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June 17, 2011
By Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
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We all die, the end- i belive this quote clearly states life in the thinnist so if were to die and then thats they end of the story then i think we should fill it in like authors do in fiction writing
The final line of the chapter is the first line of the next chapter

I held his wrist carefully in my hand and rubbed my icy fingers over the swollen bony broken part of his appendage. He flinched and bit down on his unbroken wrist I pressed my hand as hard as i could into the broken skin and my fingers warmed. Andy relaxed and put his head on the wall as i finished healing his bone. "Molly?" I flinched as he talked in the middle of the big empty and quiet room. "Yes" i turn to look at him, my bangs falling into my face. "I'm sorry, about John." He said a tear falling down his face. John was my brother hence how i said was, he died three days ago, death may be normal, for well normal people but me and the people I surround my self are not normal nor are we what you call human, we're in a way super human with benefits. Take me for example, I can lift up a car and run next to a bullet, but I can also heal with my icy cold hands, but only I can do this others have, other abilities. Andy stood up and kissed my head. He walked back and forth in a ten foot span. "Andy, passing wont get us out of here." he looked up from messing with a chain design ring he found a year ago on the streets of Minnesota, which by the way was not where we were. Three days ago, when my brother died, we were captured and brought to this room were we were in now, I rested my head on the wall and let tears fall down my face at the thought at how I would never see my sixteen year old brother again. Just a little notice for you people out there, my people don't age we do in years but once we've grown to a certain look (we all look different and grow different so don't worry about us being all the same height and build) your stuck there. I'm stuck at the age of fourteen thus making it so can never legally drive a car or drink. Andy sits back down and raps his arms around me. I "flash" up and start banging on the walls screaming and yelling I use another one of my 'gifts' or special powers and shoot different colored flames from my hands and eyes. I scream louder and knock over a bed that was nailed to the ground. Andy was grabbing my arms already and pulling my down on the bed, crying like a baby. "Ally." I whisper into the air. Ally was another one of my people she "bumped" into the room and stared at me with red rimmed eyes. John had been her boyfriend for three years they had been planning to get married as soon as it was legal. She stood up strait and sniffled. "I've found a way out but its kind of difficult, bright side though once you get out we have a prepaid hotel room for everyone and free food, curtsy of Blaine." I nodded and opened my arms for her to join the group hug. She flashed into our hug and we cried out our loss for my brother.

Before we could finish catching up on escape plans a hiss filled the concrete walls of our barricade, i flashed up and pulled Ally with me "Go!" I screamed and she bumped out of the room. I held my breath and turned to Andy he was on the floor and the gas that filled the room filled his nostrils. I was at his side immediately and was covering his mouth and nose, but it was to late he was already asleep. I flashed around the room trying to hold my breath for as long as I could. ten minutes later the gas stopped and I fell to my knees and filled my lungs with normal air, when the door opened I fell and pretended to sleep. Three men with taser-sticks in hand walked in the room. They lifted us from the floor and covered our mouths with more gas. This I could not avoid and my mind quickly faded into sleep

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