Teeth Prologue

August 19, 2011
By Anonymous


Devon, Texas 1999

The night sky is an obscure mixture of blackish purple and royal blue, spotted with white specks and a large light in the shape of a smile tilted from the light reflected from the sun in the west, but it’s not like the sky is standing out before me. It is partially covered by long braches of deciduous trees, their arms reaching out to each other. The night winds blew gently between the trees making the leaves hum and lift my hair, feeling the wind message my scalp like fingers.

I left the path, which seemed like forever ago. Where the grass was, it was not freshly cut but some of the ribbon shoots thrived from the bottom edges of the marble and concrete and I could hear them being crushed by the weight of my feet. It is among the others, standing in line, but I knew which was hers. It was the only one in the vicinity that was not the color of aging white, it was a stormy gray.

My feet finally stop, here, and I crouch down staring at my reflection in the marble beyond the words that were carved into it. I always come here to visit, to understand, but I never get an answer. It’s impossible since they are eternally disinclined to speak or here. I place a white lotus upon the base of the statue. Her favorite flower.

I love you.

I get up in sheer reluctance. How could you miss someone you don’t even remember, but knowing the fact she loved me so much drives my heart to pushing nothing but the opulent emotion. I walk to one of the wooden benches. You would think that I was afraid of being in such a place, any normal person would be, at night but no I find it clam, quite, peaceful tantamount to the pedestrians laying supine to the ground.

I lean my head back taking a deep taking in deep breaths.


I eyes open. It was not a loud noise but a soft thump, and sound made from a great distance.


There it goes again but this time it’s before me. I sit up.

A woman. A tall slender curvaceous woman’s back was turned to me. The wind was still but her long onyx locks moved across her back with grace and buoyancy, defying gravity. Her dress was white and backless but the loose thin silk moved as her hair.

“Do not fear me Amelia,” her voice was soft but commanding but it had a hint of a British accent.

What the – how does she now my name?

“Who are you?” I gently asked.

“That… Mia is of no concern of yours, but what comes for you will,” she walked to left placing her hand on the gray stone.


“I must warn you Mia, because you are apart of me and being part of what I am… will only bring you nothing but chaos, and desolation.”

My eyes expanded. No she isn’t – “You, you’re… Momma?” Is it really her? I have always dreamed for this to finally happen. I could finally hear her voice see what she looks like. My eyes became heavy but I held them back. I was so happy. Momma.

“Be brave Amelia, fight. You have the power. Many will come to get the sweet essence of my kin that now resonates and flows within your blood.”

I got up, “What Momma. What I’m I?” I walked to her, “Who wants me?”

Her back was still turned to me. I wanted her to face me. I wanted for so long to see her face.

“Them all.”

“Momma… look at me,” she did not.

“Protect the people you love but more importantly, protect your heart. They will not only come to claim you but also your soul and your love, for they are arduous to resist. Beware Mia,” she instructed.

“Of what?” I was almost there, nearly in reaching distance.

“There teeth,” she whispered.

“Momma,” I took her by the shoulder to turn her to me. A scream exploded into my ears just as the light combusted in all directions, heating my skin and fading to black.

The author's comments:
I really hope you like what I write!! Thanks for reading!!

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