The Hope of a Lost World

June 3, 2011
By Anerio_Deorma BRONZE, NULL, Washington
Anerio_Deorma BRONZE, NULL, Washington
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Favorite Quote:

“It is not the HUNTERS Unit itself that is memorable, it is the ACTIONS of the HUNTERS Unit that is.” ~ Dr. Lloyd Saetora
Note: The parts of the story that are set in 2553 are told from the POV of Lloyd Saetora. This story IS NOT written in the traditional Fable format, as I am unable to produce such a work of this Caliber in that format as I do not know how. ALSO: The lesson may be hard to find in this story, but if you A. look at the story holistically (Whet Sekteia had to go through) and B. Read the hint below, you will have no trouble. Some changes may have been made from the Original Outline.

HINT: I had to create this through a host of complications ranging from boredom, to a complete restructure with anthropomorphic animal characters, to complete computer crashes (?COMMON)

BEWARE: The next part gets pretty dry and sciency, but it is needed, you may want a dictionary, a nerd, some snacks and an aspirin on hand.

December, 15, 2557

Kruzarak, City of Rupiav

Once the dust had settled and all of the events had seemed to be played out for the time being, Dr. Lloyd Saetora settled himself across a dirty hotel room table from a reporter to tell his tale. “So, Dr. Lloyd, I take it you have prepared some kind of crackpot science experiment for us today?” A reporter asked Lloyd, the Chief scientist at the Krazoran Advancements and Technology Center. Lloyd adjusted his glasses and smirked

September, 20, 2553
Kruzarak, City of Rupiav
Krazoran Advancements and Technology Center (KATC)

“…Well. Kind of. I have done research into the idea of using animals as units in battle; the biggest problem is that you CAN’T give an animal a complex order. So I took a few Krazoranised animals found in the wild and evolved them to Third Stage according to certain simulated conditions. We Krazorans are at Fifth Stage of evolution, so they do not possess our hyper-intelligence, and keep their more primal instincts. The first I created was Sekteia, using a Void Dragon fossil found in the Kantoria crater in Sarumus. Krazorans evolved from a Void Dragon before this during a time when prey became very crafty, so we became very intelligent and lost our wings and tails. Sekteia evolves to a similar circumstance, his prey got crafty enough to hide in trees and in burrows, so his claws grew sharper, hit wit became keener, and his wings strengthened. Liru, is a Timber wolf brought over from a black-market trading facility that the Knightpolice shut down.”

“We evolved Liru under the circumstance that prey became much armored and predators were many so she became fast, very fast, and extremely precise. We even implanted Krazoran Assassin training into her mind so she can wield knives and other weapons she would otherwise just sit and stare at blankly. Prowler, the Silver Wolf, is the perfect case of variability, we evolved him in the same circumstanced Liru was, but when he woke up, he took a liking to the Internet, specifically.

Lloyd stood up and stretched, then sat back down and continued talking.
He developed a very “techie” personality and wouldn’t stop saying “Kitteh, and OVER 9000! and Trollololololo.” However, also to this, he became very intelligent, he has hacked the Glaston Aerial Knights Combat Mainframe twice….in a row… They were not pleased…” Lloyd stopped for a minute to catch his breath.

“Kai was the hardest one to capture. He is a Flare Tiger, a huge cat with huge teeth that can light itself on fire. We found him almost dead from starvation, sleeping in a Sand Dragon carcass in the Eastern Wasteland; he burned two KATC handlers almost to death. We needed to gat Tytonic BLAZE TROOPERS, that’s right FIREPROOF FLAMETHROWER SOLDIERS to bring him in. We needed not put in a simulated circumstance to evolve him, he was already perfect. Mira is an Ice Tiger that put up similar resistance. I kind of feel bad for taking her, as she had several cubs to look after, but she fit the bill and ice tigers are fairly hard to find, especially this side of the Kenro Ocean. We knew better than to just use handlers, we used Cryo Troopers this time. Completely cold-proof. She was able to turn her back and leg fur into ice and her tail into a much sharpened icicle. We evolved her with the same parameters as Kai. All of the subjects are completely conscious at this current time and the wolves and tigers have taken to each other, though the dragon seems more objective oriented and, with the instability of the DNA used from the fossil, it was impossible to create another, so he will have to go it alone, and with the war we suspect is coming up, we’ll need hardened soldiers, not lovers.”

December, 15, 2557
Kruzarak, City of Rupiav

Lloyd stopped talking finally. The reporter, half asleep managed to mutter “Yea sure Bill Nye whatever you say, just let me leave….please.” Lloyd snapped out of his science-induced trance. “OH! Yes, yes. Let me not hold you up any longer. I have observations to be taking. One of my scientists says that Sekteia is trying to pick the lock on the door.” He told the reporter in a much less nerdy tone, and walked out the door into his limousine and rolled off into the night. “But it is not the HUNTERS Unit itself that is memorable, It is the ACTIONS of the HUNTERS Unit that makes them memorable, not who or what they were. I HATE the press.” Lloyd mused.

August, 30, 2554 (Human-Krazoran War)
Planet of Roland, Centai City
Centai City Outpost
HUNTERS Unit to assist in city defense

Sekteia sat on the bench in the small sterile room he and Prowler were locked in examining his jet black armored scales that he figured out how to retract in a similar fashion to his wings. Sekteia had Six foot long jet black wings on his back, the face of an almost human entity, and light purple skin with semi-long hair and pointed ears. He clasped his clawed hand together and released it repeatedly, almost as if still trying to figure out his body. Prowler was on the internet, his blue eyes glued to the computer screen and occasionally blurting out “TROLOLOLOLOL”.
Prowler looked remarkably like you and me, like, if he didn’t have the silver fur he could pass as a human with a mutation. He had the body of a human and the ears and tail of a wolf. Sekteia looked up at Prowler laughing hysterically at whatever he was watching.
“Prowler, we’ve a green light, the doors will unlock in three seconds.” A light flicked on in the small square room, and prowler sighed “Alright dragon, you win, will get off the computer.” He replied sarcastically.

He logged off the computer and opened to door to Liru in full combat gear, her grey fur barely showing through the ballistic combat suit she was wearing. Liru looked just like Prowler, just with grey fur. Prowler just sat and stared for at least thirty seconds his eyes travelling up and down Liru’s figure. Sekteia grabbed him by the head and tossed him aside so he could walk through the door.
“You know you don’t need to throw him, he was just chekin’ me out, you know.” Liru told Sekteia.
“Actually, no, I don’t know.” Sekteia argued with a steely expression.
“I may as well be the last of my kind, so I CANT know.” Liru’s face twisted and she walked by angrily. Prowler managed to pick himself up off of the floor and hurried after her.
“I just can’t seem to understand these….others. They’re not like you and I. Well, I don’t se how that is of any consequence.” Sekteia talked to himself quietly. He started after the others after examining his claws once more. He entered a long hallway, with very bright lights and steel walls. As he walked he heard a voice.
“Well. I see you’re having some trouble there. Let me help you...Heh...Heh...” Sekteia almost fell to the ground in agony, his knees buckled and his vision blurred.
“Who….Who are you?” He yelled down the hallway, but no reply came. He got back on his clawed feet and continued forwards. After about twenty seconds of walking he entered the briefing room. It was a large circular room with doors on each end, one to the Armory and Barracks, one to the main room and the City. He sat next to Kai, who had been his friend ever since they awoke. Kai had very short, red fur with black stripes down his back, and a whiskered face with cat ears. A Lieutenant in the Krazoran Military stepped up to the front of the room.

“So, this is KATC’s secret weapon. The HUNTERS Unit. I am Lieutenant Mayora, your objectives are to assist the defense of the city inside the walls, the Armored Infantry and Armored Knights are holding the line outside, but small pockets of armed human infantry have made it into the city. Your main objective is to destroy the Toreii Augmented Unit Research Facility, or TAURF, the unit inside is too valuable to lose to Humans, therefore he must be evacuated. Then the facility destroyed, and then Rendezvous with Phoenix Squad in OSI Tower. Feel free to eliminate ANYONE who interferes with this objective, as you are a special unit under the command of the Imperium, Sekteia, I assume you’ve established your mental connection with the Emperor correct?”
Sekteia rose. “Yes, I have, though when I was in the hallway, I heard a voice, not the emperor’s voice but...” the Lieutenant cut him off.
“No time for therapy Dragon, take it up with your handler when the mission is over. Equipment has been prepared for you all, and Mira is waiting outside. Godspeed to you all, and may the Divide not block your path.”
The lieutenant stepped down and through the far door. Everyone rose and exited through the same door. They ended up in a room with several benches and a large wall of windows on the north side of the room. Prowler pressed several buttons on a keypad on the west wall; a panel flipped open, revealing four steel boxes with the names of the Unit members embossed into the front. Mira’s was already opened. Sekteia opened his to find a ballistic combat suit, a flight helmet, a Krazoran Arms Type-300, HUNTER Modification APN 17, which resembles the Human M-16 A4 and can switch to Human 5.56 mm ammunition. And 1000 rounds of 5.97 Phazite Heavy Impact, along with a communicator. He put on the black combat suit and attached the APN 17 and ammo to his back and put on his flight helmet, pocketing the Communicator.

“HEY LOOK WHAT I GOT!” Kai yelled elatedly while pulling out a massive black cylindrical rocket launcher.
He exclaimed excitedly. Liru and Prowler were much more secretive of the gear they got from the steel Christmas-boxes. They replaced the steel boxes and the panel flipped back over. They exited the building into Centai City, the biggest military population center that this galaxy had ever seen, with skyscrapers stretching almost a mile into the red sky.
Mira was waiting outside. She was wearing a Breacher’s helmet that covered her face and a Ballistic combat suit like the rest of them. She had white fur with black stripes just like Kai’s but a different main color. She had a Krazoran Arms MGL-X six-shot Grenade Launcher on her back. With a small laptop strapped to her thigh.
“You’re late.” She said jokingly. “Well, Mr. Troll over here wouldn’t get off the computer. I don’t know why you’re here so EARLY.” Sekteia rebutted with a sarcastic confidence. “Come on, we have a mission to do, if we want to make it to TAURF in time to evacuate #01 we need to get going.” Mira goaded. “#01? I don’t get it.” Prowler questioned. “It’s the designation of the subject we’re supposed to evac.” Liru answered.
Sekteia lowered his flight visor and took to the sky, while Liru and Prowler followed suit on the rooftops, with Mira and Kai travelling on the roads below. They travelled for about thirty miles to the southwestern part of the city when Liru spotted something.

“Attention all HUNTERS I have spotted a fifty man human insertion force travelling towards our position with RN-1 satellites on my HUD! Hide or engage. Your call Sekteia.” Liru transmitted to the HUNTERS units. “ALL UNITS ENGAGE HUMAN PATROL! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!”
Sekteia transmitted back. Kai broke his sprint and slid forward, with one leg in front of the other and pulled his rocket launcher out and fired into the center, the cylinder erupted into a ball of fire, and launched a flying cone of death at the Humans, who dispersed remarkably quickly. The rocket took about ten out when started Sekteia raining pain from above with his APN-17. Liru jumped down from the rooftops and cart wheeled around a soldier and broke his neck with her legs, then flipped to stab another in the base of the neck. Prowler drew a remote missile and armed it. He chucked the small cylinder into the crowd and pressed the “Secondary Activation” button, moments later it emitted a concussive wave that knocked at least three humans against walls. At this point Kai reloaded his rocket launcher and fired another shot, bringing a building down on top of five humans.

The humans recovered from the confusion and started firing back with Squad Automatic Weapons (or SAWs) Mira was nicked in the shoulder by a 5.56 round and was not amused. Her entire body grew ice armor (In a similar fashion to a Glacean I might add) and she drew her grenade launcher and blooped all of the remaining human soldiers, reloading when needed. When they were all gone, she stood, with a smirk on her face. “Ice Cat is NOT AMUSED!” She yelled at the corpses. Prowler started laughing, “TROLOLOL! I SEE WHAT SHE DID! TROLOLOLOL!”

“All units resume normal advancement to the Navpoint. We’re almost there.” Sekteia ordered. Mira’s armor retracted and they all continued on the ground toward the objective, and Toreii #01. After ten more miles of walking/running they reached the TAURF. It was a massive monolithic structure with huge pyramidical arms jutting out from the sides and top. “I’ll get the door.” Prowler said while producing a small hacker from his pocket and attached it to the huge silver reinforced doors of the building. The hacker sparked and started to freak out, then the door swung ajar and Prowler removed the hacker. “After you milady.” Prowler told Liru.

Liru walked into the dark and abandoned building, followed by the others. “This building is five stories tall and three floors, the Toreii pods are on the third floor.” Sekteia fell to the floor in agony. “SO….THERE YOU ARE……COME FOR ME HAVE YOU? LET US SEE!” He heard inside his head. His head was throbbing in pain and his entire body was shaking with every word the voice said.
“You alright?” Liru asked. “Uh…yeah.” Sekteia answered while getting back on his feet. “Yes, well not everything can be anticipated sir. WHAT!? NO I DON’T THINK THAT OF HER AT ALL!” Sekteia talked to himself. Kai hit the lights, most of them were broken, but the ones that weren’t cast a bright light into the huge room.

The room itself was full of consoles, each monitoring something different about the Toreiis. Only a few were operational, seeing as how only one Toreii remained. “This floor looks clear” Mira informed the team. “HUNTERS, Move up to floor two.” Sekteia commanded. They all moved towards the north side of the square room and Kai pressed the elevator button.

The door was embossed with the TAURF Logo, a Krazoran Imperium Spike (The large curvy thing on the Symbol above) with a symbol that resembles a Multi-winged alien with a pyramid-like head in the opening between the spikes. It took almost a full minute for the elevator to arrive, and when it did, it was very dimly lit. They all crowded into the cramped silver box, they were all a bit too tall, and Kai punched the button again. The elevator doors closed with a rusty creaking, its amazing how fast cortosis silver corrodes, considering that the evacuation was less than two days ago, and still going on today. The elevator rose even slower than it fell, with the added weight of anthropomorphic animals, this time it took THREE minutes for the elevator to reach the second floor. The doors finally opened to the second floor creaking in the same fashion as before.

The second floor was much less dim than the first, even though most of the lights were out and only three windows were opened. They all stepped to the center of the room and Prowler looked around.
“So, it looks like this floor is clear too. Maybe one of these consoles can open the way to the third floor.” He noted. There were only three terminals in this room, there were overturned tables and sealed windows though…signs of a struggle. Everyone spread out around the room, but Mira stayed where she was, as if sensing someone, or something in the building with them. Prowler was hacked into a terminal on the wall “Sir, should I seal the rest of the windows? I have a feeling that troops could assault from the roof and rappel in from the windows. Or should I just unlock floor three?” He asked. Sekteia looked over to Prowler and answered

“No, I don’t suspect that they are smart enough to assault from the roof, and even if they did, we could just escape out a window. “Right Sir” Prowler called from across the room. Kai turned around, and his ears pricked up. “MIRA GET DOWN!” He yelled to Mira, but it was too late. She fell over, and a pool of blood spread out from her head. Her eyes eternally frozen in terror. “Kai…I’m sorry.” Sekteia answered. Kai walked over to the corpse of his mate and took the Grenade Launcher and the laptop. Then arranged the corpse in a more decent fashion and closed her eyes, and clasped her hands at her chest. “Kaeoshindae tokeion mochidast.”
Kai whispered to Mira’s body. (In English that’s: I permit you to pass, as in Krazoran mythology when one dies, another, close friend (If a soldier dies for their country then they are automatically permitted to pass) must permit them to pass through the threshold that separates this plane of existence, with the one that Mira just passed into).
“COME ON! GET TO THE ELEVATOR! SNIPER! SNIPER!” Sekteia commanded loudly while running back to the elevator and madly jamming on the call button. Kai, Prowler and Liru formed up next to him and flooded into the elevator when the doors opened. Liru pressed the “Floor 3” button repeatedly while yelling “COME ON! COME ON!” The doors eventually closed and they were on their way.
The ride was much faster this time, seeing as how there was only one giant tiger in the elevator now.
The doors squeaked open to what was the most magnificent sight any of them had seen in their lives. It was a huge oval room with a big bullet-shaped pod in the center and numerous docks around it that were empty from the evacuation. “This must be #01” Sekteia said in awe. Liru and Kai were completely dumbstruck at the sight of the Krazoran floating in the pod.
It was floating in the fetal position, completely naked, and
It had a tattoo of a circle with diamonds in all the cardinal directions, with the one pointing north, pointing to the Toreii’s head, with a smaller circle inside of the larger one. “Prowler, can you unlock this thing?” Sekteia asked. “Uh, yeah I think.” Prowler responded while hooking up his mini-laptop to the pod. “Will it…wake up…. Sekteia?” Liru inquired with a shaking voice and body. “Not unless we disturb it A LOT. Toreii’s are naturally programmed to 1. Bond with their set “Handler” and 2. Set to wake up at a certain point during power development. Their powers cannot be fully unlocked until they bond with their handler, so I don’t know the Toreii’s power at this moment.” Sekteia answered matter-of-factly. Kai was pacing the room without saying a word, trying to comprehend all of the events of the past day. “Sir, I have managed to activate the hover mode on the pod.” Prowler told Sekteia. The pod deployed small wings and released from the dock.
“Kai, use your chain missile and drag the pod along behind us.” Sekteia commanded. Kai confirmed the order with a nod and shouldered his Rocket Launcher and loaded a chain-missile. He aimed straight at the pod and fired; the cylinder of the pod belching a white smoke and the chain wrapped around the pod and secured it to the launcher. “Let’s move out---wait…what was that?” Sekteia said in a startled tone.
“Its humans, they’ve trapped us. It seems they are smarter than we gave them credit for.” Prowler answered Sekteia. “You guys escape, I’ll stay behind and hold them off, and it can’t be that many.” Sekteia looked stunned and Liru was starting to tear up.
“NO PROWLER YOU CAN’T… I CAN’T LOSE TWO OF YOU IN ONE DAY!” Liru was screaming in a shaking and distraught voice. “No Liru, he’s doing this out of his love for you. He wants you to live on. He doesn’t want to lose you. Come on, the only thing were doing now is losing time.” Sekteia comforted Liru. “Alright Sir. Prowler, promise me you’ll come back alive.” Liru told them both in a slightly more comforted voice. Kai, Liru and Sekteia jumped out the window on the west side of the building, all of them landing on the pod, which landed first. Prowler entered the elevator and produced an MP4 Player and ear buds he put in his keen ears. He also pulled out dual Krazoran Arms NML-5 Sub-machine guns and a Krazoran Arms APS-95 lever action shotgun. Then he set his MP4 Player on “Shweine” by Glukoza, a Human artist he found on the Internet, just as the song hit the chorus, the doors opened and Prowler opened fire.

The rest of the team was running toward OSI Tower, the final objective they were assigned, with the pod in tow. They made it about five miles from the TAURF before it exploded. Prowler was gone, along with the self destruct charges and the evidence of the Toreii Project. “Kaeoshindae tokeion mochidast.” Liru stopped and said a final heartfelt goodbye to her mate. They made it to an abandoned house about a half-day’s run to OSI tower and set up a small living quarters in the second floor. Liru set up sentry guns on the stairs and behind the second floor door. Kai fell asleep in the corner and Sekteia sat with his back to the south wall and Liru at his side. “As much as I seemed to not like the guy, he was good nonetheless.
There are few people -let alone our kind- that know that much about technology. He was brilliant, and a bit of a troll.” Sekteia comforted Liru. “Yeah.” She responded half-heartedly. There was a silence and then Liru threw herself on top of Sekteia, crying. “He was such a good person…thing...before I couldn’t imagine life without him…but now he’s gone. Left us to the world of the sky.” She choked trough tears. Sekteia put his wings around her. “You know, if it means anything, you are the closest thing I had to a friend. The scientists called me “The heartless king” because of how I treated all of you. Now only you and Kai are left, and any of us could be next.” Sekteia told Liru. “You should get off planet, war isn’t meant for people with your heart. Here, have my identifier ring, it’ll act as your passport back to Rupiav. That’s the safest place you could be about now. Krazorans have seen stranger things than a wolf in soldier’s clothing.” Liru accepted the ring. “Have my Pistol, I don’t need it” Sekteia said while giving Liru his KATC Phazite RAPTOR Heavy Impact Variable Ammunition Repulsion Pistol. “Ask Kai to go with you, he’s suffered enough” Liru confirmed his request and fell fast asleep in Sekteia’s wings. Sekteia fell asleep soon after.

August, 31, 2554
Centai City, Roland
Two months till Roland falls to Human legions
HUNTERS Unit to rendezvous with Phoenix Squad at OSI Tower

Sekteia woke up alone. Kai and Liru had left for the evacuation transports an hour ago, Sekteia’s words got through to her, and he meant everything he had said. But HUNTERS is his show now, it is his job to link up with Phoenix Squad at the Office of Secret Intelligence Tower to the northeast. He got up and stretched out then walked around for awhile before making an MRE meal. Pot Roast, the best MRE. He placed the pot roast into the phosphorus heating packet and found a note from Liru on the wall. He picked it up and unfolded it.
It read as so: “Sekteia, Kai and I are going to the transports to Rupiav like you said. I’ll miss you and Prowler even more. But I know I’ll see you again, and if it isn’t in this plane of existence, we will most assuredly meet again in the World of the Sky. I think I’ll rejoin KATC or the Tytonic Military as a researcher. Maybe I’ll ask Dr. Lloyd to let me oversee the new HUNTERS project (If WE weren’t a failure). I’ll keep the ring you gave me to remember you by, I’ll wear it always. You’ll be in my thoughts and my heart. May the Divide not block your path. ~1st Lieutenant Liru Taya”
He folded the note back up and pocketed it in his uniform pocket and reloaded all his weapons and cleaned his APN-17. By this time his MRE was ready and he ate it. It was possibly the best MRE he had ever eaten, if not for the delicious pot roast (Which, speaking from experience, Pot roast IS the best MRE) then for the events of last night and the reminder of what little home he had back in Rupiav that the pot roast brought back. When he was done eating he stepped out onto the balcony to find the city covered in snow. It was an unusually cold day today and the white of the snow was contrasted by the buildings that were blazing in the distance. Sekteia pulled down his flight helmet and took off into the brisk cerulean sky.

He flew for about an hour before seeing the three-mile tall building known as OSI Tower (I mean HOW COULD HE NOT SEE IT) it was a huge obelisk jutting up from a multiple tiered hexagonal base. “I figure that if I fly straight up to the observation deck, then I can meet Phoenix Squad halfway.” Sekteia reasoned. He broke through one of the glass panes on the top of the observation deck head on. When he hit the floor he rolled and stood up. He gazed out the window he just broke through and saw the most beautiful sight since Liru in candlelight. A blazing city veiled in white. His keen ears picked up the sound of small arms fire in the next room and he busted through the door to find Unit 00 of Phoenix Squad on the ground with a bleeding shoulder and Human Army Commander Ryan standing above him, ready to finish him off.
“So, Emperor Krazora sends a dragon to do the work of a soldier. Leave this place, unless you want to become like your friend there.” Commander Ryan taunted Sekteia with his gun to Unit 00’s head.
Sekteia’s face twisted and his instinct took over and he charged at Ryan, knocking him over. Sekteia slapped the gun out of Ryan’s hands and he picked him up by the head and walked him over to the window. “Look…uh…..dragon…We can work something out, uh…..You…you could work for me, come to the RIGHT side the WINNING side!” Commander Ryan bargained. “Sorry, COM-MAND-ER, but I don’t turn tail and run. MY COMRADES DIDD’NT RUN AWAY! PROWLER, HE STAYED IN THE FACILITY AND CLEARED OUT THE HUMANS AND ACCOMPLISHED THE OBJECTIVE! MIRA, SHE SIMPLY WENT….RAGE MODE ON THOSE SOLDIERS! AND YOU MERCILESSLY AND COWARDLY SLAUGHTERED HER! LIKE A SICK DOG WAITING TO BE PUT OUT OF ITS MISERY! KAI IS PROBABLY CUTTING THROUGH YOUR MEN TO GET LIRU OFF PLANET RIGHT NOW! AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! I…..WILL….NEV-ER….BACK…..DOWN!” Sekteia yelled while throwing Commander Ryan out of the OSI Tower Observation Deck window.
He ran back to Unit 00 and started to bandage his wound. “I was shot by an anti-regenerator round. It won’t regenerate, or at least not in the near future.” Unit 00 explained to Sekteia. “Where is the rest of Phoenix Squad?” He asked Unit 00. He could see Unit 00’s eyes lowering through his helmet’s visor. “They are all dead. All killed in various ways by the Humans.” Unit 00 answered. His radio started beeping, “This is Colonel Entachious Bly of the Krazoran Tytonic Military, Unit 00 do you read me?” Unit 00 pulled off the radio and pressed the talk button.
“This is 00 Sir.” Unit 00 responded. The radio squawked again “Well, I hope you’re not in OSI Tower, because Toreii #01 IS AWAKE and HEADING TOWARDS YOU!” Bly said through the Radio.
Sekteia looked stunned. “00, you need to escape, Toreii #01 will obliterate you. It is MY MISSION to evacuate #01 and I’ve accomplished linking up with Phoenix Squad.” Sekteia explained to Unit 00. Unit 00 rose with a nod and started down the stairs down to the Executive Landing Pad. Sekteia turned to the window bay to see Toreii #01 floating outside. “I am #01, Judgment. You are not my handler, therefore you are my enemy.” Judgment said to Sekteia. “If I MUST fight you I WILL NOT BACK DOWN.” Sekteia yelled. “Very Well, just know this. We are the same, you and I; Just I…am more evolved. That practically makes us brothers. So let us dance….. Down the road to Oblivion, Brother.” Judgment taunted while deploying dual Annihilator Energy whips from his arms and Sekteia charged at Judgment, claw hit flesh and energy hit scale, and one of them fell… But high above the battles, a lone Krazoran Royal Defense Force helicopter flew. And in that helicopter, was Dr. Lloyd Saetora. “It seems that the HUNTERS Project was not a complete failure. They are at least tenacious and they work well as a team. Tell KATC to research another batch of HUNTERS for me will you?” Dr. Lloyd asked the scientist sitting opposite him while looking out the window to his left. The helicopter turned around and flew off into the blood red sky.

December, 15, 2557

Kruzarak, City of Rupiav

The light shone dimly through the tinted windows of Lloyd’s limo. He pulled up two glasses and filled them with Krazoran Wine. “So tell me again.” He asked while handing a glass of wine to the person opposite him. “How you came by that ring of yours.” The person smiled. It was a woman, with the ears and tail of a wolf; she was wearing a small silver ring with a large Ruby embedded into it. “That story is a bit too personal, but for you Dr. Lloyd, It started something like this, his name was Sekteia…”

Commander Ryan survived the fall from OSI tower by using a hidden parachute. Krazoran Tytonic Combat Unit Mark 1’s captured him and he was secretly judged and given a choice: Death by sword, or Public execution by Blaze Trooper…. He chose Blaze Trooper.

Judgment eventually found his handler and is currently in the direct employment of Maliwan. He is the so called “Final Boss” of the “Maliwan Games”.

Liru landed a research position at KATC and she is supervising the second HUNTERS Project. She still remembers the old team that she used to work with. She wears Sekteia’s ring as a memento still to this day.

Kai perished while escorting Liru through the western gate of the City to the Spaceport. He was overrun while Liru was boarding the evac craft.

The HUNTERS Unit has a statue outside of Centai City on Roland that describes their heroism and how, if they hadn’t intervened, Phoenix Squad’s Unit 00 would not have destroyed the Human Space Fleet.


The author's comments:
I really wanted to writa an Alien Invasion story but backwards. Humans V. Aliens, this is a standalone that I may pick up into a series later on.

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