Welcome To Reach

June 9, 2011
By SweetTooth BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon, Oregon
SweetTooth BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon, Oregon
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Chapter1 Welcome to Reach

Date: 23.07.2552
Subject: Reassignment
To: (Classified) S-312

I praise you for the manner in which you’ve conducted your duties while serving BETA Team as BETA-5. You were chosen not only because of your energy, discipline, and cleverness, but also for your skill as a pilot. All of these were demonstrated during your counter-rebellion operations on planet Mamore (13.04-10.05.2552). I’m glad to have NOBLE Team back up to full strength and I look forward to having you on the team.

Urban Holland
Colonel, USW
NOBLE, Commanding Officer

You are the newest member of NOBLE Team: NOBLE-Six. You have just arrived at the NOBLE Team’s camp on planet Reach. As you walk toward the building where your new team’s at, you see a bald man in a green Spartan suit reloading his sniper rifle. He stares at you as you make your way to the building as you think (I hope I’ll get to fly one of those new Falcon helicopters that the bald guy’s sitting in). As you enter the building, you see a guy in a blue Spartan suit talking with someone via computer about a com station that just went offline. As the conversation continues you guess that the blue Spartan is the leader, and the person that he’s talking to is Holland.

While, he’s talking to Holland, you start thinking about how lucky you were to get to this point of your life. You trained at a Spartan training facility at UNSC headquarters since you were 6 years old. You were better than of the other trainees. You also were the only one of your group to survive the performance enhancement procedure that you have to survive in order to become a Spartan. And after about 18 years, your reassigned from BETA Team to NOBLE Team, only the best of the best join NOBLE Team.

Just as he finishes talking to Holland you’re about to greet him when a purple prosthetic arm stops you. You turn around to see that the arm belongs to a woman in a purple Spartan suit. “Carter.” she says to the blue Spartan, “Meet our new Six.” “This is our new Number Six?” asked a mysterious guy wearing a brown Spartan suit with a helmet that has a big skull drawn on the visor. “Why? You got a problem with that?” You say. “No, in fact I like you already.” replied the brown Spartan. “Glad to have you. I’m Carter, NOBLE-One.” says Carter, “And this is Kat, Emile, and Jorge. NOBLE-Two, Four, and Five.” Pointing to the lavender, brown, and orange colored Spartans in order,” The guy outside is Jun, NOBLE-Three.”

“Nice to meet you.” said Jorge. At the same time you think, (Wow! Jorge is big!). “You’re in luck!” said Carter, “We’re just about to go on a mission!” As you and the rest of NOBLE Team are walking to the Falcons Carter says, “You’re filling in shoes that the rest of us would rather leave unfilled! Personally, I’m just happy that NOBLE Team’s back up to full strength! By the way! I’ve read your file, even the stuff that the UNSC didn’t want me to read! I’m glad to have your skill-set, but we’re a team so no lone wolf stuff! You got it?” “Yes sir!” you reply. “Good answer!” says Carter, “Welcome to Reach!”

As you and the rest of NOBLE Team are flying to the mission site, you start to wonder. Is the mission about that com station? Is the mission going to be easy? Will you die? As you’re asking yourself these questions, you suddenly get a weird feeling that this mission will be the start of something… something big!

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