May 29, 2011
By joeyannak25 BRONZE, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
joeyannak25 BRONZE, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Jenny is the only one who has ever understood me for who I am. She knows me better than I know myself partly because she made me.

“Its funny, I always feel as though you are smarter than me!” I love it when she says that.

“You’re the one who made me!” I never could say that without smiling. Most of the time I was alone. Caged like some kind of wild animal. I have never been outside the lab. Master says that I was made to destroy computers and power lines in the U.S. He tells me the U.S is pathetic and poor and that Japan could make a great come back from the earthquake last year. I don’t know how hurting the U.S would help Japan make a come back but I trust him.

“Mal!” Jenny voice came closer to my sheet covered cage. “I have a surprise for you!” The sheet flew off my cage and I saw Jenny; her long jet black hair was tied back in a hight pony tail, her blue eyes shimmered with joy. She held her hands behind her back. “I was thinking about what you said to me the other day about never seeing yourself so I got you this!” She took whatever it was from behind her back and handed it to me. It was cold. I held it by its copper handle that held up what looked like a small window and in this window was a face that looked back at me!

“It has a face?” That sounded more stupid than intended.

“Thats your face! IT’S YOU!”

His skin was pale, his eyes green and yellow, his hair was a whitish green, and weird neon sparks flew up from his body. How could this strange being be me?

“I don’t look human,” I bit my lip. I looked like some sort of alien.

“Well you’re not but I think you look handsome ether way. Do you want me to take it away?”

I hugged it.

“NO, I want it. Thanks Jenny.”

In this one window flashed my whole life. That face had been with me through thick and thin and I had been blind to it. This part of my life had been missing. It was so simple, just a face. Yet it was so odd to see it after all this time. It was like meeting a person who had been with me my whole life.

“Mal, are you ok?” She felt bad which showed clearly on her face.

I tried to smile.

“Yes, I just need to spend sometime on my own.” I looked at my face again. “We have a lot of catching up to do.” Jenny let herself smile a bit and then she walked off. I let myself sit down. “So you’re me?” The face moved with mine but said nothing. I had never noticed how much my voice sounded like a computer or automated phone message up until now. “I’m not human am I? I shook my head and so did he. “Copy cat.” I heard foot steps walk to me but I did not bother to look up - I knew who it was by the mass of the person. He weighed a maximum of 165 pounds. It was a male due to the very large shoe size, judging by the sound they made. I looked up to see the Master, his hair was black like Jenny’s and his eyes were dark and danced with mischief. They grew wide when they settled on the small window.

“MAL, where did you find THAT?!”

I dropped it and stood. Anger washed over me.

“You said I was human? why do I have green hair!?”

He swallowed hard.

“It was Jenny right? She is such a pain. I knew she would turn to the dark side sooner or later because she is crazy about you.”

I tried to grab him through the bars but he ran. I don’t know where he went or why but I did not like it. I tried to calm myself but I was so steamed. It made it worse that I was still in a cage and felt more trapped than ever. Jenny’s scream filled the lab and I sat up. Her words were hard to understand for a human but not for someone like me.

“STOP! Your hurting me! Stop please. I’m sorry. Stop, I beg of you stop!”

There was nothing I could do I was locked in and had no hope of ever getting out. “STOP HURTING HER!” That night I got no sleep; I felt alone and sad. That was when Jenny came in covered in scars.

“I can make you human.” She whispered.

I jumped up as she began to unlock my cage. “But you’re not going to like it. Are you sure you want this?”

I nodded but could not speak.

“Then come on.”

I followed her into the room were I was made and sat down on the cold metal table. She pulled out a needle and injected me with an anesthetic and it all went black. When I woke up I thought I was back in my cage feeling drained and my mouth tasted of salt. I looked around, no this was not my cage. It smelt of dirt and looked old. There was a sheet over it and I could not see outside. On the ground lay my window. I picked it up and looked at myself. I now had deep brown eyes and brown hair - I was normal. Then I heard a voice.

“You think this is funny?” It was the Master. “Well we have no use for you now and are forced to put you away. To bad you never thanked Jenny for what she did for you.”

I looked in the window I no longer saw a human I saw a selfish evil monster come alive in me. I would never see her again. “What have I done?”

The author's comments:
This was a short story for class

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on Jul. 2 2011 at 1:50 pm
__horizon133 PLATINUM, Portage, Michigan
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interesting. i don't understand how the part about Japan in the beginning ties in with the rest of the story, but besides that, well done.


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