The Asgardians

August 11, 2011
By Anonymous

How it began
The wind brought a fine mist of snow that seemed to blanket everything and made it impossible to look five feet in front of you. As the oblivious campers ate, wolves infested the grounds. When the campers heard all of the wolves take up a terrifying chorus of howls they barricaded the doors of the mess hall with tables and chairs.
Aaron Helten was the first to see the dark warrior. The secret but most evil servant of Loki advanced on the mess hall with a wicked, devilish and evil looking sword in one hand and a spear that looked like satins tooth pick in the other. Aaron realizing it was fight or die made spears of Knives from the joining kitchen and PVC pipes from a group of boys attempting to make lacrosse sticks. They made these and clubs out of logs that were laying by the fire.
The warrior burst through the doors with the evil spawn of Fenrir at his heels campers and counselors fought the wolves off as Aaron charged the warrior. He knocked Aaron to the side with a back hand and cackled. “Oh Odin’s Son your brother will enjoy watching you die.” Then as fast as they appeared they disappeared.
No one was hurt too bad other than a few scrapes and bruises. The few wolves’ that were killed quickly disappeared as the snow began to fall. It snowed harder and harder as the world was turned frigid and white sealing the campers in alone with no way to escape or contact the outside world.
Everyone was panicking until Aaron stepped up and took charge. “Guys whatever that thing was it’s going to be back so we need to get to work.” They started putting food and water in the big bunk house. Then he helped the campers build a tower, arming it with the best archers from the archery course. With bows from the summer shooting range the archers took the positions ready to rain arrows on the dark warrior if he was to threaten them again. With everything fortified and the campers ready to defend themselves it seemed like nobody could hurt them, especially since the camp was the only place for miles that didn’t have five feet of snow on the ground and they could move with relative ease.
But all of a sudden the feeling of confidence and invincibility was washed away when a cold wind blew and the wolves began to howl. Arrows struck down the first wave of wolves but with each wolf that died two more took its place. Aaron grabbed a bow and shot the dark warrior in the shoulder. The warrior released a screech of hatred and anger while he pulled the arrow out. He charged at Aaron, and threw his spear which caught Aaron just under armpit scratching him and pinning him down by his jacket. The warrior moved into the deliver the final blow when two ravens flew down and started pecking and clawing the warrior who screamed words that made little sense. He screamed “Odin, don’t interfere!” but the ravens didn’t relent and drove him back followed by wolves.

Aaron was in the infirmary coming in and out of consciousness due to a poison on the tip of the spear. When he finally woke he led a scouting run into the woods where he found the warrior alone. The warrior raised his sword and charged in a berserker rage. Aaron took his PVC spear and thrust out catching the warrior’s sword arm. The warrior dropped the sword and flipped around grabbed his spear and was moving forward to attack again but Aaron and the warrior’s sword were gone. He snuck away with the rest of his team taking the sword with him.
The warrior got his army of wolves and moved in on the camp. But unbeknownst to him Aaron was waiting and the two combatants started fighting. Aaron would jab with the sword and then parried a thrust of the spear. Both were of equal talent. Rain hail and snow were failing wind lashed them and lightning flashed and thunder boomed. But then all of a sudden there was a cry and everything was calm. There stood Aaron holding the sword and spear of the warrior and the warrior lying at his feet dead staining the snow a dark red.

As soon as the wolves saw this they turned on each other claws and teeth flashing until there were just a few left they all turned to Aaron and started to howl the campers charged the wolves and killed them all making the once white filled as red as a ruby.
There was a flash of light and an older man standing there. He looked like Gandalf but he had the same two ravens that had saved Aaron on his shoulders. He approached Aaron and stopped two feet away and yelled at every one present for many more appeared. He Yelled “This is my son He has authority over you all. Thor, Balder, and Skadi it’s your job to train him. Hugin, Muninn you two will stay with him and protect him. So Says the All Father, Odin! We must do what we can to protect him for there is a new prophecy. The son of Odin Neither god nor human but the spawn of both can stop Fimbulwinter and Ragnarok, our doom.”
Then all but a red beard man with a Big hammer, a Younger clean shaven man and a pale beautiful women were left alone by all but the two ravens who flew over and perched on Aarons shoulders. The Bearded man Laughed and Said “Come brother it is time for us to begin training.”


My half-brother Thor started training me in the ways of war. He took me to have a weapon forged by the dwarfs. A Powerful sword called Belysning meaning lighting. Then Thor started to train me in the uses of it. We started with Einherjar undead warriors that served the gods. We practiced thrusting parrying and slashing when I got that down I began to practice against giants and then finally me and Thor Began to spar. I was beat bloody in all of our spars. But eventually did damage here and there.

After my training with Thor my Blustery thunder god of a brother, I went to school taught by my shining brother Balder the good of goodness and light. I learned Math like if you have 10 long ships and each holds 20 people how many marauding warriors do you have. Also we went over science In the words of my brother “there is no science just the gods” oh and History again the will of the gods.

Skadi or aunt Skadi taught me how to hunt and survive in the wilderness we went on camp outs and hunting trips. I learned how to shoot a bow, kill an animal clean it and then butcher it. Also I learned how to cook. Cleaning and sharpening weapons was the worse but finally I was ready to face my brother Loki and nephew Fenrir In the final battle of the gods Ragnarok.

Me and my Friends Huginn and Muninn prepared for the final battle. We dressed in armor and grabbed Belysning. We then took the rainbow bridge to Asgard where we waited for the evil giants, the wolves and Loki along with all of Hel’s fury including the Dragon. The first attack was launched as we charged into the thick of the battle me and my friends began to push the armies of Darkness including my recently resurrected foe the dark warrior back.

We clashed again, him wanting revenge and me wanting to survive. Are swords clanged together as we fought, but finally I came around in one powerful stroke and he gave way to my blade. As he fell at my feet for a second time I finally saw my evil brother Loki approach. He was tall menacing and armed for Dragon. He came at me his sword flashing in the firer light.

It was all I could do to stop him from striking me down. Then I saw Odin move with his spear toward Loki who ducked and thrust his sword deep into the chest of our father, Odin. I then yelled a primeval yell and attacked the villain and ran him through with my sword. The battle stopped. I looked around and saw the world in chaos. Thor drowned in the spilt venom of his longtime foe the Midgar serpent who lay next to Thor’s body. Odin was also dead along with an assortment of other gods

Everyone went and bowed to Balder who called me to his side. He exclaimed “I am now the rightful heir to throne of the gods. My Brother will be my second in command along with Huginn and Muninn as our advisers. It’s time to bring in a new era of Peace!

We then surveyed the damage around us and saw the damage it would be a long hard haul for peace but we would do it.

The author's comments:
When a group of kids at a winter weekend retreat are attacked by a dark and malevolent warrior a young hero Named Aaron must step up and fight him off and save the world.

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hey mr locks thanks for the feed back i really aprciate it and can't wait to apply it

Mr. Locks said...
on Jan. 12 2012 at 10:59 am
Great start on a potentially wonderful piece of writing! Good luck with the final draft and with the magic of transferring the lightning!

Mr. Locks said...
on Jan. 12 2012 at 10:57 am
Great start on a potentially wonderful piece of writing! Good luck with the final draft and with the magic of transferring the lightning! Try writing this in 1st person. ??

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