The Piper Children

June 22, 2011
the year is 3012 and like always the world is in chaos. After numerous attempts {and failures} to save humanity. The government finally accepts the help of a mysterious being. Who calls himself The Piper and agreed to help the world find peace. In exchange they must give him 1 thousand dollars as a payment. But the United Nations didn’t want just peace they wanted more. Much more. But what they didn’t remember was that everything had a price. And so the World owes 1 billion to The Piper who never forgets his deals. So when they refuse to pay the full price. It’s only obvious what happens next.
This is their story.

PreChapter of The Piper Children
Note From Authors

Dear Reader,

The following chapter was found in a deserted landfill. Inside a battered silver box , locked with a broken code activated lock. After several years of research, we have concluded that it belonged to the original Kitty Seventh-Wave. The unique spelling of the time may make it difficult to understand, but nonetheless we have published it in it’s original form with no spelling corrections. Fortunately that was the only written information we received and the remaining chapters are in correction oral form. Background sound and dialog between characters has also been included.

Sincerely, The Author{s}

Chapter 1 of The Piper Children

by MissNobody

It was dark.
We were all walk-in handinhand
A cross and over some-thin very hard.
But I wasn’t in-ter-rested w/ what was below me.
Be hind me or whose hand I was hold-in .
It was the muse-ic. W/ it everything seemed right.
" Baby , where are you? Oh, honey I’m sorry . Please come back."
And then w/ those words it was gone. The muse-ic, the beautiful muse-ic was gone. It was all gone.
" Mommy!" I stopped , every-thin stopped I wanted to go back , back home, it was safe at home . Not here. No.Not here.
’ Oh,Lord. What have I done to my baby girl? Jesus , have mercy"
“Mommy, I’m right here. Mommy don’t be mad any more. I’m sorry. Mommy!”
Then I saw it. Every-thin. The crazed swarm of bugs crawling, fly-in all around us. I ran. Because I needed to. Because I had to.
Runn-in con-tained, to the human mine, freedom, Life. Thats all we’re made for. All we needed. Humans. So simple.
I fell . Tipped over my own determination.And toes.That was when I saw it . Close-in. Two sky high doors. Shine-knee black, so much that I saw my face for the first time. Reflected above me.
Never did I see my mother’s face. But I saw His. Him. At once the muse-ic started again
He picked me up and walked me down the winde-in path. Over a shim-mer-in sur-face.
“What’s your name?”
I choked on the words,created by the a forgotten memory. Dead and struggle-in to bring life back in to it’s corpse.
There was none.
It was too late.
So he and-ser-ed for me.
" Your name is Kitty. Kitty of the SeventhWave. Never Re-member."
" Never re-member my name ?" What was the use of him tell-in me about a name I could use?
Lean-in close, his sooth-in breath brushed my ear.
" Never re-member those who you loved. They serve no use to you now."
" But-"
“No. Look at the sun. Does it forget? Never. Doe it remember? Never. Is it still powerful ? Always. Now look towards the sun, young one. Look onward, now until the day you dust”

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