Karma For The Greedy

July 13, 2011
By vzimmerman PLATINUM, Ontario, New York
vzimmerman PLATINUM, Ontario, New York
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Here I was, in this mysterious man’s home in the dead of the night, and surrounded by a cloak of darkness. My hand pressed against my face to soothe the silence. I didn’t know where this man was but I knew exactly where the book was. It was the book that held all the answers, and this courageous man was to protect it, but I’m afraid it is no use on a thief like me. I finally had reached his library. Pouncing in the room boarded with bookshelves I glanced at my surroundings, bookshelves covered every inch of the room’s wall except for one, which was covered with a lone window. The window covered by long pale dreary curtains was my escape route. “There it is,” I said to myself filled with satisfaction. “The book is mine.”

Each book, each shelf held the answers that the human race longed for, knowledge of what us humans never witnessed truth about the past and predictions to the future. Climbing on the book shelves to reach the book was a hassle but it was worth it. As soon as the Book of Knowledge was in my grasp, the man stumbled in the library. I sprang behind his long dreary curtains within a matter of seconds, trying not to move, trying not to make a sound. All I could hear was the beating of my heart as it made the rest of the noises seem muffled. But after what seemed to be 5 minutes the man coughed, mumbled to himself then left without a word. Peeking my head out from behind the curtain I realized that it was all clear. As I began to climb the bookshelf once again, I noticed the book was at the very top. The wooden shelves were smooth and polish, making it almost impossible to climb, but I knew that this was my one opportunity so I put the struggle and the pain behind me as I continued on.

Until I saw it, it was one meaningless old book that had nothing to do with the reason I was here. It was barely a book compared to the Book Of Knowledge. It was a simple book for the simple human. The spine of the book looked broken and it looked a century old. It was hanging a tad more off the shelf then the rest, as it wobbled. The book was wobbling so much that the dust slowly fell from the off this book that seemed to never have been touched in ages. I stopped my movement as I hanged on the lone bookshelf that meant the world. This man not only protected the Book of Knowledge but now other strange books that thought for themselves. That lone book was either a warning system or really wanted me to take it as well. As much as I wanted to wander the shelves of the unknown, I needed that Book of Knowledge. All the things I would know, all the people who would come to me for help. My arm extended ever so slowly and in my hand, held the book that would make me known all over the world. The Book of Knowledge rested in the palm of my hand, the presence of the book itself seemed to be coated with power. The black cover was engraved with gold as it seemed to whisper to me, “The Book of Knowledge.” Within the slightest second of me grabbing the book, I just happened to look down on that one loose book. Dark purple mist surrounded this book that wobbled on its own. Its neighboring books seemed to just watch it die, as it fell to its death. Now curious, I observed this gifted token of the written word. Then it happened, it was the fallen book heard around the world. Thump as the book slid across the floor. Dust sprang everywhere as it lay in the center of the hard wooden floor. Then a sudden sound of footsteps seemed to echo down the hall. I flew off the shelf and hit the floor with a thud. Now running towards me with some kind of weapon, this man knew why I was here and what I came to get. Jumping around the room, and dodging the attempts the man was throwing to hit me, I gracefully picked up the unknown book. Now my bag held the Book of Knowledge and the new book that I had no idea what is capable of. Now with two books to increase my power, without thinking I darted out through the window. As glass came down like rain behind me, I noticed that in the room with the protector, I was standing near the window as the moonlight glared down upon me, this protector had seen my face, my height, everything. Coming to a complete stop after doing a James Bond roll once I reached the ground, I hopped in my car and sped away. I opened the black bag to see the ancient book with the purple mist surrounding it. “I wonder,” I thought. Taking one hand of the wheel, I slowly opened up the book and the mist flew in my face. It blinded my eyes from the actual letters from the book. Then the mist seemed to zip down my throat. This book seemed to laugh at me. I opened the book to find the cover page read, “Karma Book. The book for the greedy, it curses you for your percentage of greed.” I slammed it shut, “No,” I thought. Now I have possession of the Book of Knowledge and I’ve been cursed. Looking over to see the book laying in the passenger seat as the light poured down on it,” I did it,” I stated. I became fidgety, as I wonder what my curse was. In the rear view mirror, I saw a red pick-up truck. “Could it be the protector?” I wonder. Speeding now, I opened the Book of Knowledge and started to read just to obtain as much knowledge as I can, before it was too late, or before I get caught.

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