The Gaurdian Angels part 1

July 1, 2011
By , y-town, OH
We all are all told when we are very young that we can be whatever we want to be if we put our minds to it. Most of us do become what we want. We become archeologist, teachers, artists, forensic scientists, mechanics, managers and more. But some of us do not get to pick, our destinies are already chosen for us. Well actually I believe in fate, so I guess all of our paths are chosen, but some people believe it was their choice, when in reality it was not. But that is just me. I just go with the tracks of life.
“Can I help you?” I said, as I stood there patiently waiting for the dim witted costumer to pick what he wanted. “I want a number five, no wait a number seven, no wait, I think I want a number five. Okay and I want that WELL done, with no pickle, onion, ketchup, or lettuce. Never mind put lettuce on it.” “What kind of drink did you want with that sir?” I asked. “A Soda” , he said rudely. “What kind of soda sir?” I asked getting impatient. “A coke”, he said. As I was getting his food together I thought to myself, “how hard is it to pick a drink you moron.” That is how it goes every day, people are rude and nasty and I still serve them with a smile. “There you go sir” I said giving his food to him. “Hahahaha you’re so mean” , my sister Addison said, she was the sandwich maker. She had curly black hair and had a very dark sense of humor. “They are all fools” I said. “They make me sick.” I looked at the clock and was excited to see that it was my time to leave. “Bye Kat”, the manager Quinn said. Quinn was so nice and since she was close to my age we had a lot in common , she was more like a friend than my manager. I waved and left with Addison.
We walked home and as we were walking it started to rain, and it was not like the light rain it was the heavy drops , the fat drops that hurt .We started running and I fell in a puddle, I got on my knees as I was getting up and stared at the puddle in curiosity. The puddle was not dirty like you would expect it to be, it was crystal clear. I looked at it for a while and realized that something was appearing in the puddle. A face emerged out of the puddle, a woman’s face! She was gorgeous. She had jet black hair and purple eyes. I did not know what to do; she was coming out of the puddle!She grabbed on my arm. I pulled back and started screaming, “Addison!!!!! , Addison froze as she approached the puddle. She was in awe. The lady pulled me in the puddle, I went head first. And the woman still grabbing hold of me started crying and whispered, “I’m sorry, forgive me.” Her grasp loosed and she let go, but I did not want to let her fall. “Noooooooo!!!! I said, “Hold on, please.” Tears started dripping down my face and she fell. She was falling into darkness. As soon as I realized what had happened I was pulled back up by Addison. Addison and I sat there in the rain for an hour talking about it. We decided that it had to have been real because we both saw her; So therefore we were not crazy. But we did not know what to do, so we decided not to speak of it. We walked home and as we walked in our mother cussed us out for being late, saying clichés such as, “I was worried sick” and “I was scared to death.”
The next morning Addison drove me to school and when we arrived at the front doors. Addison looked at me and said, “Be here at two –thirty, don’t dilly dally we have work.” “Okay” I replied, I rolled my eyes and jumped out of her car. Addison is year older than me, I am seventeen, Addison is eighteen. When it was lunch I grabbed a tray and got my disgusting, dog food looking food they served. As I was walking to the table with my friends sitting at it a light flashed and I was suddenly alone in a garden full of white magnolia flowers. It was outstanding. It was so scary but peaceful, if that makes sense. A man appeared and He was so handsome, He had brown hair and blue eyes. He looked at me and smiled, a strange feeling was rushing in me, I have never met this man but I feel as if he had been gone for a long time and I was relieved to see him. Butterflies entered my stomach as he walked closer to me. He came up to me and we were only an inch apart. He was intoxicating. He smelled like adventure and strawberries mixed together. He had the clearest blue eye, that is all I really noticed. And out of nowhere I hugged him, me! and I could not believe I just did that.I never even talk to boys they make me nervous. He looked at me and hugged me back. He was so warm. He titled my head up and said “I love you.” I froze and right before I could respond, blood started emerging from his mouth and he fell to the ground. I tried to catch him and pull him up, but I was too weak. I started screaming, “HELP,HELP!!!! ”blood was on my hands from his back. Then he disappeared. I was still screaming help, until one of my friends came up to me and reassured me that everything was fine and I was back in the real world. Everyone in the cafeteria was staring at me. I was embarrassed and ran to the nurses’ office. I made up an excuse that my stomach hurt, so they let me go home. Addison picked me up and I told her what happened, she looked at me and said “I saw that but in a different view I think. I wanted to help you, but a man was holding me back.” “Wow” I said. “What is going on?”
During work a couple idiotic kids form school came up to me and mocked me screaming “HELP, HELP!!”I don’t care though in a couple months I will not have to see them ever again , I will be in college baby. After work that day we walked home again, but this time for some reason Addison insisted on going through the woods. “Why?” I asked. She said, “It’s a shortcut….I think.” “I think!” I said mocking her. I followed her because she likes to cause scenes if I do not follow her lead. As we were wondering through the woods someone stopped Addison and I. It was a very pretty, skinny woman. She had short purple hair and was wearing a sleek black outfit. She tilted her head to the side and smiled. She was creepy. She grabbed hold of me and said in a heavy Russian sounding accent, “Let’s go”. I started screaming and then Addison pushed her away with a gangster force. It was surprising because I was always the trouble maker who starts fights and says things without thinking. Addison was always the innocent quiet one. She fell to the ground, got up, brushed herself off and said, “No more playing around.” She grabbed both of us and with immense power dragged us somewhere. “ADDISON!!!”, I screamed. Then everything went black.

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