The Glass Heart

August 17, 2011
By PlayWrite BRONZE, El Segundo, California
PlayWrite BRONZE, El Segundo, California
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I remember clearly when she came to me.
Standing by the lake, she smiled at me. I was only seven, and thought she had come to play.
"Do you want to play tag?" I asked clearly.
I remember her mouth turning into a smile at my words.
We played tag for awhile, until the sun went down. I finally noticed the time.
"I have to go," I said to her quietly. "Maybe we can play tomorrow?"
-No. - She said, her eyes looking over the lake. -We won't see each other again.-
I stared at her.
She crouched down, touching my chest lightly.
-I'm not of this world. But maybe, if you promise me something, we can see each other again.-
I smiled up at her.
She smiled the one that flickered across her face momentarily to disappear once again.
-Take this, - she handed me a glass heart. -It's extremely fragile, so please don't break it.-
"What does it mean?" I asked, confused at the object.
-You'll learn one day. Please, whatever you do, don't break my heart.-
She then disappeared, walking into the water.

Years passed, and I became older. I didn't think of the girl who had visited me from when I was younger.
But I still kept the glass heart. I saw it on my desk every morning I woke up, and every time I walked into my room.
Even though I had forgotten about her, I remembered my promise.
I handled it with the best care I could, and never dropped it.
Of course, as I got older, I started looking at girls in my class. Finally, I had the guts to go up to one and ask her out on a date.
She said yes.
After a couple months of being with her, something happened that changed my life forever.

Opening my door, I looked as I always did to see the glass heart. Except, now in its place, was a shatter of glass. I ran forward, staring at it in horror.
-You broke your promise.-
I turned to the window to see the girl. She looked the same; her pure white hair as always covered her eyes, hiding them from me.
"I don't understand! How did I break it?"
-You broke my heart.-
I saw tears rolling down her face.
-I asked you to protect it, and never break it. And you go off with another.-
"I-I'm sorry! Please, I'll fix it!"
Moving forward faster than I could see, she poked my chest, harder than those years ago.
-You can't fix it. Since you broke my heart, I will take something as retribution.-
I began feeling as if a cold air was blowing through my heart.
-You will never love. Just as I have given you my heart, I will take your heart. And break it just as you did with mine.-
And, with a wrench, I felt the place where my heart was go cold as she disappeared in a flash of light.

As I grew older, I didn't find love. Many asked me, but I always declined. I couldn't find my heart to go with them.
I was successful, but it didn't matter to me. I had money, a house, friends, but it did not matter. Nothing mattered, except to find my heart.
I remember my friends coming over once, and one pointed out something on my mantle.
"Why, do you have a glass heart put together with duct tape?"
I smiled regretfully.
"To remember my mistake forever."

The author's comments:
I enjoyed wearing pieces of jewlery that was large and dangly, and one of my necklaces had a large glass heart at the end. One day I began wondering what I would do if it broke, and decided I would duct-tape it back together again, and from that evolved this story, The Glass Heart

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