The Curious Adventure of Odette and Ethan

June 12, 2011
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It had been nearly a year since it happened. I refused to talk about it but couldn’t stop thinking about it. It dried up the grass, the trees, and our lives. A single tear rolled down my cheek and for a moment I though maybe a little water could bring back the dead, but that too, dried up.
I pulled myself off of my mat on the floor and looked out the sand blasted windows a moment before dressing myself and heading out for the day.
“Odette!” Aubree called wrapping both of her tiny arms around one of mine. “Are you gonna visit today?”
Her entire family had fallen ill when it happened. Everyone had open sores on their arms that left twisted scares, Aubree’s were the worst. Ethan however had the most disturbing side effects; his once dark hair and equally dark green eyes were reduced blond and pale blue.

“Odette! I need a time.” Aubree whined, tugging more fiercely on my arm.

I kneeled down and patted her head “soon.”

She let go of me and pouted. I knew she didn’t consider ‘soon’ a time but my watch was broken and I quit caring about time a long time ago.


I approached my parents’ grave paper flowers in hand. They deserved more than that but there was only so much I could do. At least there was some grass left in the grave yard, however it was yellowing and most likely just as dead as everything else.


“Odette!” Ethan opened the door before I had a chance to knock “I’m glad you came.” He hugged me and practically tossed me on the couch next to his sister.

“All right, Odette,” he handed me two things that looked like rusted batteries, “Close your eyes and when I tell you to, shake them.”

I closed my eye and Aubree covered them as well.
“Okay, now.”
I shook them but I wasn’t exactly sure what was supposed to happen.

“Do you hear it?” he asked.
“Ethan I don’t hear anything.” He had to know I had awful hearing.

I opened my eyes there was a worn out record player in the corner. I put my ear up to it. “Music. . .” I said absentmindedly.

“Isn’t it wonderful, I think that maybe I could create larger versions of these and created maybe a weight system we could be the first survivors to have power!” He smiled, the glare from his oversized glasses hiding his eyes.

I smiled too, Ethan’s all too nerdy appearance made this moment ever more memorable.

I had dinner with their family that night. His parent’s asked me countless times to stay but I couldn’t accept.


The next morning the three of us met up at the park or at least what was left of it.
“Higher!” Aubree yelled while I pushed her on a swing.

“Odette look.” Ethan pointed at the sky.
I looked up and watched as two dark clouds raced towards us.

Maybe a little rain could bring back the dead.

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