Faith Goin Home

May 16, 2011
By BrittBratt28 BRONZE, Rogers, Arkansas
BrittBratt28 BRONZE, Rogers, Arkansas
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It has been a long time since Faith has seen her family and she was so scared that they wouldn’t understand what had happened to her…

Faith never knew what was going to happen to her when she got accepted into this group, but when she did it was too late to do anything about it. She tried to get herself out of it but her plan didn’t work, it only made them want her more…

It was a nice warm midnight, so Faith decided to go for a walk to the park, but she didn’t know where she was going to go from there. She was just going to let her feet take her away and not think about where she was going. She ran into one of her friends she hadn’t seen in a year or so, they stood there for about an hour catching up before this guy walked up to Faith’s friend, Sapphire, and asks her where she’s been.
“Damn Josh…why do you always do this, so I’m an hour late its not like I’m cheating on you or something, can’t you see that I’m just talking to one of my best friends?”Sapphire asks irritated.
“Yeah I can see that, but who is she and why don’t you ever call me when you are going to be late?”Josh replies.
“Umm, Josh did you forget that I don’t have a phone or anything to contact you with?” she asks sarcastically.
“By the way, who’s your friend? She’s kinda hot.”Josh asks.
“Oh this is my friend Faith, Faith this is my boyfriend Josh.”Sapphire introduces. Sapphire was the type of girl that always forgot to introduce people until she was about to leave.
“Nice to meet you Josh.”Faith says as she shakes his hand.
“Like wise Faith.” He replies.
Faith looks uncomfortable so Sapphire sends Josh away but not until he has made his decision. “I’m so sorry about that Faith. I didn’t mean for him to come out here and look for me.”She says apologetically. Sapphire put her arm around Faith and they continue to walk, but this time Faith knew where she was going.
“Umm, Sapphire why did Josh have a thoughtful look on his face as he walked away and the entire time I was talking to him?” Faith bravely asks.
Sapphire had been thinking about that, and didn’t realize what it ment until Faith mentioned it. “Oh s***! Faith I just realize what that means and it’s not good. Whatever you do, do not come outside after dark and do not try and find me. EVER!” Sapphire says firmly.
“Ok, I think I can do that. But what does it mean. That’s all I want to know.” Faith insists.
“It just means that you are in danger if you hang out with me anymore.,” Sapphire says, “ I have to go I’m sorry but this is the last time you are going to see me, I’m sorry. Good-bye and stay out of trouble and don’t look for me or Josh.” Sapphire hugs Faith and runs off with tears in her eyes.

As Josh walks off he gets this idea in his head that he can get Faith to agree to anything he says. He knew he had to wait until Sapphire got away from her and that it wasn’t on the same night so he made the plan that he was going to find her tomorrow night. It isn’t like him to wait to get what he wants, but he had to do it for this one occasion. And after this is done he is going to go back to his old ways.

Josh walks to the group’s hangout spot and finds out that the only one there was Brittany the leader. “Hey Brittany, I think we have someone else for the group. And she already knows two of us.” He says.

Brittany looks up at him and shakes her head. “How many times do I have to tell you that I’m the one who picks who enters the clan and who doesn’t. But since you already got this girl in mind who is it and who does she know?” she snaps.

Josh looked away from Brittany like he always did when he got in trouble with the clan leader. “The girls name is Faith, she dresses like you do and she now knows me ‘cause of Sapphire. She knew Sapphire from their childhood like I knew you from childhood. But we have to wait until tomorrow night to talk to her, and we shouldn’t let Sapphire know about this ‘cause she’ll get mad with me for suggesting this.”

Brittany looks up sharply to find out if Josh said what she thought he said. “So you do like Sapphire and care what she thinks, but you have to know that I am the leader of this clan not you.” She smiled and continued, “And I wouldn’t dream of hurting you and her’s relationship over her best friend becoming one of us.”

Josh did not like the smile that Brittany gave him and nor did he like what she said about Faith becoming one of them just to spike Sapphire. Brittany has never really liked Sapphire since I changed her. It was my doing and I didn’t tell her until Sapphire was already one of us.
“Well that was the past and hopefully we can make better designs and not screw up.” Brittany insists, and demises him.

Josh walks away thinking that if he could keep this from Sapphire she wouldn’t be that mad, but keeping things from Sapphire till the last minute only made her mad at him and he didn’t want that. “I guess I have to tell her and keep her from getting mad at me again.” He says out loud.
“Tell me what?” Sapphire says as Josh comes out of the club and walks right into her.

“Uh, nothing. Wait no I have to tell you that it would be great to have Faith in the clan.” Josh says with a hint of fear in his voice.

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