A Short History of the Downfall of the Human Race

July 11, 2011
The United States, a country of technological advancement. In fact, it had advanced so far, that no one really believed, no one really knew nor took the time to learn of the dangers around this advancement.

It all began in the year 2020, with creation of the perfect human clone. Naturally, the scientific community was ecstatic. They had finally found their own way of creating completely organic life on a scale that could change the lives of the human race as everyone knew it. However, there sparked the debate of whether or not the Clones would be considered equal or whether they were just copies that could be distributed.

Eventually, nine months after the first clone was created, the government passed the Clone Segregation. Which stated that clones, were not humans, but copies. They are meant to be produced and sold. Then, five years later, a plague struck humanity. Attacking the vital organs and killing them with in twenty-four hours of contracting it. This began the Great Production; the mass production of millions upon millions of clones.

Eventually, after the harvesting of over fifty-five million clones, the plague was eradicated and both the scientific and political world agreed that cloning should stop. Until the Final War struck in 2069, this was a war between every major power in the world. The United States government thought that they shouldn't have to sacrifice real human lives, they had the next best thing: human copies.

The war seemed to be an endless battle between one countries clones and another. Until the largest distributor of the product, Clone Like Me Incorporated, created a genetically modified version of the "generic" American man brown hair: blue eyes; and the generic American woman: brown hair, green eyes. They made them stronger, faster, and more susceptible to a variety of ballistics and bullets. They were practically unstoppable. Which lead to the victory of the US and it's allied powers nearly a decade after the war began.

After this, a resurgence of the clones sparked among both business and political parties. Until eventually clones became the largest business in world. Offering both medical and governmental usage. The world seemed to be the perfect place. Until December 27, 2100 otherwise known as C-Day when congress, after nearly three years of the CRCC (Civil Rights for Clone Citizens), repealed the Clone Segregation Act and clones were given full rights as citizens of the United States. This eventually caused other countries to lead by example and eventually all clone production machines were shut down and the remaining clones were saw as citizens.

Then a startling discovery was made within the clone community. Both male and female clones were sterile and could not produce to make their own children or finally "blend in" as they called it. They demanded the clone production machines be turned back on, but the government refused and said that they are not meant to last on Earth.

This began the great Revolt in which the clones and the super clones fought against humans all around the world. They took control over the cloning factories and forced the remaining humans into a dark place underground called the Pit.

The clones, not wanting to be reminded of their human creators destroyed all the history and art made by the humans until there was nothing left to prove that the humans ever existed. And for eight decades, these two races, humans and clones, have lived in complete and utter separation. Humans had become known as the Dark Ones to the ones above the surface. This is how the human race became nothing more than a dark legend, how they had their final downfall.

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