Unidentified Return (Prologue)

July 21, 2011
By xRenegadeHeart_ GOLD, --, California
xRenegadeHeart_ GOLD, --, California
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Was it really him? Could it /really/ be the boy she’d fallen for so many years ago?

It couldn’t be. There was no way that his soul could have traveled so far to be with her again, especially after such a long separation.

But here he was, with the same deep blue eyes and auburn-colored hair, the same spread of freckles, the same long eyelashes that made every girl swoon for him. And he had appeared, just like /that/, to a time when she had almost come close to getting over the way she’d felt about him, the memories she still carried with her.

All of this was hard to believe. He couldn’t be here, with her—it was impossible. Not even warlocks like herself had been known to reincarnate after such a long while. They could regenerate, yes, when they’d just died—but that was /right/ then. Their souls left one body and inhabited another, without a delay. As for human beings, that never happened, and /especially/ not after centuries.

Everything seemed to be falling in weird places. And the main reason for all this—this corrupted feeling?

They’d be in love, she and him—more in love than any other beings ever to exist, it seemed. The two of them spent every waking moment together from the moment they had discovered their feelings. They were inseparable.

Then had come the plague, the diseases that could wrack every human being, no matter their status in health before the sickness. Of course it hadn’t gotten to her. After all, she wasn’t human. No one knew that, though, and so she’d been forced to do nothing but stay at the side of her love, her best friend, until that awful day when she’d watched him die. She could have stopped it. She could have, and she would have if she’d never taken the oath not to interfere with the normal trials and tribulations of human lives.

The worst part about everything, though, was that she’d seen the lights leave his eyes, and been there during the tragic moments when he had been buried. She’d witnessed the doctor check his pulse to make sure he was gone completely, and done the same herself. She’d sensed that his soul had departed.

So how could he be back?

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