Daughter of Derex

June 13, 2011
By CaliAnnMariex BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
CaliAnnMariex BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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"I'm so clever, sometimes i don't even understand a word i'm saying"
"It isn't swearing if it's the truth."
"If you can't be a good example, be a warning"

So today we're off to see the "spirit seer", I don't believe she is a real seer, but Loren trusts her, and i trust him. Sort of. I meet him outside of my tent, this is his territory now. My tent is on the south bank of the river, away from all of his people. We follow the curve to the west bank. It's closer to the main camp than i like. I can see the way they look at me, like i'm some sort of demon. Who knows? maybe i am. "Now, now dear, put away those dark feelings." I hear as we stop near a bright pink tent. The only one in the whole village. Loren points to a woman waist deep in the lake, with her back to us. All i could see of her was her dark hair, hanging down her back. I glance at Loren by my side. He winks and waves me forward. I walk to the edge of the sand, water splashing against my ankles. "Loren! I'm so glad you've returned!" She says, and then she turns to me. "Who is your friend here?" She asks, looking puzzled. "I can't read her very well." She appraises me, looking from my bare feet, their deer skin tribe dress, and up to my pitch black hair. "She dresses like us, and yet, she is not one of us." Loren says nothing, just looks at me. "You're right." I say. "I'm not one of you. My name is Rex. I'm one of the Abandoned."

The author's comments:
Rex is a story i am still working on. She grows and changes as the story does, gaining new traits as well as new thoughts and feelings. Hopefully she can inspire people to grow as well.

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