Godling Assassination

July 22, 2011
By StarlitStranger SILVER, Delancey, New York
StarlitStranger SILVER, Delancey, New York
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"Because if it isn't 'of Doom' what's the point?"

Frenris sat next to the window, all the lights off in the otherwise empty warehouse, he was illuminated solely from the lights coming in from outside. He watched the people scurry past, like ants. Mindlessly following their wants, completely unaware of the battles that were being fought for them. Frenris idly fingered the wolf's tooth around his neck, wondering where his older brother was. The last time he heard anything about him, they said Phoenix was in California, the other side of the country. And Frenris was good with that... great in fact. He didn't want to be anywhere near the two faced b****rd. The only problem was being able to keep an eye on the troublesome godling. It was his job to keep his brother from getting into trouble. A specific amount of trouble actually. Releasing their oldest brother from the unbreakable chains that bound him and releasing him on the world, causing Ragnarok, the end. Not that stressful or anything, knowing the fate of the world was on your shoulders every second of every day just because of the people, no the gods, you happened to be born to.

Frenris found himself wishing he was a plain old ignorant human a lot. He wouldn't even be alive at the moment if that was the case though. He would be blissfully unaware of everything, less than a memory, bones less than ashes. He wished for un-existence . But that was one of the few things he couldn't have. Because he needed to protect the world from his brother, he needed to stay alive, he couldn't die or the everything else would die with him.

His head snapped up as he heard a small thunk, the sound of something hitting metal. Probably nothing, he told himself. There was enough metal to rebuild the Titanic in the large warehouse, and lots of old wooden beams to fall onto it too. But still he rubbed his thumb against the smooth pale tooth nervously with his back toward the window.

The flickering of something reflecting the little light coming from outside assured him, no it wasn't just the creaky old building, there was something alive, something moving in here. His sharp gold eyes scanned the building and he quickly found a large metal machine to hide behind, just for a second so he could think of a plan. Who knew where he was? No one, he had been wandering for awhile now, just as his brother had been. I couldn't be him, unless their father was choosing favorites again. He grit his teeth, feeling helpless and clueless and hating it. No one should be able to scare me like this, he thought to himself. I'm immortal, he added with an inward snicker. Patience, he thought to himself and crouched, his prey would come to him. Who ever was hunting him was either very stupid, brave, uninformed, or all three. What moron would challenge a godling?

A pyro, Frenris had to keep from snarling as he caught the unmistakable scent of burnt matches. He hated pyros. With his back against the block of metal, he caught the side of the moron out of the corner of his eye. Redish blonde hair and a semi-automatic clutched in one hand. An assassin by the looks of him, according to the black on black ensemble at least. Frenris grabbed his short sword and held tight, wishing he had a real sword to run through this cocky little child.

One arm wrapped around the pyros neck and Frenris squeezed, a grin on his face, he pressed the short sword into the morons' side.

"Ack!" Finnick tried to yelp, but his cry of distress came out as a choked strangled sound instead. The gun flew out of his hand as Frenris dragged him backwards. His flight or flight instincts took over, and he twisted as hard as he could, ignoring the sharp point pressed into his side, flames shooting from his hands. He heard the target gasp in pain and felt momentarily triumphant. That ended as the short sword left a bleeding line across his face.

Frenris pushed him hard against the wall, this time the point of the short sword pressed into his neck with his left hand, his right arm keeping Finnick in place, even though it was twitching a little from the burn. It hurt.

"What do you want?" he snarled.

"N-nothin'," Finnick managed, very aware of the sharp point against his skin.

"Oh really, then I guess you were using that gun to...?" Frenris asked, digging the end of his sword into the stupid pyro's shoulder, making him bleed. Finnick used the moment to duck and scurry away, throwing a fireball at Frenris' face, but he dodged easily, taking one big step forward and grabbed Finnick by his hair, pulling him back. He took a slice out of the would-be-assassin's leg, no more running for him.

"You were trying to kill me, weren't you?" he asked even though he knew it was true. Frenris dug his sword into the soft flesh of the pyro's stomach, enjoying the wince that followed.

"Ah-Ah didn' know yeh were-"

"A godling?" he finished for him, digging the sword deeper into his chest.

"No! Ah didn'," he admitted.

"Too bad," Frenris growled.

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