Candy Land

September 9, 2011
By 14rwaldrop BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
14rwaldrop BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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This story starts off with a little girl named Esmeralda. Let me tell you a little about Esmeralda. She is not like other kids, she doesn't have any friends, and she has a huge imagination. She never pays attention in class because she is always caught up in her notebook drawing doodles or day dreaming. Everything she does she imagines and pretends. Well, one day Esmeralda was walking home from school. She was very upset because all the other kids at school were making fun of her and her teachers got mad that she was getting bad grades. As she was walking home, she saw an cool looking pen in the middle of the street. She carefully ran into the street and grabbed the pen. Then she kept walking home and admiring her new pen that she found. When she arrived home she heard her parents yelling at each other. She wasn't to shocked about the sight of her parents fighting, because they usually always fight. She didn't want to get caught up in the drama and get yelled at, so she ran to her room as fast as a cheetah would when it's running towards it's prey. Then she took out her notebook, and the pen that she had found. She started to draw a unicorn, it's body was white, and the horn looked like a rainbow colored ice cream cone stuck to the front of its head, its tail as soft as silk. Magically a unicorn had appeared in her room! Esmeralda was so shocked, she went up to the unicorn and said "hi" and touched it to see if the unicorn was real or not. As she was reaching out her arm to touch the unicorn, the unicorn suddenly turned it's head and licked her hand. Esmeralda smiled, she was oh so happy, she looked at her pen and started to draw again. This time she drew everything that she ever dreamed of, and once again the things she drew magically appeared inside her room. She then said to herself "can this be a magic pen that I found?". Suddenly the unicorn responded and said "Yes, it is a magic pen that is built and powered from your imagination". Esmeralda was in shock that the unicorn had spoken, she was also kind of scared. She then said to the unicorn, "Y-y-you can talk??". The unicorn then said "Yes, of course". Esmeralda was so shocked she couldn't say anything, she was frozen in amazement. So then she decided to go lay on her bed and start drawing again. This time she drew a door to see what would happen. Right when she finished drawing the door knob, she heard a noise coming from inside her closet. She got up slowly and walked to her closet. Finally, she slowly reached out her hand and grabbed the door knob, and turned it. The door opened and she walked in, she was afraid of what might happen. As she walked in she saw another door in the back of her closet. She opened it, and to her amazement, it was another world inside. All the houses were gingerbread houses, the pets were flying monkeys and unicorns. There were no streets, it was a huge chocolate river, and they had waffle cone boats. She was so excited and amazed. "Sometimes it even snows ice cream and rains sprinkles." said the unicorn. It was a world where every kid would want to be! Other kids, just like her were walking around eating candy and sweets. There were no adults, because they are not allowed in this world. But, to keep the children safe, they each had their very own gummy bear body guards. Esmeralda decided to go walk around and explore this new world that she had stepped into. She thought that everything was amazing, she picked up a candy apple hanging from a tree and ate it. "Yummm!" she said, with her first bite. She then saw a gingerbread house that said "for sale". She took a tour of the house, the whole frame of the house was made of gingerbread cookies. The window frames were made of licorice. There was no kitchen, because right across town, there is a cafeteria where they give you real food like pizza. Finally at the end of the tour, she saw the bed. The bed was made of spongecake, and the pillows were made of cotton candy! The good thing is that if little Esmeralda eats her whole house they will replace it. The only people that are allowed to visit and live in this world have to be younger then 18, and they have to be really imaginative, like little Esmeralda, she is 9 years of age. The only problem was that this world didn't have a name. The town folks decided to have Esmeralda name this world. She came up with the name "Candy land". Everybody agreed that the name Esmeralda chose was the best! In candy land, they also have a school, but everything you learn like math, reading, and science is based on your imagination. "All the kids love it here, so I am hoping Esmeralda would like living here also" said the unicorn.


So far Esmeralda loves it here, she has straight A's in all her classes, she has made a ton of new friends. Now she can draw and imagine anytime and anywhere she wants. She still lives her normal life in the real world but, if she never needs to get away from all the dram or if she ever had a bad day she just takes out her notebook and takes a visit to candy land. THE END!

The author's comments:
I was eating candy one day, and was just laying on the bed, and was a bit hyper. Haha, Decided to write this short story. Imagination really can take you places.

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on Sep. 16 2011 at 2:17 pm
Savannalore SILVER, North Branch, South Dakota
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Art is all about mistakes and knowing which ones to keep.

Hey! Your story has the &quote thing too! What the heck? So does mine! Somehting must have happened when our stories were submitted or something. As for your story...when I read it, I immediately think of a fairytale, because of the writing style! It's cute:)

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