Forgotten Wolf Child

June 6, 2011
By Saitou BRONZE, Longford, Other
Saitou BRONZE, Longford, Other
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All the wolves’ howls were solemn. No one knew why the great wolf was upset. One young girl went into the woods one night. Some how she happened to meet the great wolf.

They talked for a moment. The talked about how the wolf had a daughter born to her that her father had taken away and who was to be one to help save all the great animals of that time. The girl went back, thinking about everything the wolf had said.

When she got home she made up her mind, when she got older she would go and help find the girl.

Chapter One

Quickly her hands flew up to catch the branch and the momentum of her running helped her to swing. She landed on the branch gracefully but wincing. The horses she could still hear coming. Quickly she climbed up high enough so they wouldn’t see her. She had to hold on tightly as the men on horses ran past her. She didn’t get down until a while after she could no longer hear them. Finally when she felt it was safe she fell out of tree whimpering in pain.

Her hand went to her leg. An arrow protruded out of the leg and about half the shaft had been broken off already. Then her hand went to her left side along her ribs. There was a deep gash and it was bleeding heavily. When she had fallen the wound had been aggravated.

She knew getting up was impossible, but if she stayed too long they would find
her. Suddenly the softer sounds of horses and people came from the way she had originally come from. Fear made her heart race. Painfully she tried to get out of sight.

“Pinn… Are you sure we are going the right way?” It was a male voice. Not too deep and still not too young.

“Yes I am sure.” This voice wasn’t human, it came out deep, guttural and animal.

A girl giggled. It was a young laugh. The injured girl nearly screamed as a branch suddenly scraped her injured leg. If they kept coming she knew there was no way for her to hide. A whimper escaped as a rock jabbed her in the side.

“Pinn! Don’t stop so quickly!” It was a male voice. The sounds of the horses stopped. She didn’t dare move for they might suddenly hear her. The deep gutteral voice replied “Someone is ahead of us… They seem to be hurt…”

The horses took off again but quicker. Suddenly she tried to move again but the rock had jabbed her deeply and wouldn’t come out.

Suddenly a large wolf came around the corner. It was beautiful with blue eyes. She looked at it shocked and it looked back at her just as surprised. Five horses came around the corner.

Three had riders, 1 male 2 females, the other horses were simply packhorses. Quickly the smallest female pulled up a bow with an arrow already notched and aimed it.

“Don’t!” A guttural voice came from the wolf that glanced back at her. She nodded lowering the bow. “Flynn…” the wolf looked at the male that she had heard the first time “help her, the wounds are bad. Mithril and Xeron,” the two females heads came up quickly to look at him, “begin to set up camp.” Everyone nodded at the wolf. The male got down and came over a little towards her. She knew how frail her body must look at that time and how pale her flesh must have been. Finally when he saw how bad her wounds were he came closer.

He knelt down and looked at the wounds. “Were you attacked by bandits?” His voice was soft as if he was trying to not scare her.

“ Yes.” Her voice had still a little of a child in it but was older as well. He nodded sadly and put his hand her injured leg.

“This is probably going to hurt.” His fingers dug into her leg and pulled the arrow out. Her hands curled up clutching the ground but not a sound escaped her.

He pulled out a bottle and put some salve on her leg then bandaged it up. Then he did the same thing with her side. By the time he was done she was nearly lucid with pain.

“Eat this it will help you sleep and heal.” He pushed the small herb past her lips and she swallowed it. He caught her as she went limp. When arranged her so he could carry her. He took her to where the girls had set up camp.

Pinn came up. His human like eyes looked at the girl worried. Finn understood what he wanted to ask.

“She should be fine. It will be a few days though.” Pinn nodded and laid down.

“Lay her next to me.” Once she seemed comfy he went out to find some new herbs. She developed a fever only an hour later. It was 3 days until it broke. Another 4 until she could eat or talk, but even after she could she really didn’t say anything. 2 weeks later she was well and nearly fully healed already as she sat by he tree watching the sky. The young man, Flynn, knelt next to her.

“What are you looking at?” His voice was still soft as if he might scare her.

“The sky. It is peaceful.” He looked at her shocked. She simply smiled at him. “Flynn… why is Pinn always so watchful of me?” She had come to call Flynn a good friend.

He sighed. “We all are on a mission. To find the great wolf’s missing child. I have been meaning to ask you your name you haven’t told any of us.” Her eyes glanced at him quickly then away.

“My name is Fallon Daine Bradhair.” She was blushing.

Suddenly Pinn was next to them. His eyes were bright. “Do you have any family?”
“No, I have been alone for as long as I can remember,” Suddenly Flynn had a feeling what Pinn was trying to get out.

“is the one we have been looking for,” His voice was quiet and shocked. Fallon looked just as shocked. She was standing and backing away.

“Please sit down and stop backing away.” Finally she sat own. For three hours Pinn talked to her. He was trying to get her to understand and accept the truth of what they were telling her. At times they yelled at each other. Flynn watched a little ways off.

For the next two days she would hardly speak, eat or drink, she hardly even moved. But often her gaze traveled over to the others sometimes sadly, sometimes thoughtful. Mostly she just looked at the landscape around them. The day they were moving out she talked finally. But wouldn’t speak to Pinn. They took packs off one of the extra horses for her to ride.
“Thank you.” She climbed onto the horse wincing a little bit. Flynn watched her sadly. Mithril, the youngest female, glanced at Flynn then too Fallon and glared angrily.

They took off. Xeron has her hair pinned gracefully to her head. Fallon had hers in a delicate braid. Mithril has her shorter black hair pinned, but not as gracefully as Xeron. While Flynn only has his short hair combed.

The road that day was quiet and they saw a few animals but most quickly scurried away. That night they came to stop under a large willow tree next to a peaceful stream. Everyone ate quickly and went right to bed, worn out from that days long traveling.

When they woke up they all set to work to get ready to head out and quickly. Pinn could smell hunters nearby and wanted to get out of there as quickly as they could. By noon they had traveled many miles in complete silence. Fallon finally got to the point that she couldn’t take it any more, she dug in the small pack that she always carried on her hip, drawing out a small flute. It was shining, but clearly neither metal nor wood. She put it to her lips and began a beautiful song. Riding the whole time not even showing a hint of falling off or breaking the song.

The others in the group looked at her amazed and soon Xeron started to sing when Fallon came to a song she knew. They all went on that whole day happily listening to music.

When they camped for the night everyone was smiling, laughing, and were a lot more openly expressing with their feelings. Even the young Mithril was happy and even told Fallon goodnight for once.

The next day they went out and they all jested with each other. Again nothing much happened. But when they camped for the night the real fun would start…
Chapter 2

Fallon sat up suddenly in the night. She had fallen asleep a long time ago and had been sleeping soundly when suddenly there was a nearly silent snap of wood. She quickly grabbed her small katana and stood up looking around. The others still slept on. Quickly she walked the perimeter of camp until she went outside of the barrier to see if there was anyone out there. The moment she stepped out the waves of strange feelings hit her, causing her to double over.

Somewhere ahead of her there was a large, angry, creature, and it seemed to be hurt. She could tell from the loud bangs and shouts that came from the area but they weren’t quiet human and there was only one yelling. Also there were marks on many of the trees’ some new and some rather old.

She headed off quickly and soon came to a young elk. It may have been young but it was still very very large. Too large for any ordinary elk, so you must be the young spirit that has been in these woods. Did you get caught? She thought silently to herself. She came forward the elk looked at her untrustingly. “Don’t worry, I wont hurt you.” The elk trusted her and stayed still, quickly noting every rock in her way she set to work to free the young one. The sun had come up by the time she was done, and the elk was very grateful to her for helping him.

“In return for what you have done, take this.” He bent his head and on one of his antlers was a beautiful red and green stone. “This will keep you safe and protect you always. It is my gift to you, and any time you come into my woods the creatures will not attack you and you will always find comfort, safety and food. And I will give you a boon only the greater spirits may give. The boon of tongues.” She bowed low, and then, as she bowed, he blew on her softly. She bowed again and gave her thanks before returning to the camp.

The group went out and the next few days were the same as before just no more incidents happened, she thankfully didn’t find another spirit to help or did bandits follow them, and no one asked about her showing up in the middle of breaking camp. Once the pack horse almost fell off a cliff but suddenly a large buck had come out of the woods and helped to save it. Everyone knew for sure what she had told them had really happened, they now truly believed her with no doubts.

Finally the group came to a beautiful village at the base of a large mountain.

Xeron, Pinn, Flynn and Mithril seemed very happy to see it, except for Fallon. They forced the horses the rest of the way. People had gathered and cheered at the returning.

Fallon pulled her hood up quickly so no one would see her, she also tried to stay back. But of course some kids came up poking her.
Flynn noticed and hurried over. “Leave her alone!” he shouted and they ran off giggling. He smiled apologetically. “ I am sorry ab-“ An old man came up and his voice boomed

“Who is this outsider?!” Everyone had gone quiet and looked over.

“Father this is-“

“Fallon Daine Bradhair.” Quickly she came forward and bowed to the man.

He didn’t look very happy with her. “Why have you brought an outsider like this??”

Pinn quickly came forward, “She is the Great Wolf’s daughter.” The man looked at him shocked them back to Fallon.

“Are you sure?” He nodded and the old man suddenly walked off yelling things. His tone was angry and Fallon could tell it was because she was there. Many people tried to get out of his sight but most failed at it. She could only make out a few words, “Get the horn ready!” or “Make sure that the food is locked up!”
Fallon was led into a shed with a bedroll, food and water then left alone. Once alone she sat down quickly. Her small hands shook and she knew that there was something here she was connected with. Her whole life she have never felt anything so strong.

A loud howl filled the air suddenly and her heart felt a strong tug.

There was a quick knock and the man didn’t wait for an answer. “Quickly, the wolves are here to see you.” She went outside quickly.

Outside everyone was gathered but all moved aside as she walked past. She saw Flynn, Xeron, and Mithril all standing together. The man led her to the edge of the small village.

Hundred of wolves were there. But what caught her was the huge wolf closer to the woods. It was at least as tall as a 2-story building.

The great wolf came forward and the man who had come for her, but Fallon’s feet were rooted to the spot. The wolf’s head came down and the large nose began to sniff her slowly. Her eyes grew wide making Fallon suddenly think, they look so human.

“You smell of the wolves… Fallon Daine Bradhair… my daughter…”
She looked at the large wolf shocked, but knew in her heart it was true.

“Sentrala Daine Bradhair… the Great Wolf… my mother…” Her voice was soft and a little fear showed in it. She had no idea where the name came from but just somewhere inside she knew it, and that thought scared her.

Everyone was looking at them a little worried. Pinn came up to them slowly and then bowed a wolfish bow to them both.

“Great Leader the humans are on edge… Perhaps if you change into your human form they be at ease a little more and then perhaps we can talk with them.” Sentrala looked down to Pinn who looked so small next to her. She nodded and suddenly there was a breeze so fierce it caused everyone to have to shield their eyes. When it died down in the place that had once stood the great wolf was a woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties and a green dress billowed softly around her.

Her and Fallon began to walk back to the village and the people slowly so as not to alarm anyone. Pinn was the only other wolf that followed and the rest left into the forest knowing that their leader was in good paws.

Sentrala took the man that had been yelling before aside and talked to him quietly. When he came back everyone knew that the two were okay and were welcomed. Everyone gathered around them and began trying to ask Fallon and Sentrala all kinds of questions. Flynn noticed her discomfort and got her out of the crowd making up some excuses.

“Thank you.” Her voice was soft and she didn’t dare meet his eyes. His hand suddenly was on her chin pulling up her face lightly and suddenly he was kissing her. At first Fallon was shocked then wrapped her arms around his neck. When the kiss broke they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled happily.

From the street the only one that saw was Sentrala and she felt very sorry for she knew her daughters journey was just beginning.

The author's comments:
Warning i am still trying to get all the little quirks fixed so hope that it is ok and if you have any suggestions for me please feel free to tell me thank you!!!

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