Moment of Freedom

May 25, 2011
By SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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The corners of her lips turned upward into a small smile. Her emerald irises brightened as she opened her window. A cool breeze caressed her dark curls and she smiled wider, dimples appearing on each of her sun kissed cheeks. Alixia closed her eyes and a content sigh escaped her plush lips as the flutes began to sound. A branch broke below and she quickly looked down from her spot on the window’s ledge. A flash of a small ball of light caught her attention and again her eyes brightened.

Alixia looked behind her at her pale room and frowned slightly. If she went forward she could never return. Would her family miss her? A tear escaped her eye and she wiped it off angrily. She doubted it. Alixia turned her attention back to the flashing light and in one swift movement she leaped from the window ledge. She soared into the air as time slowed down. She spread her body out, loving the feeling of being free.

The earth’s surface neared her and she leaned forward. Her body flipped and she landed on the ground gracefully. The tiny ball of light giggled and neared her. As it came closer she smiled and stroked the fairies tiny wings gently. The little fairy grinned at her as her pale color turned into a vibrant orange symbolizing happiness. The fairy took her finger into her tiny hands and pulled her toward her destination. Alixia smiled and allowed the fairy to tug her towards the forest behind her home. The dancing of the wind caused Alixia’s long dark curls to flow behind her as her forest green dress did.

She looked to the sky and smiled at the twinkling stars above her. She looked back down and warmth spread through her. A bright fire was burning up ahead. A flowing streak of colors came towards her as fairies flew down to place a beautiful flowery wreath on her head. The music was louder now and she could feel it flow through her body. She heard laughter and felt love as she strode into the forest clearing.

Alixia’s eyes took it all in, from the streams of lights thrown beautifully over the vibrant green trees, to the large table filled with food of every kinds and finally to the creatures that danced around. She smiled at the multicolored fairies flying around freely. She smiled at the elves that danced their beauty and gracefulness captivating her. She smiled at the tree nymphs, with their leaf filled hair and bright skin. It was if they were trees themselves.

One nymph smiled at Alixia and she glided over there with a smile on her face. The nymph grabbed her hand and swung her around and around until they entered the elves’ dance. Alixia twirled and danced as if she were and elf herself. She was no longer dancing with just the nymph she was now dancing with all of them. She was dancing with the stars, the earth, even the wind. She raised her arms and closed her eyes. She felt the music inside her and let it guide her feet. At the moment, she was free and nothing would change that.

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