The Queen's Castle

June 9, 2011
By Larkawolfgirl GOLD, Middlebury, Indiana
Larkawolfgirl GOLD, Middlebury, Indiana
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The world is a big jumbled up mess in the void of compassion.The wind stirred around the front of the castle with a chill that would ride a man crazy.This castle, that no one had been in since the death of the Queen, two hundred years ago, stood all alone and it was lonely. So, by this time it was calling for someone, to rid it of this loneliness. But the castle had a problem, no one came close enough for the magic to reach them. So the castle stood alone forever, calling, calling, moaning in pain, and eventually it silenced. The castle's magic seeped into the earth. The castle that once had the heart of a Queen, that would last forever, now was falling apart because it had lost it's soul. The earth had finally captured the prize it had tried to seize since the Queen's death. Now the Queen really was lost. Eventually, there was no sign that the castle had ever been there.
The people forgot about both the castle and the Queen. But, the earth never forgot. It had the Queen's soul. The earth thrived from that time on. And the world became normal again.
Maybe, no one else cares enough to remember them, but I do. That's why I write this. I will remember you who are reading this and them after time ends. I will remember when there is no one left to remember. May the earth take care of your soul. May the earth thrive and live forever more.

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