May 25, 2011
By Kimmichan BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Kimmichan BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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6:30am. I knew I was going to be late. I had missed the bus. Might as well drive to school in dad’s rusty truck. I got dressed in my gray sweatpants and my Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt. I don’t really know if I like the Pittsburgh Steelers or not, I just collect shirts from different football and baseball teams because I just think they’re cool looking. I throw the bread in the toaster, pour some milk in my glass and chug it down. I pop the bread out. 10 seconds. That’s good enough. I’m the kind of girl who’s pretty impatient. I stuff the bread in my mouth, run out the door and start the engine. 6:50am. I still have time. I back out of the driveway and took a bumpy landing on to the road. I look up at the dull sky. I sighed. Well, I guess that’s how Seattle has always been. Great, the parking lot was full. 6:58am. It took me five minutes to find a spot. I was late for class… again. I ran into school and passed by some ditchers on the way to class. I looked through the door window and saw Ms.Gregurn writing something on the board. I opened up the door and closed it quietly tip toeing to my seat.
“Ms.Cartrit,” I paused at Ms.Gregurn’s voice, “You’re late, again, third time this week.”
I walked to my seat and saw her write something in her notebook. I noticed my seat was taken by Karen; my best friend’s new best friend.
“Why don’t you sit next to our new student, Mr.Ranson.”
I looked towards the back of the room. The boy had short brown hair and hazel eyes. He looked a little strange to me, but I didn’t say anything. I sank into my chair and looked at the board. While Ms.Gregurn wrote something wacko I didn’t care about on the board, my best friend, Kacy, turned around to look at me with her notebook. On the notebook it said “sorry” with her apologetic smile. I mouthed the words “It’s okay” to her and then she went back passing notes to Karen.
On my way home, I noticed another car behind me coming from our school. No one ever goes home down my road, I thought. When I got home. I notice the car that was supposedly following me parked into the driveway at the house next door. How could I not notice the sale sign that was gone in that yard? I thought. I get out of the car and start walking slowly to the front door of my house. I see the new student come out of his car. Him? I thought. I tried to remember his name but I couldn’t. Once I walked inside the house I smelled some homemade blueberry pie. Mmm, can’t wait to eat that! I run towards the kitchen hoping mom won’t be there so I could sneak a piece. She catches me.
“Not so fast sweetheart. The pie is for the new neighbors!” My mom had a huge grin covering her whole face.
“The neighbors?” I asked.
“Of course my little pumpkin, the neighbors have a boy about your age.” My mom winked at me.
“Yeah, I saw him already… and it’s not like that. He’s okay looking.”
My mom sighed,” Okay sweetie, whatever you say.” My mom covered the pie in foil and gave me a card with it.
“Now go give this to our new neighbors, okay?” My mom said.
“Whatever.” I said out loud with a big sigh.
I walked out the door and went to the neighbor’s house. I rang the doorbell and The door slowly opened.
“Oh hello there!” The lady looked a little in her late thirties. She had black hair with brown eyes.
I quickly put on my fake smile, “Hi, my name is Angelique Cartrit. I live next door to you and my mom baked this pie for your family to welcome you to Seattle!” I gave her the pie then card and she took it.
“Oh thank you so much! I have a son about your age actually. Lein!” She called out to her son. I saw him walk up to the door looking a little shy. It was the boy I saw walk into his house. So that’s his name. I thought.
“This is my son Lein. He gets shy sometimes. This is Angelique Cartrit, who lives next door, Lein. Why don’t you say hi?”
“…Hi.” His voice sounded nice to me in a way.
“…He… Hello.” I felt like there was something wrong.
“I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet have I? My name is Claudia Ranson.” Lein’s mom said. I felt like I need to go.
“I’m really in a hurry Mrs.Ranson so umm, enjoy the pie!” I left before Mrs.Ranson could say another word.
Once I got inside, I quickly shut the door behind me.
“So what are the neighbors like?” My mom asked. My heart was beating rapidly, but I didn’t know why.
“Interesting… I guess.” I managed to say. “I’m going out in town right now okay, mom?”
“Okay sweetheart, but be careful!”
Later on, I found myself in a dark alley following something that was flying… but I didn’t know what it was. The flying figure was flying pretty fast and landed right in front of me. It was Lein.
“How…. Did… you… do.. that..?” I was out of breath.
“You can see me?” He asked.
“No no no no. This is not possible. How are you the only person who can see. Whenever I fly I’m invisible.” He told me. He grabbed me, spread out his wings, and started to fly.
“LET ME GO!!!” I yelled out at him.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said.
“What… what are you?”
“A dragon.” And in that instant, I fell asleep in his arms.

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