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September 8, 2011
By Hopeful_One BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
Hopeful_One BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
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\"I always believe there is a plan for us all, and a reason for everything that happens. It\'s just hard to see sometimes.\" -Grace\'s dad from Falling for Grace

The following you are about to read is all a pure work of fiction. Well, a religious fictional piece if you want to get detailed. I apologize in advance for any readers I might accidently offend. This isn’t supposed to be an influential piece. I just simply wrote it because I felt inspired. This is merely for entertainment purposes and my way to celebrate the Lord. Yes, this is a Christian story. The purpose is mainly to emphasize that God is Love. Let me know what you think!


Everyone knew about her dark past.

Georgia Stevenson was adopted at age 10 in the year of 2060. She was a doe-eyed beauty with long wavy brown hair that went down to her elbows. She was 5’11” and her normal wardrobe would consist of tank tops and shortie shorts. Her adoptive parents were very loving towards her and gave her plenty of attention. They gave her a safe, happy life. They all lived in a small town of Bluewater, California. Her father was the pastor of a Catholic church and her mother was a gardener. Georgia was their only child.

Georgia also had influential friends growing up. No one was addicted to anything, no one drank, no one cussed, no one influenced her to lie. Being a small town, all the citizens were active Catholics. Things had been peaceful… At least for those eight years.

The day of Georgia’s 18th birthday in 2068 was the very day she betrayed her family and all of Bluewater… and of even America. All she did was ask her father why Americans were so afraid of the Hawkeenians (a brand new race at the time). Her father was close friends with the President, so she knew he had the information.

“You see, Georgia, the Hawkeenians have more resources and dangerous weapons than us.” And to assure his daughter, “But you don’t have to worry, honey. They aren’t aware of the trap we have laid out for them outside the town square.” Georgia smiled sweetly at her father and left the room.

The next day the Hawkeenians dismantled the trap and attacked the town, making it their own. You might wonder how they possibly would’ve known. The Hawkish government ordered the child to pretend to be a loving adopted daughter for the Stevenson family and to soak their secret out on her 18th birthday. Georgia was nothing but treacherous. All those 8 years of behaving sweetly and loving towards her family and friends was nothing but a lie. Georgia then was kicked out of Bluewater and was sentenced to prison for 10 years.

Before the California state police could catch her, she ran inside a building with a cross on it. It was a Christian church. That was when she learned that God wasn’t spiteful…That He was a loving God and that Jesus even died on the cross to save our sins. That’s when Georgia’s intentions completely changed. There she stood in front of that crowd and announced that she was going to give her life over to God completely and do His will. After the cheering seized, the State Police found her. Georgia was never heard from again.


Now she was back. And Hilary Spart absolutely hated that. It’s been 47 years since that incident and the way her mother told it caused Hilary to have a passionate hatred for Georgia. How dare she show her face again at Bluewater, Hilary thought angrily. Hilary was a 5’4” petite short-haired blonde with hazel eyes. Her daily outfits consisted of denim jeans and red-on-black off-the-shoulder shirts. She was 18-years-old.

Things have changed during those last almost-fifty years since Georgia’s secret was revealed. Beliefs drastically changed. The Stevenson family as well as the rest of the population lost their faith in God. Learning of Georgia’s betrayal just outright discouraged them all. They used to have a lot of respect for her. The pain in all their hearts caused them to question everything, including the Bible. It was a dark age.

And here’s 65 year old Georgia coming back, just to remind us of that day… Of that nightmare. Just to rub the past in our face, I bet. Hilary rolled her eyes at the thought as she finished consuming the piece of bread. This was the year of 2115, and everyone was either one extreme or the other these days. Extremely poor or extremely rich; there was no in-between. All the Spart family can afford was half a loaf of bread for a family of six. They had a robotic-everything: electronic fridges, automatic vacuum cleaners, hover-cars, etc. I-pods, radios, computers, and cell phones were all extinct at this time. Even if they wanted it back, that would mean re-building it. The electronic companies refused to do so because they had to “keep up with the age”.

Camping also was extinct, just as old as the Disco age. It was a barren land. And there rarely was any animals they could hunt for meat. Nature didn’t exist. A thing like this was the reason why Hilary wished to travel back to the past. For whatever reason that she didn’t even know, she longed to be with nature. Even though she never even saw a glimpse of nature, Hilary knew that it was last there 100 years ago. Hearing tales of how it used to be from her great-grandparents sounded splendid.

These days, the reason why nature decayed so much was due to the increase of alcoholics, druggies, gang members, arsonists, etc. Especially in their town. Communication sites online even seized to exist; Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc… No one even knew of those. All the states around the world turned against each other. It wasn’t only America. Everyone grew to hate each other and the closest relationship they had with each other was at a distance. You do your thing, and we do ours.

The tale of love that they heard existed a hundred years ago sounded like nothing but a tale. Even if they wanted love, they didn’t know how. Life was too fast pace to even think of it; Parents were too busy trying to keep their jobs, teenagers were always getting themselves into more and more complicated situations each year, and grandparents had their health to think about. No one felt close to one another, but as long as they had money they were good to go. Of course, it never was all about the greed. There was also the drugs and sex. And let me tell ya, sex was a big seller these days. Lust was always in the air and many a time it had even gotten mixed up with love. Of course, the sexual urges would tire out from time to time. The younger folk would go for the older men and vice versa. That was life and the people believed it was good.

Yet there would be a strange feeling in every person about it all. A feeling that something was missing. So they filled that emptiness with more drinking and more sexual pleasure. With more food and more money. As long as the people had more, they were happy…well, temporarily happy that is. There never was a peaceful moment in their lives. Life was like 2012’s New York City, only expanded by tenfold.

Of course, everyone was used to this lifestyle. It was like this in cities around the globe. Because they were so used to this routine, nobody wanted to change it. Not. One. Thing.


The moment Georgia Stevenson returned was the moment everything changed. Hilary Spart first noticed the change while sitting at the bar booth at Mickey’s Club Howse (they spelt it incorrectly on purpose for someone’s inside joke) on April 8th 2115. It was 11:23 P.M. Hilary Spart was ordering a pina colada from a middle aged man named Tom.

The atmosphere of the club wreaked of vodka and puke, yet the décor was snazzy and quaint. The paint had a black-with-silver-lining style to it and all the stools had its own little leather cushion. All they needed was a D.J.; anything to block out the trash they called music that leaked out the speakers.

Just then a 25 year old woman walked in. Her hair was a tangled mess of blond frizz, she was extremely skinny (I’m talking size zero, here), and she wore bags under her eyes which showed no youth despite her age. All she wore was a strapless, low cut black shirt of which was extremely tight and the shortest mini skirt known to man. She had on bright red lipstick and loads of mascara. It was obvious what type of a person she was, just like how obvious how much she had been drinking that night. She was grasping the stools for balance and she ordered tequila shots in a slurring way.

After taking a couple of shots, a 45 year old man approached her. He was obtuse, bald and repulsive. The 25 year old woman looked up at him and smiled as she swayed.

“Hello, beautiful.” The man said. “My name’s Carter and you strike me as the type who likes to have fun. Do you like having fun?”

“Doesn’t everybody?” she replied.

Laying his hand on her shoulder, he said, “How about we have some fun at my place?” Lust was clearly in his eyes. Without her giving an answer, he picked her up and brought her to his hover car brides-man style. That was the last Hilary saw of that night.

The next day Hilary was walking her dog Jackie around at the “park” which consisted of plastic “grass” and iron “trees”. While letting Jackie take a dump, she saw the same 25 year old woman sitting on a bench sobbing. She had on Carter’s extra large shirt, but nothing else.

Then Georgia Stevenson walked up to her, sitting next to the woman.

“Hey, sweetie, what’s wrong?” The 65 year old woman asked. But the 25 year old just looked down and shook her head. “I’m not going to be able to help you if you don’t tell me what happened.”

“No one loves me,” the woman whispered.

“What’s your name, honey?”

“Sara. Sara Peris.”

“Well, hello! Nice to meet you! My name’s Georgia Stevenson.”

“I’ve heard about you,” scoffed Sara. “You’re the girl who betrayed us all!”

“Yes, that is my past,” Georgia smiled. “And I do regret that very much. But God forgave me and because of His love, I am renewed.”

“What are you talking about?” Sara looked at the old lady in disgust. “What God? And who can ever forgive you for your crime?”

“Our Lord and Savior forgave all our sins, because of Jesus Christ.” Georgia explained. Then she talked to her about the Bible.

“Well…Okay then,” Sara mumbled.

“Tell me, Sara. What’s your sin?”

“Excuse me?!!” Sara said in alarm.

“Well you were crying over something earlier,” Georgia explained. “And usually tears come from a type of guilt over what you have done. What was it?”

“Why would I tell you?” she scoffed.

“Well you don’t need to tell me about it…” Georgia said. Then she gestured upwards. “But you can tell Him about whatever might be troubling you…”

Sara silently stared up at where Georgia pointed. For a second there, all the noise of the traffic was mute…all was calm and peaceful, even. But only for a second. For the moment Sara’s eyes shifted down, the destructive world in which she lived in was back.

“I’ll leave you to your chat with Our Father,” Georgia whispered. She handed her a handkerchief. “You might need this, sweetheart.”

Georgia got up and walked off to chat with an elderly couple by the little kids’ park. Sara continued staring up at the clouds. Thoughts like “This is ridiculous” ran through her head. Silence with only the sound of the twitter of the blue jays sounded in the background. Then a blue jay flew over to the arm rest of Sara’s bench. It cocked its little head to the side and tweeted.

What? You’re mocking me too? Thought the woman. Georgia was away for a longer time than Sara had expected. This gave her time to think things over. Ok… So I tend to sleep around often… But ever since I’ve gotten dragged into lust when I was a teenager, I can’t stop. It’s impossible. It’s way too tempting. Then it strucked her. Lust. One of the many deadly sins. She stared at her hands, her tiny used up hands. These hands have done things that I can’t even begin to describe… To think that I know all the sex terms…and… I don’t get it. My friends from college say that what I do is totally normal. So why do I feel so… wrong? So… dirty? She shifted her attention back to the blue jay, still seeming to stare at her.

“If there is a God,” she said to the bird. “then why haven’t I seen that before? I mean… I’ve lived this lifestyle so long, but I don’t feel his presence.” She glanced over to where Georgia was still chatting with the elderly, but this time there was a kind of change in the old woman. She was sobbing into her husband’s arms. Then Sara’s attention returned to the tiny creature before her. “I get that one of the sins is lust… and I’ve clearly crossed that line above and beyond… But what can I do? I’m useless… no one loves me… Sure, the men love my b-body…” she was nearing tears again. “B-but not me… Wait. What did Georgia say about God’s love? Oh yeah. ‘God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.’ –John 4:16. God is love… So at least one powerful being loves me, right?” She said to the little bird in hope. The blue jay tweeted in a way that almost sounded like a tune, but flew away before either Sara or Hilary even (who was still watching all this at the time) took any notice. Staring off at the blue jay as it took flight, Sara grinned for the first time in weeks, even months.

Jackie, Hilary’s dog, tugged at her leech. Hilary continued walking on, looking back at the bench every once in a while. The last thing she saw before Sara got out of view was the same elderly couple walking off hand in hand with a new kind of smile… a kind of hopeful smile. That type of look was alien to all of Bluewater…no one ever knew what hope was unless they read a good book or watched an old movie about such a feeling. As for Sara, ever since that day she began to dress cleaner and more conservatively. What did Georgia DO to her?? Hilary thought in alarm. For even Sara had that hopeful smile.

Yet this was only the beginning.


On June 31st, 2115 at 5:43 P.M., Hilary was walking on the city streets to Rabobank (yes, it was still open at the time) to check out $20000 for oil for her hover car. The economy was still getting increasingly worse every year. As she walked by an alley, she overheard a 15-year-old complaining to a 45-year-year old man.

“I can’t get that kind of money after only a day!” the boy complained. “I can’t even afford $20 worth of a pair of socks!” In 2115, $20 was the value of 2011’s penny.

“Ya better get some money, bub!” the man spat at the boy’s shoes. “Unless you know what’s good for ya!”

The boy looked over to Hilary who happened to have given a curious glance at that moment. The teenager has wrinkles under his supposedly youthful eyes. He had coal gray eyes, light blond hair, and so many pimples that it was hard to count them all. It was obvious he hadn’t bathed in a while since he was wearing the dirtiest pair of sneakers, a musty polo shirt, and blotches of mud stuck to his levi’s. “What do you want?” he snapped at Hilary.

Hilary looked down and kept on walking. He was the flea of the country; also known as a beggar boy. All he was better known for was feeding off of people at the grocery store (of which at this rate will be extinct as well… The people were beginning to order only online.) and dirtying the grounds of which people walk upon.

Hilary observed the room in which she walked into as she entered the bank. Familiar faces, familiar voices, a familiar crowd of stone-faced, drunk, lazy, miserable people. Her people. They all had a story, each and every one of them. 78% of the teenage girls were pregnant now, 67% of the population on a specific type of drug, 55% being abusers, 98% drinking alcohol…and this wasn’t just for America. This was talking about the entire world; every single country, every single nation was like this. This was what Hilary called normal.

“Yo, pops,” Hilary said to the cashier. “I got me a check for $20000 and I’d like to deposit it.”

“Whatever,” the cash register man shrugged. He typed out the amount on his lap top. Everything was technology now.

Right when Hilary was about to be given her cash, a gun shot went off in the room. The same boy from the alley stood in the center of the room, gun in hand lifted up. Dark circles decorated his eyes and a jeering sneer framed his jaw bone structure.

“We’ve all been in these situations before,” said the boy. “Come on, folks. Cough it over!” Wide-eyed people shakily tossed tens, twenties, even some one hundreds at his feet. The cops didn’t care; they knew that no matter how many of them they jail, there’ll always be another line of criminals taking place of the bank robbing scene. Justice these days just gave up… Human beings gave up. Nothing mattered to them anymore.

As the boy was picking up the cash and putting it in his sack, Georgia entered the store. She calmly approached the boy. She said, “Boy, put your gun down.”

Shocked, the boy aimed his gun at the sight of the sixty year old woman. “No one tells me what to do,” he snapped.

“You are a fifteen year old boy,” Georgia continued. “You have better things to do. Believe me, bank robbery isn’t your path.”

“Who are you to tell me what is and what isn’t my path, woman?” The boy glared at her, finger lingering on the trigger.

“My name is Georgia,” she said. “And I am here to tell you that God wants you to help Him with His plan. And bank robbing isn’t a part of it.”

“What’s a God?” the boy gave her a genuinely confused look. His finger drifted away from the trigger. “And what do you mean?”

“Son, put down the gun and tell me your name first,” She said. She gestured toward the door where an 84-year-old man with a long gray beard and a brown suit on came in. “Then Pastor Rex will tell you all about Him.”

The boy hesitated. He gazed at his gun in hand. Silence crept into the room. Slowly but surely, he put the gun down. Standing up straight, he looked Georgia in the eye and said, “My name is Chris. Chris Bletternam.”

Pastor Rex calmly walked up to him and said, “Georgia told me all about your situation. Financial problems and a long history of crimes, I see… We both have been praying for you. I believe we can help, Christopher…” He went off into detail about how God didn’t care about the dirty deeds Chris has done and that God forgave him and only wished for Chris to believe in him and love him in return. Chris had a hard time adjusting to all this. Their discussion seemed to have gone on for hours and the customers within the building did not move an inch. They stayed and listened to the Pastor’s preaching.

Understanding took over Chris that evening. Flooded with his own tears, Chris gazed into Pastor Rex’s eyes and said, “Father, I believe in Him now… But what can I do?”

“Son, take this here Bible with you home and take a good look at it,” Pastor Rex replied, handing him over a magenta leather Bible. “If you’d like, may I suggest you come over to the town church tomorrow and do a baptism in front of your friends and loved ones? This would be a public announcement to the world of your commitment to the Lord Our Savior.”

Chris wiped away his tears and in agreement took the Bible, gave Pastor Rex a bear hug, and took off to his house. The crowd of customers were deeply moved and touched by Pastor Rex’s speech; all but Hilary, that is. The people began to line up in front of the pastor, asking if it was too late for them to be converted. Hilary just stayed concreted to her spot and stared as the entire scene unfolded. People are seriously that desperate to believe in those lies? She wondered in bewilderment. Shrugging it off, she took her money and drove her hover car home.


More events similar to the Sara Peris incident and Chris Bletternam’s story occurred all over the globe. Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, and even millions of people converted into Christianity –all because of Georgia Stevenson. Those who lied, cheated, cursed, stole, abused…each and every one of those people all turned to God and recognized him as their Lord and Savior. And not only were there more baptisms and conversions, but lives have been changed as well. Bars went out of business, couples were talking about waiting until they were married in God’s chosen planning for them until they make love again, relationships were repairing, women were dressing more conservatively and men stopped wearing low-rider jeans, and the economy was no longer a problem because people began to no longer value money as much. Their relationship with God in the long run was really what was more important. The rich started reaching out to the poor, sharing what food and shelter they had, extra clothes were distributed, and in this way people were getting to know one another in a way they never have before. They no longer considered it charity: it was a privilege. No one looked down at one another either; instead, everyone was looked at as an equal...people with dark pasts and others with simpler ones. It was almost like Heaven, yet it wasn’t even close to it because there were those still having to deal with their addictions, with their hurt relationships, with their issues in general. But everyone pulled together and helped each other in the best way they could. Hover cars were being used less and less and people were walking more, in hopes that at a rate like that, they could return to nature.

Everyone had something to look forward to. They knew it was only a matter of time until the day comes when Jesus returns to Earth and returns everybody back to their Father. To experience peace, love and happiness the way it should be experienced…that was the life they looked forward to.

Everyone had something to look forward to, alright. Everyone, that is, except Hilary Spart.


December 11th, 2115 at 7:34 P.M. on a Sunday evening was the day that changed the world. Everyone was at Bluewater’s little church to hear Georgia’s speech about how great their God was and the grand plans He had for them all. Video cameras from all the news stations around the world recorded Georgia’s entire speech. While Georgia talked, Hilary sat at the back row gazing off into the distance. She was merely here for her friends, whom also had been converted recently over the past five or six months. Drumming her hands along the soft leather bench in an impatient manner, Hilary mentally moaned to herself, thinking, Who does she think she is? Trying to change society like this! I mean one little speech from Pastor Rex and already people are going all “let’s band together and be religious!” Pfffft! Bogous! When Georgia got to the part explaining how their Father loved them all more than they ever could know, Hilary mentally gagged and rolled her eyes.

After Georgia concluded her speech, everyone was filing outside while Georgia and Hilary remained where they were. In the stilled silence, Hilary approached Georgia through the echo-y halls. It was a long walk, due to its enlarging size, yet Hilary wasn’t fazed by that fact. She was riled up with all the sudden changes Georgia made to life in general and Hilary felt a confrontation was best to be made.

“Georgia Stevenson,” the 18-year-old young woman called out to her. “I have something to say to you.”

“Oh, hello honey!” a cheerful Georgia replied. “I do hope you enjoyed my little speech! I assure you that every word I say is true. Would you like a free Bible? Mallory is passing them out to all the church-goers.”

“A free Bible? Pfft!” Hilary sneered, causing a look of surprise on Georgia’s face. “I don’t care about no stinkin’ Bible!”

“Hun, did you even read the Bible?” Georgia calmly asked, unaccusingly. “The word of God is so great—“

“There you go again!!!” Hilary pointed at her. “God this, God that… Why are you even acting sooooo ‘holy’ when in fact you’ve betrayed us all?”

“Holy? Hun, the only holy one there really is is God himself,” Georgia stated. “You must be wondering why I’m preachin’ about Him to others since I’ve done a nasty sin myself, is that it?”

“Exactly!” Hilary was practically shouting now. “I mean, sure, you’ve said before that this Jesus dude,” Georgia chuckled at the mention of “Jesus” being in the same sentence as “dude”, “forgave our sins and planted himself on the cross to die for the sins so we can go to Heaven. And that’s exactly where you’re wrong!”

“What am I wrong about, child?” Georgia asked in pure concern.

“The Heaven part,” Hilary said. “There is no Heaven. That’s just as balony as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It’s all just fairy tale junk to let people know only what they want to hear.”

“Is that why you’re a non-believer? You don’t believe there’s a Heaven?”


“Why do you not think there’s a Heaven?”

“Well, there just isn’t.”

“Why are you so sure?”

Hilary was getting frustrated now with her veins throbbing and her muscles tensing. “I just… It’s just…” Georgia calmly waited for an answer. After a while of Hilary’s stuttering, she finally said, “Well God’s just an idea, right? How can some book be actual evidence that there’s a God like that?”

“God is not an idea,” Georgia explained. “He is very much real. The Bible is evidence because it has been written by His disciples and He talked through them. Hilary…is there a reason why you’ve chosen this life, the life of an atheist?”

“My life is too messed up,” Hilary replied, wrinkles under her tired eyes. “There can’t be a God if my life is like this…”

“God is trying to get through to you, but you wouldn’t accept His love nor His word,” Georgia said.

“How can you be so sure?” Hilary said. “If God is so wonderful, why is it that life has been run like this for so many years?”

“It isn’t His doing. His doing is working through miracles. The pure nature you’ve heard about, that is the act of God. Any cure for diseases, God works through those doctors. Any life that is saved, God’s doing. Any sign of love towards love another is a piece of God’s great love.”

“People don’t love any more…”

“That’s where you’re wrong, hun… You’ve seen these newly converted Christians today. Look out the window, dear. You see how they talk to one another in peaceful harmony? You see how they’re gathering around one another in prayer groups? You see how their faces light up whenever they see one another? All of that is God’s love being shared. Love comes in many forms such as friendships, families, neighbors, fellowship, and even romance…Any positive interaction is only an example of God’s undeniable love. God is the definition of love, you see?”

Gazing out the window for several minutes then turning her attention back to Georgia, Hilary asked, “How did you suddenly convert?”

“I’ve heard God’s word through the pastor. And I was touched. Like you, I once was an Atheist. I had no reason to believe. I thought my life was perfectly fine. But then when I was your age, the age of being 18, I realized that there was a small part in my heart that was missing. I figured filling it with material things and constantly having dating relationships would fill my empty heart. I always felt a sense of feeling… Lost. But I didn’t know what I was lost about. Until one day I heard that sermon. A while of being in prison gave me time to think. For ten years I thought. On the tenth year, the day before I was told I can go, I heard this voice in my head that isn’t my own. That extra little thought that was constantly running by me told me that I should spread the word. But when the time is right. For 37 years I’ve studied the Bible and had discussions with the remaining Christians of this world. Then in the beginning of this year, I felt that the timing was right. It was time to help the other lost people into the light. Time to fill the empty hearts with God’s great message: His love.” Georgia paused for a while taking in her breath and then said, “Hilary, I cannot force you to change your beliefs. In my many months of converting, I’ve never forced it upon anybody. I am only letting people know that there is a God that loves them. Simple as that. The rest is up to them.”

Hilary remained silent for a moment. The moment stretched on to being precisely twelve minutes and twenty-one seconds. Finally she countered with a, “Georgia, if you aren’t trying to force this belief on me, then why the full-on speech about it?”

Sighing, Georgia laid a hand on the small of Hilary’s back and led her out the church door. As they exited, a particular scene caught Hilary’s attention: thousands upon thousands of Bluewater’s residents were all sitting down on the street, heads bowed, eyes closed…all lined up as if in some sort of formation. It was all perfectly straight and all beautifully silent and by the facial expressions on those citizens, one would’ve guessed they were all in a sort of…trance.

Suddenly they all simultaneously blacked out, landing on one another’s stomachs for a cushioned fall. The same time Hilary turned to Georgia for questioning and to find her to have fallen on the ground as well, Hilary fainted. All remained still for those last few seconds of life on Earth.


The first color Hilary noticed was pure white. The first shape she made out was rectangular. The first image she seen was Jesus Christ feasting among a variety of people. Hilary realized she was staring at a painting.

She stood and looked behind her to find a cushioned chair. Looking around her she realized she was in a white room of some sort –but where was the question. Then a large, glowing figure came before her. She couldn’t make out the facial features, but the way the figure floated, she knew it wasn’t human. It was beyond human.

“Hilary, look out the window,” boomed the order of the great glowing shape.

Frightened, yet awed, Hilary obeyed and opened the white curtain and couldn’t believe what she saw. For outside the framed window there appeared to be galaxies, solar systems, planets, and so many stars for the eye to see. And by the smallest blue dot, she could tell it was Mother Earth. She turned to the figure and at first assumed she was before an alien but then once the glowing began to fade, she realized it was more powerful and more dominate than any life form known to man.

For it was Our Father, Our Lord, Our Leader…God.

“H-how is this even possible?” quivered Hilary.

“There’s no need to feel frightened, my child,” said He.

“Am I… in…Heaven??”

“Not yet. In order to go into Heaven is if you have a relationship with Me and if you believe in Me.”

“What is this place then, if not Heaven?”

“In your world, it would be called the Waiting Room. In my Kingdom, it is simply a room, without labels, without reasons. Just a simple white room.”

“Why am I here? Where’s the others?”

“They’re waiting for you on the other side. Hilary Spart, do you or do you not believe in me?”

“Well, of course I do now!! You’re right in front of me!”

“Of course, this does not count.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you knew of me while you were alive, if you believed in me back then, that is what a true believer is. A believer believes without having to see the belief right before them. You, my dear, are not a true believer.”

“I—I am a believer!”

“Hush, now. No need to waste your breath in lies.”

“I am!”

“Alright, then. Amuse me. How can someone who labels themselves as an atheist believe in Me?”

“After having that talk with Georgia, on the last day on Earth, I just… I’ve changed my mind. I understand now that the bad things that happen…it’s not Your doing, but just the leftover sins that create imperfections like that. If Adam and Eve never ate the fruit, life would’ve been perfect.”

“So you believe in me then?”

“Yes. God almighty, yes!”

“Okay, then… Come.” God took her hand and brought her through the door.


For on the other side, it was pure, simple, modest… Godly. Everyone and I mean everyone, basked in all the different kinds of love: love for one another, love for nature, and love for God. There were no more material objects around, so therefore no more distractions. Everyone was friends with one another in perfect harmony. This Heaven was almost like Earth in many ways, except there were no sins, no diseases, no natural hazards… It was perfect; the kind of perfection through the eyes of Our Maker.


Again, I apologize in advance for those I might’ve accidently insulted while in the process of writing this. I simply wrote it because I felt inspired; the story line just…CAME to me. I can’t explain it. I hope you were entertained by this fictional piece and wish you a good day!

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on Sep. 13 2011 at 9:39 pm
Annieboo SILVER, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Some one who gets tricked is a fool. Some one who trusts is an even bigger fool. But if you get tricked and tricked again...and still trust...that's makes you the best person to know.

Its great that you chose to write about this sort of topic. Never be afraid to express your opinion and views. This was good and had the feel of it being real.

storm lily said...
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the story line is very good, but some grammar and spelling is off, I'm glad you chose to write on this topic, it feels so real.

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