Into The Dark

May 23, 2011
By Ryan222 BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
Ryan222 BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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When did the Neolithic age begin? Asked Mr. Hill who was my 7th grade did history teacher. I raised my hand and answered. That is correct came the grudging answer. Sometimes this guy acts like he hates me I thought to myself.
Later that day my friends Evan and Mike met me on the terrace overhanging the New Berlin Wall. You could still see smoldering ruins of the original city. After WW3 everyone had moved behind the wall. For a time everyone had done well everyone had worked together as equals. But soon the rich had pulled away and made themselves kings under the name of senator. But that is talk for more private places. We talked about schoolwork, our least favorite teachers, and other random comings and goings of our lives. Then Mike dropped the bomb of a question I had been dodging for over a week now. Hey how about the abandoned classroom at eight o’ clock tonight and no more dodging alright. Alright I said though I had a bad feeling about it.
Ate exactly eight o’ clock sharp that very night they showed up outside the school. Usually no one was there so we opened a window and climbed right in. They walked down the echoing halls and took a turn at the eighth grade hall way went down the C hall and continued until we came to a dead end. The abandoned classroom my friends said in awe. We slowly and anxiously opened the door and found something we never expected there sitting in the dark reading by the dim light of a half out lamp was Mr. Hill. He had his back to us and in front of him was a large opening the size of a double door in it was a swirling vortex of green and purple sand. Even stranger was the book Mr. Hill was reading. The title of the book read The Book of Summoning Portals By: I.G. Kirkins. Evan inhaled sharply and loudly. Mr. Hill stiffened and turned around abruptly. He looked us straight in the eye. We held his gaze for an instance before turning and running. We looked over our shoulders several times but saw nothing following us. We thought we had escaped. We rounded the corner and slammed in to Mr. Hill. He grabbed us by the collar and dragged us back to the room. He stood us and forced us to look into the swirling portal.
We stood there petrified with horror looking into the vortex of horror swirling as a funnel of death ominously waiting to engulf us. We were pushed towards it and went through. We waited in the flowing darkness two three or four minutes we waited for something anything that could tell us what was happening were we are or why we weren’t dead. As long as we really weren’t dead which we still weren’t sure of. Then we felt a terrible sensation of falling into an eternal chasm then swoosh. We were encased in murky water sinking into the gloom. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t swim upwards. It was as if someone had attached a billion pound weight to our feet and was laughing as we sank to our dooms. Then suddenly and very unexpectedly fell out of the water and landed in a dry piece of land. We stood there staring into the howling dark.

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