Shape Shifter part 2

July 27, 2011
By killerkatstrikesback SILVER, Houston, Texas
killerkatstrikesback SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I can’t believe it! I can shape shift. My biggest dream has come true. I have lots of things I need to take care of. I can get back on this girl that hates me and says everything that I say is a lie… hmmm I wonder what I should do to her? Eat her? No she probably would taste bad… and I don’t know if just cause I’m a tiger or anything, that I can eat what the actual animal can eat. There’s still a LOT I need to know. Like how do I turn back?
I should make a list of the questions I have… but that’s boring. And I cant answer them myself. But I think the first thing I need to do it get back at my mom. We got into this big fight about her being over protective and over expectant of me. I wanted to have this awesome party that I had been planning for years and she said no. She said no because I wanted to have it at the house, and she didn’t want a bunch of kids she didn’t know stealing stuff and breaking things. And she didn’t want me to kiss anyone… or further.
And I said that it wouldn’t be a lot of boys, since I don’t hang out with them. I’m more of a girl person. But not in that way, like hanging out and talking. But when it comes to dating… it’s the hottest of the guys that I’m after… like Jonny Depp, in Pirates of the Caribbean. But she still wouldn’t let me have it. And its not like we don’t have money. We are what the Television shows call “Filthy stinking rich.”
And then she wanted to bring up the fact that on my last report card I had a C. Well News Flash mom, I’m and A/B average student. So one C every once in a while wont hurt that bad… GOD! And she went into the whole “Your dad and I both went to Harvard. And we expect that you go there to, and if not there, then to Yale. You would do so good honey, your so bright, the brightest person I know. Well I guess the smartest little girl.” And that broke it for me. I wasn’t a kid, I hadn’t been a kid for two freaking years. I went off the deep end. And that’s how our fight started.
I start towards the door. Crap how the hell am I going to open this? I quickly think of something with opposable thumbs. And I turn into a spider money. I open the door slowly and look in the hallway to make sure no ones there. The coast is clear. I walk out and change into a Bird of Paradise. My mom is downstairs. I cant here her like I could when was a tiger. Maybe the flapping will be to loud. I turn into a Egyptian Mou, and start making my way to the west wing of the house.
I can here better. The hallways are kind of dark, but I can see better than I ever could, I guess my eyes are reflecting the light. The hallways are a deep red on the east wing of the house, but now they are grey. I remember Animal Planet saying that cats cant see red. I guess they are right. I wonder how they know this stuff.
My cat lacy walks out of her den I built her in this 5x5 room we have. She stops and hisses at me. I walk closer and she sniffs me. I hear her say “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.” Wait WHAT?! I can understand her? I am baffled. “Oh its okay, Lacy do you know I’m a cat?” I say. “You are no cat master. You are a human in a cats’ body. You have transformed.” She says sounding a little bit like DombleDor from Harry Potter. “Wait you know? Why am I like this?” I ask with a glimmer of hope. “I know who you are, I do not know why you are like this.” She says and goes back into her den.
I continue down to the stairs and walk down them, I can hear the T.V on in the great room, I think of myself and I turn back into a human. One question down, 100 million to go… I ask mom if she wants to watch a movie with my little sister. She turns around almost surprised to see me and says “Oh you scared me, I didn’t hear you come down, yes I will watch a movie with her. Tell her to meet me in the home theater.” “Alright mom ill go get her now.” I say running to her room.
“RILES! Mom wants you to watch a movie with her.” My sisters name is Riley but we call her Riles. “What movie?” she asks. Mom didn’t mention which one so I say “I don’t know, it’s a surprise dumbo. Go and watch it, Now” she runs and gets her blanket before heading down stairs.
I wait 30 minutes before turning back into a cat and going to the home theater. I navigate through the chairs to where I’m behind moms chair… I think I know how I’m going to get back at her. She is DEATHLY afraid of snakes, so I’m going to turn into a Water Moccasin and crawl up her leg. I think of it and turn into it. God its hard having no arms and legs! I crawl up the back of her chair and onto the arm rest of Riley’s chair. I plop down like its Riley’s arm and mom reaches to hold what is supposed to be a hand but is my scaly head. She touches it and looks down, screams, pushes me down and runs to the west wing of the house. This is hilarious.
I turn into a bird and fly out of the room and back to my room where I quickly change back and get my laptop. I pretend like I have no idea what happened when mom comes in my room to tell me to watch where I step cause there is a snake in the house.
I turn off my laptop and the lights and lay in bed and think of my day. I guess it turned out better than it would have. My phone vibrates with a text. I look to see who it is. And on my locked iPhone screen I see Text from 20. Wow, and that’s at 2 A.M. I guess I should go to sleep so im not tired on my birthday.
Good Night

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