Invisible Aliens

August 12, 2011
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There once was an invisible girl who owned a flying magic carpet that talked. she used to fly around the universe on it and gaze at the stars. One day as she was flying she bumped into a flying donkey that said he haw hello there invisible little girl. So the girl and the donkey became friends and lived on the moon for a few years until one day the donkey became sick and died from space flu. Once again the invisible girl traveled the universe on her flying carpet, the carpet talked oddly enough why it liked to curse. When it did she'd wash it with soap which got it mad and the little girl got sad.

Stopped on mars the girl was when she ran into another invisible being but this one was an alien from a distant galaxy full of invisible beings like herself. She decided to travel back with the alien to be with other invisible beings like her in hopes of fitting in better. So they left the next day on a 7 day journey back to the galaxy the alien called candy-way which apparently also glowed in the dark as if it was radioactive. Later that week the girl had a problem with her magic carpet running into a glass wall that hadn't been there before. As it turned out the alien had been to this region before and advised us to be careful for glass walls appeared and disappeared very fast here.

A few hours later they were too tired to keep going so the alien got them to a hotel fast what an odd hotel the ozzy'o-space inn. You can tell they had a thing for Ozzy Osbourne by the fact it was named after him and the building structure was like his glasses. They had a train that took you on a tour of the hotel they called it the crazy train. The alien and the girl went on it for fun and boy was it a crazy train more like a crazy roller-coaster train that was themed on Ozzy. After the ride they went to there room when they opened the door it yelled “SHARON” this startled the girl but she laughed realizing what it was.

The next day they left in the morning when the desk clerk said the glass walls were getting there rest. Lucky for them the clerk was right and they exited the sector without the glass walls slowing them down like before. Within a few days they were out of the milky way but they still had another day before they reached the candy-way galaxy. The alien showed the girl the different lights coming from the galaxy's some were neon some were rainbow like each unique.
The next day the finally reached the aliens home planet where he lived in an invisible city only invisible beings like them could see. In the aliens home was a mirror for the first time the invisible girl saw her self and she discovered she looked just like the aliens, was she one of them after all and not just a strange girl? The world may never know

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