A battle I have to fight

June 17, 2011
By Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
Lucifersangel123 BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
We all die, the end- i belive this quote clearly states life in the thinnist so if were to die and then thats they end of the story then i think we should fill it in like authors do in fiction writing
The final line of the chapter is the first line of the next chapter

The icy chill of her breath filled the air. Lena put another mint in her mouth and ran it on the top of her already icy skin. She took a deep breath and the air mixed with the mint. She giggled: "This is so weird." She bit on the icebreaker and the winter green mint sparked. Andrew opened another pack of winter green ice breakers and popped three in his mouth. "Okay, quick before the late bell rings bring down a freeze breeze." Lena popped another mint in her mouth and brought her hands up and toward her chest in a swift motion. Her wind, as she liked to say turned directions and brushed there bodies, turning the outer limps purple. Andrew opened his mouth for the breeze and gasped in a choking breath. They laughed as the late bell rang. "Crap, lets go."Andrew scooped up his bag and grabbed Lena's hand. Lena squeezed his hand tightly as Andrew zipped to class, he flitted into the room and Mrs. Vi-xor was tapping her foot. "Seats." She mumbled sharply and checked tardy on the attendants list for both of them. Lena and Andrew slumped to there seats on opposite sides of the room. "We have a beginning of the year assembly in ten minutes so for now just chat among yourselves." Lena got up from her seat and whisked over to Andrew. "Freak school. Can't believe I'm here." She breathed easily. "It is not freak school." Andrew rolled his eyes.

The author's comments:
A story idea i had i really like the begging

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