A dog's wierd mind

May 13, 2011
By Ethan Bennett BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Ethan Bennett BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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By the year 3041 AD, scientists had discovered how to make dogs and cats talk. A huge war started between dogs and cats. The war destroyed humans. Dogs and cats were spread throughout Earth. One of those few dogs was a dog-named Homer. Homer didn’t want to live on Earth anymore. He was a smart dog and a scientist. He built a space ship and traveled to a planet called Rightch. He had no clue where he was. He saw signs all over the place but they all read in a language he couldn’t understand. It looked like this; “??????????????????.” The little dog wandered around the planet that looked so much like Earth. He finally found a place that looked hundreds of years more technological than Earth did at the time. As he walked into the town he saw hundreds of, what looked like, mechanical pencils. Just with a face, arms, and legs. Homer just wanted to chew on those pencils with his dog instincts. He ran after on but then started floating. He had no idea what to do but bark. All of the pencil looking creatures looked at him and ran. They all disappeared within seconds. A tall pencil came out and took out what looked like a TV remote and zapped Homer out of the air. Homer asked where he was and the pencil guy just said, “You’re at a town called Crushvilla, but it’s only a dream.” Homer woke up and was lying in his normal, modern day house back to the year 2011

Ignored Facts: Dogs and cats starting a war, a dog reading and talking, Floating in mid-air, beings that are pencil, dog building a space ship.

This has been an original story by Ethan Bennett.

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My dog Homer

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