Purple like the sun and its partner

September 1, 2011
She painted her toes a deep purple. They matched her velvet dress.

Leaves danced away from the trees as the October air breathed. She looked out the window as she passed, not seeing the leaves, but instead a world of blues and purples.

Flowers grew out of her bed covers and there was an inch of clear, cold, reflective water covering her floor like a rug. Colors shifted on the walls, black to simmering gold to sunny yellow. Paintings had waves like the ocean and foam like the sea. Her hair flew around her, making her look like a hollowed mermaid in the wind that sent glitter to suffuse the air. Little pieces of fire exploded by the window as the leaves passed in their oblivious state.

Her eyes were fearless and her hands were soft. She skipped and swam, seeing swans and sea gulls. Lilies floated on the water, giving off a glowing pink light. She fed eye shadow to the fish and they ate it like it was their final meal. She smiled and gave them more.

She shut her door and turned off the lights. The bursts of fire swelled, glowing and shimmering beautifully, feeding the room with their light like she had fed the fish.

The colors changed faster now, flashing and spinning, creating strange patterns and new colors no one has ever seen. They made her think of castles and skies in other worlds.

He grew out of the floor. He wasn’t damp, though he came through the water. His eyes were teal, his hair black. She ran to him and he caught her in his arms. Their skin changed color like the paint on the walls.

They sank back through the water, into the world she was from.

Buildings were inside out, pushed into the ground, which left the golden sky clear to display two brilliant purple suns.

They floated down the street to an upside down olive tree. Fire bees cried and skipped away.

They sat in the tree until the purple suns sank and rose again, and green petals fell from the sweet orange olives. They laughed until they cried like the fire bees. Her dress felt too tight.

Then she fell from the tree and back onto her purple bed covers, purple like the sun and its partner. Her floor had a soft rug, and she noticed the leaves by the window. She went to brush them off, passing the pale blue walls. She seemed oblivious to her flowerless sheets. Her purple toes dried in the single sun as she lay by the window.

No thoughts of the world with reversed buildings crossed her mind, nor did she remember the orange olive tree with the green petals that tangled in her hair. The only thing she couldn’t shake off was the face of the man who came through her floor, and the terrors he brought with him.

She hoped he would never return, but even as the thought this, a tiny bud sprouted at the foot of her bed, and the blue on the walls shifted a little bit closer to green.

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MMsunshine- This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 16, 2012 at 7:14 pm
I love the way this was written.
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