August 13, 2011
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“Now, can anybody tell me what category of cell this is...?” The teacher just droned on and on. They were never going to require this about blood cells and sex cells and such, none of them planed on being a doctor. Danny was thinking just this when the teacher called on him for the next question. The teacher passed him with a self-satisfied look on his face. Then his phone rang, it was cool the new ringtone he had; it was some ultra-sonic thing that Alex had off her big brother that teachers could not hear. He read it under the table:
‘Oops...I guess day dreaming was not the unsurpassed thing to do’-Tegan
Danny laughed and shrugged in Tegan’s direction. She gestured at the clock in return. The time was quarter to three, in fifteen minutes his group were going to Frisket Forest. It was a bright, open area home to thousands of squirrels and deer. Just next to it, there was Frisket Lake, where everyone went on a sundrenched day, just like today. A little way into the forest was their den. Just a small group of trees that were bunched close enough together to make a tree house in.
Two doors down from Danny and Tegan’s Science lab were the history rooms; in number 6, Liam and Alex were intrigued by Ms. Carters lecture about witch burning in the Middle Ages. Alex texted Liam, thanking her brother, Mike, for the ultra-sonic message-tone he had sent her that only teenagers could perceive.
‘Fifteen minutes to go!’- Alex
He answered ‘I know omg, I can’t w8!’
They looked up from their poems to the power point on witch burning. Ms. Carter was now talking about, the signs medieval people used to identify witches. “Take notes please.” There was the usual groaning and scraping of chairs and rip of Velcro as kids pulled out scruffy notebooks and just-working pens. They began scribbling down signs of witches. Things like ‘black spots and ‘being able to float whilst being tied up’ some of the signs were astonishing and gruesome. Several of the girls looked pale and shaken; however, nothing was going to be the demise of the fantastic night the group had planned. Liam sat with baited breath no longer listening to Ms. Carter, there was only ten minutes left. Across the classroom, the side with the windows, a commotion had started Liam could not see what was going on, but, Alex had perfect view. She craned her neck to see over sloth-boy Gary, and saw quite a disturbing scene a woman had on a long cloak and was carrying a broomstick- yes, a broomstick. Blinking, Alex’s marvelling was brought to an abrupt halt as Ms. Carter threatened the class that if she did not finish her talk they were staying back to complete it. This current threat immediately had everyone’s attention; it was too nice a day out, to be stuck inside listening to Ms. Carter’s voice.

The clock was creeping closer and closer, tension was rising in all the classrooms down the hall, the school was buzzing with excitement. With only half, a minute to spare Ms. Carter finished and told the class to pack up and then she would give them their homework. The class in an energized scuffle rushed to throw pens and notebooks into hastily shouldered bags.
Down the hall, Mr. Burtons Honours Biology class was no-where near done, with little more than ten seconds left he told the class to start cleaning up, with a lot of grumbling on the classes behalf and even more mumbling on Mr. Burtons part. The clean up commenced. Around them classroom doors banged and the long, usually quiet, corridors of Adam Barclay Secondary School were filled with noise. The nasal bell sounded the end of school as well as the cries of delight of the first groups to get out into the sweltering heat. At the biology windows, Alex and Liam were waving frantically trying to get Tegan and Danny’s attention. It worked, quietly under the cover of Ali McNeal breaking a glass slide, they slipped out the classroom.
“So straight to Frisket, then?” asked Tegan, as they ran to the bike sheds.
“Nope,” Adam sighed, Liam looked at him sharply, “We need supplies. Who’s got a charitable donation to buying something fizzy and cookies?” He looked hopefully at Liam.
“H*ll no, brother, I paid last time. It’s all on you.” Disgruntled, Adam agreed. They stopped at the corner shop and laden with cookies and coke started the short ride to Frisket Forest. It seemed that everyone in the small town was on their way to the Forest or lake; the small, bumpy path to the lake was crowded with the old and young. It was not long before, they arrived sweating slightly and with unashamed joy on their faces.

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