The Bio Bot

July 6, 2011
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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The Bio-bot part I

Science was the heart of that hulk of metal as it sulked from the factory and out into the new world known as Earth; his sensors picked up the scent of wet rain that had recently receded towards the heavens; walking out into the world, the bio-bot looked around.

His name was THS-2286, he was the new prototype from Robotics United Inc. and his mission was simple: save planet Earth from those who dare to try and destroy it, the humans.

Walking from the building and onto the street, THS-2286 scanned the barren wasteland with his blue eyes; the once majestic buildings of New York were now crumbling and dipping down, letting loose chunks of brick and dry wall into the cracked streets; the once white clouds were now a slime green and brown with a tiny dot shining through the clouds, the sun.

THS-2286 scanned the ground and patrolled towards a pile of bricks, like a soldier on the move towards his prey; rounding a corner, THS-2286 stopped; did something just move?

“Scanning,” His deep, robotic voice called out, “Scanning.”

Shifting his head over to the left very quickly, THS-2286 stared straight ahead; instantly, his scanners began to glow red: he found a human.

“Come out, human,” He called out, “Surrender yourself to us.”

The human dashed across the street with impressive speed, like a gold medalist racer in the Olympics, but THS-2286 did not pay any attention; instead, he stalked ahead, his metal hands ready to fight.

“We will find you,” He called out, “You cannot escape us.”

The human panted as she ran; carrying her small infant within her arms, she cried as the marching metal feet round the corner and began to come for her; each clink of the feet that she heard sent chills down her spine; holding her child close to her, she ducked inside of an alley before stopping, it was a dead end.

“No,” She begged, “No, no, no, please no!”

THS-2286 rounded the corner and entered the alley; spotting his victim, no…victims, he marched forward with his hands ready to put down any fighting that she would probably give to him.

“Hello, humans,” He croaked.

Marching forward, THS-2286 did not see the three men, which came up from behind and raised up the metal baseball bat; smacking the bat on the head of THS-2286, the young men suddenly back up as THS-2286 turned around and growled at them.

“You will die,” THS-2286 growled, “You will die.”

But one of the young men did not move; instead, he stepped up to THS-2286 and smiled.

“You will die,” THS-2286 repeated, grabbing the young man.

“Deactivate,” The young man shot at THS-2286, “Order 4386, commence emergency deactivation!”

THS-2286 jerked around before falling to the ground; closing his blue eyes, the last thing he saw, was the young man leaning over and grabbing at his (THS-2286)’s neck; he had been caught and captured.
Part II

THS-2286 awoke to find himself on an operating table; focusing on the objects around him, THS-2286 suddenly realized that his internal organs had been switched with…fleshy ones; this seemed strange to him as he sat up; his exoskeleton was replaced by something soft and squishy, a sort of…skin.

Yes! Skin, that’s what this was! He had tan soft skin which could wrinkle and bulge together whenever he touched it; it was all over him, this skin, it was like a coat of skin which covered every part of his body; tugging at it, he found a stinging sensation whenever he tried to pull it off, a sort of…pain!

Yes! Pain, was what he was feeling! No matter how hard he wanted to pull the skin off, he felt pain and on his skin, there became a red mark…a sore of sorts.

Rising from his operating table, THS-2286 felt a sense of dizziness come over him; staring at the mirror in front of him, he saw his brown hair, brown eyes, and pail skin on his oval shaped head.

“I’m human,” He spoke, his voice was in an English accent, “Oh my gosh.”

He gripped at his throat and looked around.

“I’m human.” He whispered.

That instant, the door flew open, a cold wet wild wind came in from the storm which was raging outside; staring out the door, THS-2286 stopped; standing directly within the threshold, was his robotic self!

Stepping in, the robot approached THS-2286, with its metal body and red eyes.

“You will die,” It chanted, “You will die.”

THS-2286 shook and held up his hand, his human hand.

“No please!” He shouted, “I just came into this world! Please, don’t!”

Part III

Ths-2286 looked at the helpless humans with his blue robotic eyes; cowering the young mother didn’t watch as THS-2286 walked off, without saying a word.

“What was that?” The young men asked, “did he hurt you?”

“No,” The young mother stated, “He didn’t.”

Night fell of the dying New York as THS-2286 walked back to his final destination, knowing of his decommission was at hand.
No thoughts entered through his head as he walked back to headquarters, the tall silver building which smelled of its newness; he didn’t see the hammer and the screw which would take him apart.
He only felt the name on his lips that he told to the other robots who passed by.
“Hello, I’m Edward…Hello, I’m Edward…Hello, I’m…”

The author's comments:
Step into someone elses shoes, for a change.

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