Project Chimera

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Fiction/ number 39
Log entry: 1,027
August 7, 2012

After the recent failures of project homunculus I can’t help but to feel our research has hit a dead end. Due to this we have been forced to take a government contract that could end all our hard work and switching our research of creating life to fusing animals to make a B.O.W ,a bio organic weapon. I feel like something is wrong with the high demands that the government are making but for now all I can do is follow orders.

End of log: Professor Gordon

The daylight slowly withers away as I walk to my nightshift. I would have normally taken a cab but the protests at the building have gotten out of hand. So I got to make the trip on foot. Anyway I don’t really mind. I grew kind of curious of what the protesters (or “naysayers” as my coworkers call them) had to say. I’ve listened to some naysayers before but it was a bunch of nonsense about how we are playing god. I got to the fenced off entrance of the building while dodging questions and shoes from the protesters. As I got to the glass door a naysayer ran up to me with a angered face. He was shorter than me (which was surprising) and had a hood covering his face and said “you monster! How can you work for such a horrible cause!” I watched as he took out a knife from his pocket but before he could strike me I pushed him back with all my strength and called security. As he got tazed by the body guards outside the building, I passed through the door. The inside of the building would have fooled anyone the think it was a doctor’s office. There was a reception desk with the main terminal, cheap carpeting, colorless walls, and a fake plant here and there. ”oh Scoville I didn’t see you there”. I almost screamed like a little girl as Wolfstan started speaking to me. Even though he was only twenty seven has face looked like he had seen too much of life. His hair was messy and his skin was so pale as if he had been working too much. “Come on lets not keep Professor Gordon waiting. You know how the old man acts if were late” said Wolfstan. We walk over to the get my lab coat and miss the elevator. ”oh god I hate waiting for the elevator. So I saw how you knocked back that guy, your pretty strong. It was hilarious how that naysayer got tazed, those idiots don’t know when to give up!” said Wolfstan. “Anyway you’re lucky that rat got fired and you could take his place Scoville. Then he told the media about project chimera! Now we got those crazy protesters outside the building.” said Wolfstan. ting! I hear the elevator open its doors. We get in and press floor 776 then the metallic doors close and starts moving down. “Hey Wolfstan, why do you think they made the facility underground?” I say. There’s a long silence and then he finally responds. “I’m not sure but I think it was to keep any deadly creatures that we make away from citizens” said Wolfstan. I didn’t expect that answer but it did make sense. The elevator gained speed and finally stopped. We step out and see professor Gordon at the end of the hall with his arms crossed. We hurry toward him. “Your late” he said with a frown. “Sorry professor”. We walk into the lab where there were giant tubes that held failed chimeras. If you looked closely you could see that some were still alive but were considered failures by the government because they would not fight other animals. Despite what that the government says Gordon always had a soft spot for animals so he try’s to keeps all his creations. “I have some good news. I have found the perfect way to create the B.O.W but it’s very dangerous. That’s why I need you two, it’s a hard task; Are you gentlemen ready?” We both nod.” Alright then follow me”. He takes us to the back of the lab where on the floor is a black marker and three cages with a snake, a ram, and a lion. “Wolfstan, mark the cages as specimen 354 and Scoville, take the cages over to me when Wolfstan is done.” Wolfstan picks up the marker and gets to work. I look around the room and see thousands of books and papers thrown everywhere. What was Gordon planning? Something dangerous? As soon as Wolfstan finishes I take the cages over to Gordon who is standing by a large metallic box. “Thank you Scoville now stand back”. I do what I’m told and get away. Gordon puts all three cages into the box and turns some knobs and buttons. The box suddenly starts shaking wildly and I hear the animals shrieking. “Oh no! This is bad! It’s mutating.” Gordon said as he sees green lights flashing from the inside. Stand backs you two!” He said. “Scoville! Go get the briefcase that’s on my desk and bring it here!” I run to the desk and snatch the case. I run back and hand them the briefcase. He opens it quickly and pulls out what looks like a shot. “What is that?” I ask. “That’s a siren! I’ve read about those! They give you a special power but they got banned from America because if you used more than one in 24 hours you would die.” said Wolfstan. The loud bangs and green flashes stop completely. Then a the door of the box bursts open and a creature races to me at lightning speed and knocks me back hard. I can’t see anything for a second and then regain my senses. “Gordon no!” I yell as I see him injecting two shots into his wrists. Gordon howls in pain and then gets ready to attack. Gordon stretches out his hands and makes thousands of books fly out of the shelf and shoot at the creature.” Is that…a chimera?” Wolfstan said in awe. The chimera easily dodges them and hits Gordon in the leg. Gordon falls to the floor but before the chimera could attack again he pushed it back with gale winds. It smashes into a test tube and I finally got a glimpse of the chimera. It had the body and head of a lion, a snake as a tail, and a ram head. It looked like it was hurt but it was determined to win the battle. Gordon was in bad shape and Wolfstan was trying to reach the briefcase. “Hey Scoville! Catch!” Wolfstan said with a shaky voice. He threw me a siren and I barely caught it. Wolfstan kept one to and stabbed his wrists with no hesitations. He then fell on the floor holding his arm in pain. When he got up his hand had electricity running through it. “Take this you creature from hell!” he yelled. A lightning bolt shot out of his hands to the chimera. It stopped it from moving for a second but just got back up. ”Scoville! Take the siren!” Gordon said. I hesitated for a moment. I closed my eyes and put it in my veins. “Oh god!” I yell as I feel the pain. It was like getting hit by a truck but got back up and saw my hand was on fire. It didn’t hurt but it was disturbing to see my hand burning. This time “we kill it for good. Guys hit it at the same time.” I say. The chimera didn’t look like it was tired. ”Now!” I yell. I shoot out a flame as strong as flamethrowers while all three of us use our powers. Our powers engulf it and make a bright light fall upon it. The light stops and the chimera fall to the ground. ”When you fuse siren powers it makes at bright light that can stop anything” Gordon said. “And now its time for me to go. Just finish project homunculus for me. By friends.” said Gordon as he passes away. ***After the incident me and Wolfstan quit our jobs and destroyed the lab. We promised to finish project homunculus, to create life and maybe bring life back, and so we did.

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