Running through the Sand

August 9, 2011
By Ladylue BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
Ladylue BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
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I’m running. Running away to nowhere in particular. Running is pretty much 2nd nature to me (shifting is 1st and breathing is 3rd). Why? Why did I get myself into this, I think as I run throw the sand. I can hear his breathing. He’s about 30 feet behind me. I take a sharp left and run throw a small stream, wishing I had time to of put on some shoes.

I stumble on some pebbles and lose my balance. I’m up in 1.52 seconds, but it is enough time for him to gain 10 feet on me. You would think a 17 year old teenage girl can out run a 57 year old man. You’re mistaken. I take another left and he’s 15 feet behind me now.

You’re probably wondering why I’m running. Well it’s kind of a long story. But the short version is I am a shape-shifter. And the guy I’m running away from is well to put it simply, my ‘arranged’ husband to-be. My father told me a couple hours ago that I was to marry Tim (0ld man). And I thought OH HELL NO. So when I got a chance, I ran. And here we are.

So I’m guessing I’m in big trouble because my dad sent Tim after me. He’s pretty fast for his age (but I still don’t like him one bit). He’s now 7 feet behind me. And I pretty much know I’m done-for now. So I slow just a fraction of a second and he’s on top of me pushing me to the ground.

“Get off me old man,” I scream inches away from his face.

“Now Sita, you don’t want to upset your dad anymore than you already have, do you? Because you know the consequences if you do.” Tim whispers near my ear.

I stop struggling for a moment and stare him straight in the eyes. “Are you threaten me, my father would never hurt me.”

He chuckles and says “Maybe not now but if I say you did something disgraceful then he’ll think twice about it.” He says moving until his face is an inch from mine.

“You unbelievable bastard,” I spit in his face.

He only laughs again and forces his lips onto mine. “Yeah and you’ll be Mrs. Unbelievable bastard soon,” he says stand up with me still in his grasp…..

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