The Dark One Enters

June 12, 2011
A silhouette shrouded in darkness beyond knowing slowly drifted through the hazardous blizzard of a most chilling storm. Each step leaving a mark of black ice, something even colder than the frozen waste land which this dark one walked upon. The ominous aura that veiled over this one blanketing his surroundings in darkness within a ten foot radius. Shimmering black crystals of snow flakes fell about his being, touching the pure white snow and melting as if it were too warm, yet clung to his flesh as if he were the coldest, as if he held no warmth in this blizzard and the white ocean surrounding him did.

Moving ever closer to the tavern, he left a trail of black ice in his wake. Even before he reached the door, ice began to crystallize over the wood, slowly slinking into the cracks and slithering across the floors. A large hand placed itself against the door, pushing it open with an eerie creak before this ominous being slowly stepped through the threshold with a gust of unnatural cold. Letting the door close on its own and allowing light to shine down upon him, the dark one revealed himself.

Raven black hair fell down powerful shoulders, down to shoulder blades and a few strands fell over darkened eyes. His skin held the colour of a rotting corpse, smooth and rippling with the power he held at bay within himself. This skin stretched over a spider-like frame, making him appear to be nothing but rather long limbs and bone yet powerful muscle could clearly be seen down his stomach and along his arms. About his waist hung multiple black and red tendrils that slithered and twitched about the floor as if groping around for something, anything at all still receiving nothing. That ghastly aura slowly expanding its way through the tavern, cracking through the wood and leaving an eerie feeling in its place before he took a step deeper within. Not noticing anyone right away he moved to sit near the fire though as useless as it was, his aura put it out within fractions of a second. Placing himself on the floor he sighed and closed his eyes a moment, meditating silently to himself.

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Cookieluvr said...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 1:55 pm
Pretty good. You described the guy really well. Are you going to continue it? Will you check out some of my work please?
JoPepper said...
Jun. 25, 2011 at 11:12 am
Hmmm, interesting are you making a sequel to this. Who is this character?  Very  good!!! :D
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