Super MegaToilet

June 9, 2011
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Chapter 1: Birth of a Super Mega Toilet
Once there was a boy named Chuck Lee. Now Chuck Lee was not a bright kid. One day he was mad and had to use the restroom. So then he went into the restroom and clogged it up. The toilet could not be fixed. So they had to get a new toilet.
Once the new toilet got in Chuck went in to use it and the parents got worried. When Chuck got in the restroom he started to hear voices. Chuck looked everywhere but didn’t know where the voices where coming from until he looked at the toilet, but when he did a scream went off and the parents went in and Chuck was gone. The only thing there was the toilet. The parents reported Chuck missing and never found him.
Chapter 2: The Big Move
After two weeks of hearing voices in the restroom Chuck’s parents said that they are going to move away. Three weeks later they had finally moved away.
Chapter 3: Meal #2
After a couple of months of the Super Mega Toilet being hungry the house was sold to a new family. Super Mega Toilet began to get happier because he knew he would get meal #2 now. All he needs is three people then he can start to walk and become even more powerful than before. The next day the family moved into the house. Now at this time the whole family had to use the restroom. The child went first. So he went in and he then started to hear voices then blam…. Super Mega Toilet got him. After awhile of waiting the parents went in and…. he got them too!
Chapter 4: Birth of a New Toilet
After the meal he started to feel a new set of powers flowing through him. (Now he can walk.) ”Now since I am free I am going to take over the world, Ha Ha Ha!”
Chapter 5: World Takeover Plan
For two years now the Super Mega Toilet was planning and thinking about his world takeover.
Chapter 6: The Election, 2018
The Super Mega Toilet read that in two days it was the presidential Elections. So he planned some more. (Two days later presidential Elections)
The two candidates were Super Mega Toilet and George Washington. Let’s just say George Won by two votes and Super Mega Toilet was upset.
Chapter 7: The Kill
Super Mega Toilet went to say good job to George but he ate him.
Chapter 8: New New President
“Since George died somehow Super Mega Toilet is the new President of the United States.”
Chapter 9: The Peoples Plan to Kill the President
Six months of planning the people made a plan.
Chapter 10: The presidents Murder, 2020
The only two people brave enough to try to kill Super Mega Toilet was Dominique Davis and Desmond Young. So after two years of Super Mega Toilet being the President Desmond and Dominique moved in and put the plan into motion. Super Mega Toilet was in the middle of making a plan to take over Europe when Desmond and Dominique broke in and well let’s just say Desmond and Super Mega Toilet died. Desmond did not die in vain and Dominique became a legend and the next President.
The End

In Memory of
Super Mega Toilet had died thanks to Desmond Young and Dominique Davis.
Desmond had died too. Dominique became a legend and the next President.
In memory of Desmond Young and Dominique Davis, the heroes of the year of 2016.

Thank You

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