Bah! Insanity in purest form.

May 23, 2011
By erikalewy BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
erikalewy BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
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April 1, 1992
I've been so itchy lately. It's still so cold that I can't move though. I don't know where my mom is. Right now, my main priority is most definitely food. Mmm. I've been really into salad lately. My neighbor says that a person my age should be eating something with a little more substance, buy I'm too lazy and often too itchy (so itchy, like tiny hairs or small feather dusters or something) running along my torso and behind my ears and all over my face. It's driving me nuts. But for now, I'll get some more salad.

April 9, 1992
It is definitely getting warmer. I have this sense, it's like every tenth of a degree just relaxes a little bit of me some more. It's very nice, and my neighbor keeps telling me it will only get warmer for here on out. I hope so because I just about can't stand night time around here. I'm getting to know some more people around here. A few of them bear a resemblance to me, I think they're probably my cousins or something. Everyone seems to agree that salad is what gets us through April. It's cold, and neighbor keeps trying to shove soup down my throat, but who has the time? I feel like it's just plain easier to munch greens as I move about my business.

May 10, 1992
I've been sleeping an awful lot lately. My mom still isn't home (at least I don't think she is) but I can't say I'm all to worried. I might be seeing her soon enough. Besides, she's a busy lady and I know she's got more kids to deal with. Thankfully my itchiness is gone. I think it's due to my new diet. I've started eating a new type of green. Milkweed. You can't find much of it in New Jersey, but Jesus when you can... great stuff. Just great.

May 22, 1992
I've got this funky growth. My neighbor says I should probably have it checked out soon. She's seen stuff like it: all the kids who get it end up going bonkers or something and try to leave home. I tell her they're probably on some sort of drugs (SHE might actually be) but I might as well have it looked at either way. I'm good with my new location (the move last week was easy) and the milkweed salad is downright addicting.

June 1, 1992
The growth is officially irreversible. I got it checked out, but no one was too concerned. The doctor's seen stuff like it all the time with my type, "No biggie." I just wait it out and let it ride its course or whatever. He suggested I build a sort of new room for my house though. Make a small one. Kind of cozy and out of silk, "sure" I said. But I don't know when I'm going to have the time. I'll get around to it when I get around to it. My neighbor Cheryl has been talking my ear off a little less. I told her that my growth would ride it's course. She rolled her eyes and told me she'd heard that before.

June 9, 2011
The days may be getting longer but I can't seem to get out of my new room. It's really comfortable. And I did build it myself. Color scheme, materials, and labor all came from me. Cheryl nearly fainted when she saw it. I offered to make her one but she laughed and tottered home. She brought me some salad, but I've lost my appetite. I'm off to bed.

July 13, 1992
Well, I've just found this dottering old journal. What an absolute, ABSOLUTE, fool I was then. I could just laugh. One moment as I laugh! I now have 437 lovely babies of my own. Lovely! All of the little eggs are going to be geniuses, hopefully not as silly silly silly as I once was. I can only console myself by reminding dear old me that this was the past. THE PAST. I was a dumb little ugly caterpillar. And Cheryl, silly beetle, how she clung to her leaf. Dreadful, just HORRIDLY sad. I guess perhaps not had practicality to shed that old self to gain a new body. A beautiful body, new wardrobe, and cuisine. I have all the sugar water I could want. Then, salad. It was THE PAST of course. And I was silly and stupid, as youth often is. Just a moment while I must laugh again. Bah!

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i found a thimble-sized journal in my backyard.

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