Phil The Flying Llama

June 1, 2011
By , Mattawan, MI
It was a blazing hot summer day with no clouds in sight; just an open field and a very special flying llama named Phil. The sun was at it's highest point. It was so bright that if you were outside, you would only be able to see if your eyes were squinted. The only way you wouldn't get sunburned is if you used a whole bottle of sunscreen. All of the other llamas were in a different field with incredible food and drinks, but not Phil. Phil has never had any friends; nobody has ever wanted to be his friend. He thinks that's because something is wrong with him, but it's the exact opposite. Phil also thinks he's the only llama that can fly. He's wrong about that too, but he just doesn't know it yet.

Phil was absolutely fed up with not being treated like a regular llama. He got a long running start, leaped into the air, and started flying. He wanted to find a nice, calming, beautiful waterfall to spend his life at. Phil doesn't know why, but he really likes water. He was really dirty too, so a waterfall would be great for his hydration and cleanness. On his way to the waterfall, he ran into a llama named Shep. Shep could fly too; he was so happy that he found another llama just like him. Shep really wanted to play a game called tag. “I would love to! But I don't know how,” said Phil. “Oh it's easy! Replied Shep.” So Shep explained the game to him, in fact, he taught him a whole bunch of games. They played until the moon was high in the sky with five billion stars around it. They ended up spending the night at the waterfall, cleaning each other, and finally went to sleep around two o'clock.

The next morning, they decided to explore and see what treasures they could find. They ended up finding a long train track. The track looked like it was never ending; however, a never ending train track would be impossible. They searched for so long that they had to lay down and rest for a while, until they saw a train. There was something different about that train, but they couldn't put their hoves on it. Then it hit them like a pound of bricks, “It's not moving! They said in unison. Let's go and help out!” As they got lower, they realized that the train was not on the tracks. They lifted, and lifted, and lifted until they couldn't possibly lift anymore. “I'll handle this,” Shep says as he whipped out two cans of spinach. They both gobbled down a can of spinach. They felt like they were superheros just waiting to help someone or something. Phil and Shep hoisted the train up as if it weighed absolutely nothing and put it correctly on the tracks. The train raced along the the tracks like it was before. Phil and Shep are so happy that they got to help! It felt incredible!

Phil and Shep became the best of friends. They did everything that llamas could possibly imagine doing. And they had the best time doing it. They wondered what life would be like if they didn't meet each other. Then they stopped thinking about living without each other because they didn't even like the thought of that. They lived a long and very happy life together at the waterfall.

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