sanitariums. Roz's hands grew white fur and his nails became more dangerous claws, "Alright, now it's your turn." He ordered me.
I focused as much as I possibly could. My feet started itching like crazy; I looked down to see that my toes were merging into three long ones, the heel of my foot narrowed a bit and a fourth toe grew. And as a final touch, my newly formed toes grew dangerous black talons.
"Well come on, then! Come and get me!" Roz taunted playfully.
I took a leaping kick towards Roz, absolutely determined to take him down. But Roz caught my kick in mid-air, "You're gonna have to do better than that," he said as he let me go, "Now try again."
I tried a roundhouse kick, but Roz blocked it; a kick to the stomach, again Roz blocked it; I tried kneeing him the stomach, then kicking him in the ribs, again Roz blocked them. I tried an upward kick, this time my talons were able to tear off Roz's shirt. I stumbled a bit as I got on one leg so I could take off the shirt that was tangled in my talons; I kneed him in the stomach before he had time to react.
"Damn kid, you're getting better at this," he said as he tried to take a breath, "But you're going to have to do better than that!" he exclaimed as he tried to claw me in the face. I reacted by moving back to avoid the claw's vicious cut. And then once he was close enough, I kneed Roz in the nose, blood oozing from his nostrils.
Oh no.

"Roz! Are you okay?" I asked, panicking.
Roz massaged his nose gently for a bit and finally answered, "I'm fine, I'm fine, except for the broken nose, it's okay. Although, I think that's enough for today. Thank god."
Worriedly, I took Roz to the facility's infirmary to take care of his broken nose. And as much as he reassured me, I was still worried that I had done serious damage or that I had given him a concussion. The nurse informed me that I had not hurt that badly, but that I should not train with him.
Still unsure, I went to the bedroom I shared with Roz and flopped myself onto my bed where I fell into a disturbed sleep. Only this time I didn't have the same nightmare.
I was flying through darkness. And not even my nocturnal eyes could pierce the everlasting pitch-black that I sailed through. I blinked and my surroundings changed; I was in the forest near the facility and I was in my owl form, it was as pitch-black as before, confusion and fear was seeping into me as I landed on a branch. As I preened my feathers, I heard a rustling in the distance. I stopped preening and saw a small group of wolves following a tall man with glasses. The man eyed me from the branch, the lens of his glasses reflecting in the moonlight. He mouthed the words 'kill him' and the wolves followed the command; I hurriedly flew off the branch, my mind was racing with fear, each and every vein was surging with adrenaline, and beneath me the wolves were following me.
My eyes shot open, I was in a cold sweat, it was the dead of night, and snow had already fallen. As I remained sitting on my bed, my heart was racing and I was gasping for air. Roz was nowhere to be found; he was either still in the infirmary or outside.
But I didn't know what to do.
Go flying after such a realistic dream? Or stay indoors, alone, in the dark?

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