Elegant Red

May 31, 2011
By jiiyoungee BRONZE, Coquitlam, Other
jiiyoungee BRONZE, Coquitlam, Other
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A red egg sits in the middle of a barren field, covered with dead grass. Years and centuries go by; the egg finally begins to hatch. Out flies millions of birds of paradise, all pulling at one strand of red silk. Like laser, a beam of red shines out of the cracks and aligns with the moon, temporarily stopping time. A girl, as all the red eggs have been, floats into the air, dressed in only the ribbon that had carried her out of her hiding place. Wings, twice her size sprout out of her back and hold her up as the delicate cloth caresses her petit frame. Time is set in motion again and her eyelids flash open, revealing irises that seem to have golden dust swirling inside. She walks down an invisible flight of stairs and gasps at the contact with the ground. Where she has stepped, the grass immediately comes to life, leaving patches of green in the plain yellow fields. Her movements, so elegant, makes Mother Nature hold her breath at the sight. A deadly creature. It walks in a straight path, darting around; back and forth, back and forth. She unravels her wings to their full extent and lifts off into the sky disappearing into the cool mist of the night.

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