No Escape

May 31, 2011
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You've been here before. You remember the way each warped and worn step creaked beneath your feet, each producing a slightly different note. A sort of musical instrument. A splintering melody. The distorted, threatening soundtrack that accompanied your flight. This is it… No Escape.

But this time, you're going up, going back, going mad. The awful music plays backwards. With every step you know that you will never come out alive. The haunting notes will swallow you up and carry you away. But, to where? You don’t know, you don’t want to know. All you know is that you must return. You must go back to that darkness. You were not the only one trapped there. This is it…No Escape.

47…48…49… Only a few steps more. The light that was so bright and full of life just a while ago, has turned black & comatose. You can barely see the hand in front of your face & you are reaching, touching. As you walk you question yourself. Why did I go? Why was I the one to get out & not him? This is it… No Escape

86…87…88… The passage swings open. All the light that still clings to you is instantly sucked up into the churning darkness. You take a deep breath and step forward. The wind slams the door shut. This is it… No Escape.

The old mist seeps into your mind. You begin to lose track of time. You go back, back beyond time or memory. Back when there was simply light and dark. Good and evil. For an instant (or an eternity) the light is in control, but then, just as quick, the darkness overpowers you. You hear voices and then nothing. This is it… No Escape.

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HeHasAName said...
Nov. 29, 2014 at 12:42 am
I didn't really understand this, but it was well written and gripped me to the very end.
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