August 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Deafening sirens filled the air as they scurried downtown like a cat chasing a mouse. I had been framed for a murder I never committed, the murder of Chaimmy Hillminest; sweet 11 year old girl. I was trapped in this 6x8 rusty, old, pointless cell. No color. No fresh air. No life. For a while my life seemed meaningless until tonight.
10:30pm. Full moon. Prison guard snoring in the distance and most freaky, tattooed victims asleep. A speck of vibrant orange, no bigger than the palm of your hand, appeared and out emerged a lizard. This was no ordinary lizard; there was something strange about it. Its long, narrow muzzle attached to its slender, rainbow-colored, poke-a-dotted body. Its legs thin as toothpicks. This lizard’s tail, though, caught my eye. Stringed with shades of blue, the tail mimicked that of horses’ hair. It had a mysterious note attached to its paw. Unrolling the scroll, it read ‘The Kinnings have taken over our peaceful village and we need your help. You are our only hope. Signed, Monninis. P.s. follow the lizard.’
Was this a joke? They expect me to follow this lizard and fight for a village no one has ever heard of. Why not. Following the lizard into the portal, I entered a dull, destroyed, treacherous, suffering village. At that time a short, stubby Monninis approached. “You made it. As you can see our village was invaded by the Kinnings and we need you to destroy them. We have prepared you with a thousand Monninis army and special armor just for you.” This wasn’t fun anymore; I don’t kill. That’s when I decided to escape.
The Monninis had a huge collection of beautiful, mysterious looking dragons. One dragon called Simmy was quiet yet had badly wanted to escape; he would do anything for freedom. 5:00am, everyone’s asleep, Simmy and I crept down the narrow hall to the pastier, hoping not to make a sound, we found a halter in a locked shed. Placing it on Simmy, sirens went off, soldiers yelled, and by the time they had gotten to the location, we were out of sight.

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