Fairies in Flight

September 11, 2011
By suprgrl_21 GOLD, Newton, Kansas
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A long time ago there were three fairies known for being respectful and graceful, but they could also be playful and athletic. These three fairies were also sisters, only two and three years apart. These fairies, along with friends and family, lived in a glass fountain near a huge lake. On a clear summers day, the Fairies decided to go out for a little bit and just fly around. They had decided they were going to fly towards the horizon and not stop until they reached new land.

Sunshine, the eldest of the three, was beginning to wonder when they would reach land. She kept reassuring Sparkle (the youngest) and Dewdrop (the middle of the three) that they would reach land shortly. But these fairies were beginning to ware down. Sparkle was beginning to look pale and Dewdrop was sweating like a dog. A few minutes later, without any warning, Sparkle passed out and fell into the lake. What you may not know is that when a fairy gets her wings wet she can’t fly. So, since Sparkle had fallen in she was going to have to swim to shore (which was miles away) or by some miracle be able to get out of this tight situation.

Immediately Sunshine and Dewdrop flew to her aid, but sparkle was panicking and wouldn’t hold still long enough for them to pull her out. So eventually, Dewdrop fell in as well. As a result Sunshine was now in charge of pulling both wet fairies out of the water, hauling them back to safety, and doing this without falling in herself. Sunshine did get them both pulled out, it took some patience and hard work, but she did do it. Unfortunately the weight was too much for her to carry and she fell in as well. Each one of the little fairies thought it was the end of their lives and no one was going to come to their rescue. Until a giant blue angel fish swam up to them and said, “Do not panic all I need you to do is grab a hold of my fin, hold your breath, close your eyes, and hold on tight.”

In a desperate attempt to stay alive Sunshine did just that, and like they had done for years the younger two followed their sisters lead and did the same as well. Once all three fairies had a tight grip on the fish he dove under the water at a very fast speed. Even thought they were under the water the fairies could still breath. Dewdrop was the first to notice and the first to ask, “What in purple unicorn’s sake did you do to us? How come I can breathe underwater?” the fish just chuckled and said, “well, I have a special talent, when someone or something touches me they can breathe underwater, I can even heal the wounded. But don’t let go because if you do you wont be able to breathe and you will probably die.” Each one of the fairies tightened their grip on the fishes fin. Even though he did notice the tightening grip on his fins he just smiled really wide and sped up to get the fairies home quicker.

After a moment of silence Sunshine finally spoke up and asked, “So, where are you taking us anyways? This is not the normal route we take to get home.” He smiled even wider now, and tilted his head to face her a little better and answered calmly, “I am taking you see me friend the bullfrog. He will know how to get you home; I did the rescuing so now he gets to do the returning. Sound good? Oh look, there he is now.”

As they approached a swamp looking place the fish told them to hop off and hop on to the frogs back. They did as they were told and the fish was on his way home, or wherever a fish goes when he is done delivering stranded fairies to his friend. The fairies all waved goodbye and looked at the giant bullfrog in front of them, Sunshine was the first to speak up, “Hi, how are you? Um, we need to get to the-“ before she could finish her sentence the bullfrog interrupted her and said, “the glass fountain. I know where you need to go; I deliver hundreds of fairies a day to that same fountain. You guys think you would learn that you couldn’t fly for as long as you think. Oh, and by the way it may look like when I hop we are going to land in the middle of the water, but a large lily pad will appear right before I land. I know you found out that the fish had magical powers, well, so do I; that’s why I am red. He is blue and I am red and we both have special powers.”
Each one of the fairies looked at each other in amazement and hopped on the bullfrog, and what do you know, he was right! Right before the bullfrog landed a large lily pad would appear and the one before would disappear. They were in amazement; the ride home didn’t take long. The fish was right; the bullfrog did know where he was going. Once the bullfrog reached the island where the glass fountain was home to, Sunshine hopped off of the bullfrog and helped her younger sisters down. They each got off and gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him. He nodded his head and turned in the other direction and was on his way again. The fairies climbed the winding staircase to their section of the fountain. They lay on their beds and talked for hours about their wonderful and crazy adventure with the blue fish and the red bullfrog.

The author's comments:
This piece is my favorite bedtime story told to me by my father. I Hope that little girls around the world will find themselves intrigued with this story.

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